So? This is MY story.

So? This is my story, pay attention to the little things and small details.


3. Chapter 2

Hey.. So uhm I think I should tell you about myself a little. I mean you'll get to know me through out my story.. So why don't you take a seat and continue reading..?☺️ Okay well first off let me introduce myself. Hello. My name is Grace Anne Hall, Grace for short. I am 15, my height? I am a little shorter than some other girls 5'2 to be exact. I just turned 15 and I am going into the 10th grade. I weigh at about 123 pounds so I guess you could say I'm "tiny". But I am okay with that. So now about me, I mean personality wise.. I am always up to try new things and meet new people. I'm nice to most people, I mean there's always gonna be people you totally can't stand..That's why I said most. I'm rarely ever rude to anybody unless I'm just having "one of those days". But you should know something about me, don't be scared or worried about what I'm gonna tell you. So let's get to the point.. I change my style ALOT. It just depends on what I'm feeling that day. I guess you could say that I didn't start this out how you expected. I didn't try and make this "perfect" I am telling comes out how I think about this. So are you still listening?? If you made it this far do not stop because dang you know entirely too much!! So as you may know I'm not perfect or something everyone wants but I'm okay with that to. Some of my favorite this to do are hang out with friends, partying, drawing, dancing, sports, listening to music, okay so here are some of the big things. OH! And I love clothes😍👌 so here make sure you pay attention through out my story. Of course it's not the full thing because I am still alive but you'll know enough to where you'll feel like you actually do know me, what I am like, and of course everything I had done/will do. But seriously pay close attention.

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