Once upon my life...

A small town girl recalls her first love. Is the spark still there when he shows back up? What adventures away them? Will their love be magic or tragic?


1. 1

       Have you ever met someone you just know deep down in your heart you want to be with forever? I have, and met him in England, when I was six. Unfortunately, many years later I realized to late that I was in love with him.

     Why don't I start from the beginning, I'm Danica, but everyone calls me, Dani. In less than a week I'll be graduating from Brooks High School, here in the small hick town of Brooks, Texas. Population 303, the closest anything is over an hour away. Everyone in this town knows everything, about everyone. Everything except my big secret. I'm the daughter of the local feed store owner, the local dance teacher, and the granddaughter of the town mayor. I have three siblings, two older brothers, and a little sister, Beau, Treven, and Skylar.

     Know back to the boy I fell in love with. When I was six we moved to London, England for five years, because my mom wanted to be close to her dying mother. At six you don't really know what love is, so he was the six year old equivalent to love, my best friend. I thought we would be best friends forever, but after my grandmother past we moved back to the US. It was weird waking up, now 11 in a new place without him. After two years of begging, and asking if we were going back I stopped talking about it, and him. Convinced I would never see him again I moved on, made new friends, and got used to this hick town. Moving from a place like London, to this town was a huge culture shock. I went from high fashion to high grass, from riding in town cars to riding horses, and from street lined in buildings to nothing but a post office, and a grocery store.
Fast forward one week
    "Honey, you look beautiful," my mom says putting the last bobby pin in my hair. I smile at her in the mirror, "I can't believe I made it to my graduation day." I grab my cap and, gown as we all head out the door, and head for the high school. I can hear my best friend, Bae squeal before I even see her in the crowd, or feel what felt like a truck hit me from behind. "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE MADE IT!!! The rest of our lives start after today!" She squeals hugging me, her bright blue eyes sparkling with excitement. Walking across that stage was the best feeling in the world, there was so much freedom in the fact that after today I wouldn't have to come back to this school
. It didn't take long we only had 25 kids in our senior class, watching all the hats fly through the air was a beautiful site. Looking across the auditorium for my family, I caught site of familiar eyes...Fin!?

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