The Good Life

I am a girl. I have an average life, not the best; not the worst. Living on an avoided street with an array of charismatic people proves some level of difficulty. I am what happens when you put someone in between two lifestyles. In just under a month my whole life takes a colossal turning point, with a car accident, an incident with a burning wheelie bin, the pervert in the ice cream van and a bus stop. It all started with 80mph.
(WARNING: this has some language not suitable for younger audiences. And of sexual themes.)


2. chapter 2: American holiday and a bus party

The loud ringing of my alarm reached my ears within milliseconds, instantly making me jolt up. The cold summer mornings were harsh on me, as I wrapped my quilt around me. I couldn't understand how it was the middle of July and I was still waking up freezing my arse off! I stumbled out of bed look out of the window. I had till 7am to get ready, then I'd be at that bus stop. Slowly, I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth with special whitening toothpaste. We only have that because PBS wanted to try to whiten her teeth. She smokes so much that her teeth are nearly as yellow as my bedroom walls. I like to make fun of it. Getting ready that morning was a difficult struggle. It was the last day of school, and I would be introduced to freedom along with lots of horribly bright sunshine and blazing midday heats.

Personally, I hated summer. I did not understand how it could be so hot outside that you could cook eggs on someone's car, and people would call it great weather. Going about, sunbathing 24/7. Yeah right, tell me that when you have cancer. I can't wear the summer clothes or bikinis, mainly because I want to keep my dignity and also because I don't have the self confidence. It would be all the “normal” girls in summer dresses and wedges, and me in a tee shirt and maybe shorts ( depending on of I was lazy enough not to shave my legs).

Back in my room, the cat was sleeping very comfortably on top of my tights. Great! Now I'm going to have to wear cat hairy tights to school. That’s sure going to catch eyes, especially with the people at school with standards higher than the Empire State Building.

I was ready within 10 minutes, all pristine in my white shirt and navy jumper. I had to wear a yellow and blue clip on tie for school, along with a skirt. I was judged on the first day for getting a jumper and not a cardigan, so I could fit in with the other girls. “Why can't you just get a cardigan like the other girls? They are cheaper you know! I'm wasting money.”, PBS said. All I wanted was to be different. Why was standing out such a big deal?

A shout from downstairs caught my attention. It was a nasty tone saying I would be late if I didn't get to the bus stop now. I sighed, knowing PBS was probably menstruating when she had that tone of voice, and grabbed my bag. I checked around me for any homework I had left on the floor and set off. Down the road I could see the Chav trio waiting for me. I assume they like me, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Today, instead of a wave, I got flipped a bird. ( if you don't know what this is, it is sticking your middle finger up at someone). Typical. “How's our busty schoolgirl?” Asked Chaving, in his boisterous voice. I saw his usual red Adidas jacket hiding his pulled up Calvin Klein’s underwear. Today he had a snap back cap on, not like it impressed me or anything. I gulped, “She's okay! Just here for the bus as usual.”

Chaving and Chavvy both looked at me, and back at Chaved. I sat down on the wall next to Chavvy. He was the most decent out of them all, not really the one to say anything offensive or sexist. He actually pulls his jeans up when they sag, unlike Chaving, who likes the feel of them falling down. When I asked him why, he said, “Because it feels like a girl’s pulling them down for me!” He did his signature smirk, trying to impress. “Yeah, that girl being your mum”, Chavvy replied. We all laughed at the thought. Chaving, on the other hand, had gone red and embarrassed. Enjoying.

My short 15 minutes a day with them, waiting for some

badly driven bus to come down the road, was enjoyed. I stayed silent next to Chavvy, as the trio talked about immature topics and very intimate ones too. One topic was brought up about me, when they asked me which one I would have I intercourse with. “So, who?” Pestered Chaving, poking me in the arm so hard it nearly bruised. “Unfortunately for you three, we all aren't old enough firstly. Secondly, why would I even do it with any of you?!” Just as I had finished, a double decker bus came swirling past the corner. I picked up my bag and held out my arm, signalling the bus driver to stop. A lot of kids from my school take the bus, so they prefer to flip birds at the Chav trio to say that they are better than them. I boarded the bus and stared out the window at them, shaking my head. They started blowing kisses my way and making inappropriate gestures with their hands, imitating sexual movements. I turned around and headed up the stairs, smiling to myself. They certainly did know how to make me smile.

