Once upon my life...

A small town girl recalls her first love. Is the spark still there when he shows back up? What adventures away them? Will their love be magic or tragic?


9. 9

"Six months after that day in the hospital I went to your house to talk to your parents about what had happened, but no one was there, so I left." He sat down on the stairs, and put his elbows on his knees. I walked over, and sat down next to him, looping my arm through his. "I went back a couple days later, and your mom answered with tears in her eyes...She told me you were dead, and to leave your family alone." His head hung low, and I saw tears fall from his eyes. "I quit the band, and moved back to England. I tried to move on a couple of times, but it didn't work. I met Cassie about a year ago, and she kept my mind off you...I thought I had moved one." His hand moved to my cheek, wiping the tears away that were falling from my eyes. "Until I saw you walk into the room..." his voice broke, and he leaned in close our lips almost touching.

We both flinched, hearing a gasp coming from behind us. I turned "Cassie...?" I said softly. Tears in her eyes as she bolted. Fin signed, and looked deeply into my eyes. "This isn't over..." he said resting his forehead on mine. Then he stood and ran after her. I was left sitting on the front steps if the church, my mind turning over everything he had just said...my mom told him I was...Dead.

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