So? This is MY story.

So? This is my story, pay attention to the little things and small details.


2. The beginning of US💑

I walk up and down the isles of the library looking for a good book to read. I just think about how all these books here, some old some new. Most of them are hard cover books which makes it kinda nice to have them. I see this one book called "Paper Towns" by that guy John Green. I slowly ran my index finger down the spine of the book and pulled it off the shelf, I decided to add to to the other two books I had gotten. I walked down a few isles and past a table but only I had stopped and stood looking at the table. Well not only the table but at the boy was sitting there, the boy I had had a crush on since forever. I realized that I was starring when he looked up at me an asked if I was okay as he said that giving a smile. I opened my mouth and waited for something to come out but instead I gave a small smile an waved and then bolting around the corner hoping it wasn't too awkward. I felt my face was bright red so I took in a few breaths telling myself everything was okay an I brushed it off. I went to the front of the library an checked out my books and returning the ones I had already read. And I was on the way back home. I get home an flop down on my bed an sigh and mumbled under my breath "Oh. my. Gosh. Is this even real..?!" After that day that's what had started the beginning of US.

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