Nameless Asshole (M.C.)


1. Chapter 1 - Nameless

Lucy's POV

"Lucy wake up. You have to go to your grandparents." My mom said opening my door. I groaned sitting up. "Whyyyy?" I said sleepily. "Your father and I have that weekend work whatever the hell this week." She said laughing. "That's this week?" I questioned, grabbing my abnormally huge framed glasses off my nightstand. "Yup. Now just put some stuff in your duffle bag.... And your going to have to be walking to school.... Since your grandparents are about 5 minutes from school. So don't forget a jacket." She said before closing my door. I stretched and yawned before getting out of the warm blankets on my bed. I quickly brushed my hair... Taking like forever because it goes down to the small of my back. I eyed my blonde roots.... Making my unnatural green hair, more unnatural. I peeked my head out my door, "I have declared I have given up on contacts mom!" I said waiting for answer. "Just pack your bag." I heard. I laughed a little. I threw on some skinny jeans and an oversized good charolette shirt. "Choker or nah?" I said looking at my self in the mirror. "Choker." I said putting the 5$ Claire's accessories on. I touched up my makeup that I wore over night... Classy. I just threw my feet into some purple vans and started throwing jeans and band shirts into my duffle. I grabbed like ten bracelets.... After I threw on like twenty on my left wrist. I zipped it up after shoving my fave pillow in. I ran to the mirror. I smiled at my new eyebrow piercing that I got yesterday. I adjusted my lip piercing and switched out my white nose pendant with a black one. I was about to walk out the door with my phone, backpack, and duffle... The realised I had forgotten my laptop. I sighed grabbing it. "Dad! Are you driving me?! Or is mom?!" I shouted walking down the stairs. "Both!" I heard my dad say. They walked around the corner. "Okk let's walk then!" I said. They looked at me confused. I sighed, "it means lets get going." I said and they nodded. We all got in the car. "So how long will I be at grams?" I asked. "Just 7 days..." My mom said. "Why so many bracelets today?" She asked. I nervously laughed. "No reason. Just felt the need I guess." I said. She shrugged. I wiped a bead of sweat off my forehead. Thank god I'm a 18 yr old who knows how to act. I put on my head phone and started listening to music, a.k.a life. Soon enough we got to my grandparents house. "Bye parental units." I said hopping out of the car. "Bye sweety! Be nice!" My mom said before they drove away. I sighed before walking up to my grandparents house. I didn't have to really knock. Of course there was the "awww you've gotten so big." Or "awwww what have you done to your face...." The stupid crap. "Uh hey can I go walking?" I asked when she questioned why I was still single. "Ok honey! Just be back for dinner! And stay away from the punks." She said. "Punks?" I said laughing. "I'm telling you.... Kids these days, like you. Thinking they rule the place." she scowled in anger. I kinda just giggled and walked out. I took a deep breath in of the air. I smirked when I got far enough away from their house... In a wooded clearing to be exact. I pulled out a cigarette and lighter, lighting it. I pulled out my phone and put my headphones in. Blasting Greenday. I looked around. This place used to be a clear lake and gorgeous green forest... But I guess the highschoolers got to it. There is burnt out fire pits.... And empty beer cans and bottles. Looks like behind my highschool. I chuckled at my thoughts. I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. I jumped up turning around, hiding the cig in my hand, expecting a grandparent. I yanked out my ear phones and looked up... It wasn't my grandparents. It was some dude with purple hair. "You were clearly smoking. You suck at hiding things." He said chuckling. I rolled my eyes. "What would you know. And by the way you scared the living shit out of me." I said. He smirked, "well you know what they say about teenagers." He said and I laughed. "I noticed you were an MCR fan so I took the opportunity." He said motioning towards the bracelet on my wrist. I smiled. "Well you have a good music taste then." I said as he nodded. "Well why did you feel the need to tap on my shoulder?" I questioned pausing the music in my unused headphones. He shrugged. "I don't know. I was sitting in a tree and saw you sit down. You looked lonely." He said pointing out which tree. I laughed a little. "Why is that funny?" He asked, chuckling a bit himself. "Because your just a giant dude sitting in a tree." I said. "I'm 6'2'' that is not that tall." He