Enchanted Love

Leah Kate, was a freshman at Doncaster High School. She had just moved here and didn't have a lot of friends. All she wanted was to fit in, but she had a major crush on the hottest guys in school, Louis Tomlinson. Does she go out with him? Does he like her? Do they become friends or enimes? Find out in Enchanted Love.

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1. New School New Drama

Leah's POV

Its my first day here at Doncaster, and I'm scared. Mostly because I want people to like me, but I'm from the United States and people might judge. Its going to be hard making new friends, especially when I miss my best friend from back home, Mackenzie Jade, we were like peanut butter and jelly!!! We cried for 6 hours when we found out I was leaving Nebraska to go to Doncaster, England. We spent a whole weekend together because we would miss each other that much. I call her and text all the time now. She says she is never going to find anyone to replace me, but I know someday it will happen.

Its time to go to school and i'm very nervous I dont know whats going to come my way! I get my school stuff from my box in my empty room and head out the door. I'm a mile away from the High School so I can just walk there.

I open the doors and instantly a bunch of people just stare at me, it was the most awkward situation ever!! As I walk to the office I see a group of guys standing around one other guy, and OH MY GOD HE IS GORGEOUS!!!! But it's way too early to think about guys and he would probably never even know I exist. I open the office doors and talk to the secretary to get my schedule and locker. The school year has barely started, we moved her in October so barely a month in. My first class is Science, I get my stuff and head to the Science room #401.

"Goodmorning class today we have a new student, Leah Kate." My new teacher announced.

"Mrs.Kate you can go sit over by Amber" he points to this really pretty girl with blonde hair.

"Okay thank you." I say before taking my seat.

"Hi, Im Amber im so glad you're my new partner."

"Hi, and yeah im glad as well."

Maybe this wont be so bad after all.......


Its lunch time and I think I made a new friend, me and Amber have been talking a lot, and we have all of our classes together! She is so cool and amazing, we connected instantly. I get my lunch and go over to the table with Amber. There is other people at our table that I don't know. Amber introduces me to all of her friends. One ways Emerald, she is so gorgeous and super funny, gets all straight A's and very nice. Then there was Patrick, a very sweet guy with a very big personality.

I look over at the table across from us and there he was the guy I saw out by the office, I decided to get some information.

"Hey Amber, who is that guy over at that table?"

"Who? Louis? Oh honey don't waste your time he is the most popular guy in this school, yeah I know he is hot but he only dates girls for fun. He thinks its a game, and I don't want you to get hurt." She states.

"Oh, Yeah I was just wondering... Haha" I say as I eat my turkey sandwich.

After lunch it's time for math, as I walk into the math room I see him, I get butterflies in my stomach, he looks at me and gives me a smile. I smile back, and walk towards my teacher.

"Hello, you must be my new student, Leah right?" She stated.


"Ok good, you sit by, umm, Oh Louis Tomlinson."

When those words came out of her mouth, I wanted to die! I dont know if I can handle it!

"He is in the back Mrs. Kate"

"Ummm Ok thank you"

Here it goes, the hottest guy ever and i get to sit by him. He looks up at me and smiles big, he opens his mouth says....

"Hey im Louis, nice to meet you Leah." 

Leah Kate.

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