On the top deck of the bus I only found one seat, next to some kids from another school. I was surprised at first, thinking how could someone from another school find their own seat without being pulled of it? The bus was dominated with people who were from my school. I knew the names of most of them, by listening to their conversations, but they never knew mine. She sent nudes to him and he did it with her, those sort of conversations. Loud people were very common on that bus. They were the popular ones. On that bus, I was an outcast, nothing more than a stranger with a logo on her jumper. One of the really loud people was a girl, called Emma. She has a really pretty face, but it is a shame her loudness ruins it. Today, she sat behind me and the other kid, yelled so loudly she nearly burst my eardrums and no one complained about it. I'm considering bringing my earphones or something to block the noise because my ears rang for hours that day.

At school that day, we basically did nothing. The day dragged on, and the teachers didn't seem to care much for what we were doing. My classes were just movies or just chilling. In Spanish it was a subtitled movie, but I was busy writing down sentences in my exercise book.


Miércoles el diecinueve de julio


Quiero una lechuga con doscientos gramos de jámon, por favor.

I would like a lettuce with two hundred grams of ham, please.

No como carne porque soy vegetariana.

I do not eat meat because I am a vegetarian.


English was watching a movie themed of the book we had been reading, and Maths was revision. Citizenship I did nothing but drink my Fanta and listen to Ben and Harry have a rap battle at the back of the class room. I got picked to decide the winner, even though they were both crap.

At break I met with Mary as she told me some more bullshit about people. Mary loves to make up rumours about everyone, despite the fact that no one listens to her. She sat next to me, chewing blueberry flavoured Bon bons in an awkward silence. I don't have many friends at school, so I always hang around with her. We don't really have much to talk about because she isn't generally interested in what others lives contain. Opening and closing her mouth, spilling out obnoxious words about herself while I listened. She was the extrovert; I was the introvert. She would walk in front, and I behind. That was how it went, me following her like a baby elephant clinging onto its mother’s tail. Even at lunch, we did the same old.

The final bell rung for the holidays, and the whole class cheered. Running out the doors, like the barbarians they are, desperate to escape. I walked behind, as usual, not wanting to be seen. I just wanted to go home, to lie down on my bed. Arriving at the school gates which was next to my bus stop, I saw Mary waiting for me. She was leaned against a slab of metal, her brown hair covering her face as she checked her phone. I slouched down beside her and decided to engage in another conversation. She did not seem bothered that she would not see for six weeks, or the fact that she was going for the trip of a lifetime to America.

Now that was a new topic to get her going. After I asked she ranted on about her homeland, America. (Even though she is fully English). “ I will travel by plane, and stop of at all the big stores. Then I will spend her days swimming in the aqua blue oceans, no, not like the dirty grey beaches here. Then I would have pancakes and maple syrup, along with countless hotdogs topped with ketchup and mustard. I have always stayed in a grand hotel!”, she told me. “ Nearly as high as skyscrapers, with willing staff to cater your every need. The beds are like falling into a cloud.”, she explained, “ with pristine white pillows”. By then I was thinking this was some sort of 10 star hotel, Mary's bullshit meter now of its charts. I found all of this description unbelievable. She was boasting about some land that is not really any different from Britain. Making America sound like the heaven for the living. “And then I would-“

“Mary! I don’ t care about your bloody holidays!” I half yelled at her. She looked at me with pure disgust and within seconds got into a mood with me. She folded her arms and and held her head high, trying to intimidate me. I grabbed my bag strap, ready to leave her there at the school gates. “My god, are you not bothered that you won't see me for six week? Because I am. Anyway, I'll have my phone on me of you need me so text me when you've finished your period.”

She glanced at me from the corner of her eye and smiled. Jokes about her being on her period always made her laugh. Now the tension had ebbed away, and we said our goodbyes.

On the top deck of the bus, a little party was going on. A large group at the back had set off pink sparkly party poppers and were blowing up balloons, which had been bought from ASDA. Then, halfway through the route home, they decided to sing the wheel on the bus song. It sounded like drunken middle aged men at some pub bashing pints of lager together. Each word got louder and louder and defended me, bit by bit.

When the bus finally stopped at my street, the Chavs were waiting for me along with Hannah. She didn't usually come along to wait for me. Instead she would rather be trying to chat up boy from the inner (richer) parts of town. Hannah waved at me, whilst the Chavs flipped birds once more and laughed at me. “Hey, busy! Do you want a swig?” Asked Chaving, holding out a half empty energy drink. Now I don't usually drink energy drinks, but on today I thought o might as well celebrate my holidays. I gladly took it and sipped it from time to time. The five of us sat on that wall for the next hour or so, debating on random topics which, as always, were dirty and inappropriate. Never the less, I still joined in and laughed with them. This was where I wanted to be instead of school. I was more at home, more used to this place than any of the other kids in the city. This was the start of the summer holidays and I was enjoying every bit I could god damn enjoy.

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