Once upon my life...

A small town girl recalls her first love. Is the spark still there when he shows back up? What adventures away them? Will their love be magic or tragic?


4. 4

    Shock flashed on everyone face including mine. "Wait what?" I asked looking at him with a side glance. "I'm sorry, only if you want to. I guess I should have asked you first," he said softly. "Of course I'd like to go!" I said excitedly, and looked at my parents with a 'lets talk later' look. My mom gave Fin a warm smile, "We will defiantly think about it."
    Later that night I knocked on my parents door, "Come in Dani," I heard my dad say softly through the door. I walked in an set down on the edge of the bed, "I know what you guys are going to say, but I haven't had a problem in months, and I really really want to go." I could see the sadness in my moms eyes, and the no coming to her lips, "Dani, it's not a good idea." My parents were sitting by the window, holding hands, and with worn down faces...the "sick" face. "Mom, Dad I'll be fine, and if I feel bad at anytime I'll come home, I promise," I say looking into both of their eyes so they know they can trust me. I hear my dad sigh softly, "If anything happens, and I mean anything Dani, you will come home," he said firmly.
    The next morning as I'm loading my things into the bus I keep looking over my shoulder waiting for my parents to change their minds. "We love you," my mom says with a smile as she hugs me, and my dad kisses me on the forehead. I hug my siblings goodbye, and tell them I'll see them in a couple months.
    We travel to 15 state capitols not staying long in any of them. I didn't realizes how much of a toll living on a bus could do to a persons body. Loud shows, sleepless nights, and fast food. Spending time with Fin makes it all worth it though. Our last stop was Los Angeles, California...well my last stop.
    All I could think of was now he knows...He's going to hate me. It was 3 o'clock in the morning when I woke up throwing up blood all over the bus bathroom floor. Fin was at the door before I had even realized I had slipped and fallen, making a huge bang as I hit the floor. I landed in my own blood, and the bathroom looked like a crime scene. Fin picked me up, and moved me to the couch, "Call 911!" he yelled. "No...just get...me to the h..hospital," I choked. After that things were a little fuzzy. I remembered Fin caring me into the hospital, and throwing up more blood, this time on Fin. Then being placed on a gurney, and people asking Fin what had happened, and if I had fallen and hit my head. Then the shock on Fin's face as I croaked out the word...cancer.


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