Parade of Desires

I have a twisted mind, but I'm not mad. Not many know of this craving I have, an urge to be dominated, subjugated, conquered... Even since the first tempted taste have I gone out to feel it over and over again. My bedroom, hidden by a red door, velvet curtain and lock and key is where I like to play. People still wonder why no-one is ever allowed in there...


1. First Blood

I can still remember the first time I was liberated of my innocence, it wasn't exactly romantic but it was the feeling that I remember the most. The pressure, force, crushing pleasure and heat. I remember the taste of blood as I gnawed at my lip, my nails digging into his back, his teeth biting the skin of my neck raw. I remember him finishing thrusting into me, but I wasn't done, I wanted more. I wanted his tongue, his lips, his teeth all over me. I remember the blood, he didn't care. His tongue buried its way between, cleaning the mess he had made. I almost screamed, there was no way I could be silent. A tremendous amount of shivering took over my legs, he bit my lip, pushed my legs open, not letting them go. I was submissive to his longing, slave to his desires, yet he wasn't the dominant, I was.


This wasn't just sex, it was knowing that I could control him, manipulate him and most importantly. I could own him. 

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