Once upon my life...

A small town girl recalls her first love. Is the spark still there when he shows back up? What adventures away them? Will their love be magic or tragic?


8. 8

Our eyes met and shock flashed in his eyes. Cassie looked between the two of us with a questioning look. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, he may have answered her, but his eyes never left mine. Bae pulled on my hand leading me to the table where her parents were seated. "How do you know Fin?" she leaned in close looking over at Fin, and Cassie. "I-I used to..um...date him," I stammered, "We have known each other since we were little, from when I lived in England." 

"I need air.." I got up quickly and jogged out of the church. All of those days of waiting for him to come back to the hospital, all those thoughts, and feeling flooded back. I felt a hand grabbed my bicep, almost scaring me down the stairs. I could feel myself falling back, until I felt arms wrap around me. "How are you here?" he asked softly in my ear. I looked up into his beautiful eyes, "What do you mean?" I asked my voice barely above a whisper. I pulled myself away from him, and walked down the stairs feeling my heart starting to throb. "Wait...No, I get to ask you that," I said, my voice a little more fierce then I meant it to be,

"What are you doing here?" I asked looking him in the eyes.

"I'm getting married..." but his voice almost sounded...ashamed.

"I get that since your shirt says groom on it," I pointed. His cheek turned a light shade of red, but it faded before I could figure out why. Then he said something that nearly knocked me off my feet again.

"Your mom...she told me you were...dead...," he whispered.

"WAIT...WHAT?!" I shrieked.

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