Infinity and beyond


1. the start of my story

I have never liked my story. It has never been good story. It all began when I was 9 years old and my mom had been divorced from my dad and found some one else. He was the worst stepdad ever. My mom died a year after they meet. So that left me alone with the worst stepdad ever. He abused me ever since and I started cutting about at age 13. My name is Alex I am currently 17 years old. And you now know how it all happened to become the worst life. It was 7:30 in the morning I started getting ready for school. My stepdad was still asleep. He brought home another hoe from the street. I went down stairs quietly to make sure not to wake them up. I grabbed my skateboard and went out the door. No one knew I was being abused except my best friend. The usual happened at school. I wasn't like the other kids who hate school. I am the opposite I love school. So I went home that day for escape. Today was the day. My friend and I had planned this since the first day I met her. When I got there he was still asleep so j went on packing. I put my backpack that I packed all my stuff in and went to sleep.

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