Enchanted Love

Leah Kate, was a freshman at Doncaster High School. She had just moved here and didn't have a lot of friends. All she wanted was to fit in, but she had a major crush on the hottest guys in school, Louis Tomlinson. Does she go out with him? Does he like her? Do they become friends or enimes? Find out in Enchanted Love.

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2. Meeting Him

"Hey im Louis, nice to meet you Leah."

All I did was smile, I just sat there and smiled. He gave me a cheeky grin and got out his math book. I could not believe I was sitting right next to him, he turned to me and spoke;

"So how do you like it here?"

"Well its different, but its a thing that you just gotta deal with, I was forced to come here it wasn't an option."

"Well why did you have to come here?"

Thats the first time anyone has asked that, does he care about me? Does he want to get to know me? Why me? I'm not gorgeous, at all. Hes staring me right in the eyes, ugh its making me weak!

"Um well, My mom and dad divorced and he threatened her. My aunt lives here so we bought a house next to hers. She just wants to protect me, but in my opinion I don't think he would ever harm me."

"Wow, so did you want to come here?"

"Well not at first but now, I love it here" I smile at him and I think he got the hint, he smiled back and got to work. I just had the first conversation with Louis Tomlinson!!


Later on, I caught up with Amber, I told her what happened and she looked concerned.

"Leah I don't think its good that your getting close with him...... you're gonna get hurt."

"But I like him a lot, and I think he likes me two."

"Okay....... Don't say I didn't warn you."

"I'm so going to prove you wrong!"

We walked off and I went to my locker, the whole time I was just thinking of how we could be and how perfect he is! I got my stuff and walked home. As I was walking home, I got a text from an Unknown number;


Unknown: Hey, I don't know if you know who this is but it's Louis Tomlinson, you know from math.

I literally died!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Oh hey Louis, how did you get my number?

Louis: Haha I got my ways ;)

Me: Oh do you? lol wow nice

Louis: Yea I know im just that amazing

Me: Maybe........... :)

Louis: so I had a question..................

Me: Ummmmm Yea???

Louis: Do you wanna hang out after school at fro yo on Friday?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!??!?!?!?!?!? Did I just read that?!?!?!? HE asked me out on a date practicality!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Yes that would be great :D

Louis: Perfect Cant Wait!!!!! TTYL Bye Leah :*

Me: Bye Louis :)


Maybe moving here wasnt such a bad thing. As soon as I got home I got into my PJ's. What? I like to be comfortable! I decided that I would group text Emerald and Amber and tell them what happened.


Me: OMG!!!!!!!!! Guess what guys!!!!!!

Amber: WHAT??!??!?!?!?!?


Me: Louis just texted me and asked me if I wanted to hang out after school on Friday and go to Fro Yo!!!!!!!

Emerald: What!??!?!?!?!?!?!? OMG THATS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Amber: Im happy for you, just be careful.

Me: Don't worry Amber I will be fine, AHHHHHHHH I cant wait!!!!!

Emerald: What are you going to wear?!?!?!?

Me: IDK yet but tomorrow is Thursday so I will figure it out tomorrow.

Amber: If you need any help, Im right here.

Emerald: Yea me 2!!!!!

Me: Aww thanks guys!!!!!!!!! I have to go though TTYL Girls x


I got off and went to my Instagram, I saw that Louis had followed me, God I love him!!! I checked my other social networks and he had followed me on everyone of them. I followed him back, I mean can you not? I couldn't wait for Friday, I just hope I don't come off as a complete Idiot! I turn my phone off and go to bed.


(A/N Hey guys just wanted to let you know that you can look at all the outfits that the Characters are wearing on polyvore.com my user name is LouisLover2426 Love you loads xoxo)

 Louis Tomlinson

Amber Reckel

Emerald Luckouski 

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