The Good Life

I am a girl. I have an average life, not the best; not the worst. Living on an avoided street with an array of charismatic people proves some level of difficulty. I am what happens when you put someone in between two lifestyles. In just under a month my whole life takes a colossal turning point, with a car accident, an incident with a burning wheelie bin, the pervert in the ice cream van and a bus stop. It all started with 80mph.
(WARNING: this has some language not suitable for younger audiences. And of sexual themes.)


5. Chapter 5: who the F watches Dora the explorer at the witching hour?!

“d-d-d-d-d-Dora! D-d-d-d-d-Dora!”
I'm not sure many people in the world are watching Dora the Explorer at 3 in the morning. I could not sleep, however. I tried counting multi race sheep, doodling and listening to my music, but nothing would get me weary. There was still a large stash of applet user under my bed; I was saving it so I wouldn't have to go to the toilet. I was up all night because the Chav trio were trying to tee pee someone's house. Pathetic. They had beer from somewhere, and were the loudest vandals I've ever heard. Chavvy stood watch whilst the others did their toilet roll throwing. He looked incredibly bored.
                          He looked my way and waved at me through the window. Smiling back, I waved too. I had thought about getting out of the window and doing a ninja climb down the wall, but I wouldn't want to risk it. I just smiled and waved; like the Penguins of Madagascar. Chaving noticed me, and stuck his middle finger up at me. I closed my curtains and continued to watch Dora.
                              Later on that day, when I finally awoke, there was no one outside. The whole street looked like a scene of a zombie apocalypse movie, and it was pissing it down with rain. No point going outside. I'd rather watch from my window, hence the fact that I did not have the energy. 
                                             Litter danced and glittered around the streets like dust balls and the majority of houses were closed shut. The houses may have been dirty and poorly kept, but they were tall, casting shadows over the road. I know it was the afternoon but a once busy street looked abandoned, making it seem like the gloomy and sombre misconception I thought it was all those years ago.
                                      I remember when we first arrived at our new humble abode in my dads old grey Ford Fiesta. It had roof tiles falling off simultaneously with the bricks; the interior design not too pleasant either. The garden was scattered with aluminium fizzy drink cans, and not to forget the countless amounts of dandelions. It gave of the same aura as PBS on a morning without a coffee or makeup. 
                                            I did not have many boxes, only just over half a dozen to carry. Introducing myself to my room was the hard part. I had to make a mind map of where my things were going to go, and whether or not I should keep the banana yellow. There was nothing wrong with the yellow, just maybe PBS would want to change it. I unravelled all my anime posters and pinning the worn corners into the wall with pins. My bed was built and shoved into a corner, and I was unpacking all my clothes into a white painted set of drawers. I did not have a wardrobe, and neither did I need one. Don't worry though, PBS will sure as hell order one we don't need of eBay and try and get it stuck up the stars. She didn't after a long argument that even evolved my dad saying something.
                                                   I had to go everywhere with PBS because she was over protective of her child. When you are living down a barely busy road with a bunch of nice people, I think your child deserves a little freedom, don't you? Anyway, I was not even aloud to go down the street, and I hated the car due to the whole speeding paranoia. I was a fucking hostage in here! 
And what am I doing now?
I'm sat in the corner watching the sky piss itself onto the world like some superior dictator, waiting for some life form to appear. Great way to spend you life, you know…


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