said. "Well compared to some people it is" I said. I'm 6' so he is only two inches taller than me. "Well still." He said trying to support himself. "So lonely girl, what's your name?" He asked. "Hmmm well call me nameless girl." I said and he laughed. "Why? Don't trust me?" He said and I laughed. "Nah. Your some random purple dude who interupted my greenday." I said and he slowly nodded. "Then call me nameless asshole." He said and I nodded. "It fits you." I replied and he laughed. "Ok then nameless girl. You gotta a phone number?" He asked. I nodded and told him. "Ok nameless asshole... What is your number?" I asked. He smiled and gave me his. "Wanna walk around?" He asked. "Sure. What else is there to do?" I asked. "Well according to you, sitting and staring at a lake is interesting." He said as we started on a path. "Well I'm sorry." I said sarcastically. "Feisty." He said. "So little miss nameless... Why have I never seen you in that little clearing? I'm always here." He said. I shrugged moving a branch from my path. "I haven't been here since i was 13." I said. "How old are you now?" He asked. "18." I replied. "Same. And why?" He asked. "I moved... About 20 miles away. I'm staying with my grandparents for a little while." I said. He slowly nodded. "Cool." For the next few hours he and I talked about bands and got to know each other. "Ya know. I should probably get going." I said. He sighed. "Same here. The struggle of trying to make friends." He said as we entered the clearing where we met. There was some blonde dude sitting on a rock. "Hey dude!" He said to the nameless asshole. "And girl." He said as he walked over. "Who this M-" he started to say his name but he stopped the dude from saying it. "What the hell?" The blonde dude questioned. He explained. "Ooohhh ok well by the way my name is Luke. I don't do nameless shit." He said laughing. Luke's phone started ringing. He picked up and hung up. "Well fuck. I have to go.... Nice meeting you!" He said waving, running off. "Well that's luke." He said and I laughed. I started walking away. "Hey see you soon hopefully!" He shouted at me. I smiled and waved. "Farewinds friend." I said. As I walked farther. "AhoyNateo for the win!" I heard him shout in the distance. I gave him a thumbs up because he got the reference. I continued walking until I saw my grandparents house. My grandma was sitting on the porch, she saw me, jumped up and hugged me. "Whoa whoa whoa. I was gone for like five extra minutes." I said. "It only takes thirty seconds to be stabbed." She said. I had to keep myself from laughing. "I was talking with some boy." I said walking into the house. "What boy?" She questioned. "Purple hair, faded liner on the eyes, eyebrow piercing... Kinda pale to." I said and she gasped. "I don't know his name.... He's had a few run ins with the cops... Don't hang around him." She said. "Hey were twinsies!" I said sarcastically. She scoffed. "I mean it Luce." She said. "Don't worry. I'm not fucking him. I don't even know his name." She gasped before I closed my door, "language." She said. I plopped onto my bed. I grabbed my blue tooth speaker that I bring everywhere. "All time low it is." I said clicking on there nothing personal album. I turned it up pretty loud. I plopped onto my bed. My parents go on a lot of trips so I have my own little bedroom here... It's more like a big closet though. Like a janitors closet. But I had posters and my own bedding... Grey/red/black plaid bedding to be exact. I layed on bed closing my eyes.... Letting the music blast. My grandma walked in. "Turn down your music!" She said. I batted my eye lashes, "of course!" I said. She smiled and walked out. I turned it to full blast. "Your such an issue Luce!" I heard her shout. I rolled my eyes grabbing my laptop. Tumblr time. I started scrolling through laughing at things. My phone buzzed. I looked down. The nameless asshole was texting.

Nameless asshole- hiya stranger

Lucy- What a surprise guy that name starts with an M.

Nameless asshole- whatcha up to?

Lucy- tumblring

Nameless asshole- what's your tumblr?

Lucy- not saying! It says my name!

Nameless asshole- now that would ruin the element of mystery huh?

Lucy- exactly my point.

Nameless asshole- well you already know my name starts with an M... Because of that fucker luke.

Lucy- so nameless. What are you doing?

Nameless asshole- playing guitar.

Lucy- ahhhh I have a guitar player in my hands.

Nameless asshole- do you play anything?

Lucy- drums motherfucker

Nameless asshole- nice. Shit gotta go. Luke's here.

Lucy- ew

Nameless asshole- exactly

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