The Camping Trip

Wyatts just a normal teenager trying to get past his first heartbreak. When his brother, cole, decides to take him on a camping trip, Wyatt didnt know he'd be hooking up the next day with a boy he has completely fallen for.


1. Chapter One

Picture is Wyatt

Clearly, friends don't know when to stop after saying no. Wyatt was currently packing his bags into the trunk, reluctanly. "It's not that bad, Wyatt. You'll totally forget him after today." The chocolate haired boy, Ryan, reassured.

Of course he wanted to forget. That's all he's been trying to do the past month but the image of that heartbreaking day was forever carved into the walls of his mind. He'd even tried going on dates, hooking up but he had fallen so much, so hard, it was impossible to let go, even if he had cheated right before him.

"some friends are joining us from Jersey," cole mentioned, stepping into the drivers seat of the vehicle. "which means, we have to leave now if we want to get there first." Ryan, Taylor and Mason all huddled up into the jeep waiting for wyatt to place the last bag into the trunk, before speeding off.

After a long, and frustrating, three hour trip, they finally mad it down a path that led to a small cabin. The boys still had time to spare before all the other groups would join them, so Mason and Ryan started setting up their tents while Taylor and Cole stood by the lake, talking and laughing; devouring a beer already. Wyatt made his way to them, cautiously. Since Taylor and cole were best friends their whole life, he would always join the family on weekend camping trips. Those days were the worst for Wyatt. They consisted of pranking, teasing and annoyance. You would think now that they're older, they would of grown out of it. Though that was not the case considering Wyatt now found himself sitting, drenched, in the body of water nearby. He growled at the two boys and cursed under his breath as they walked away laughing. Putting himself upright, he trudged towards the jeep in search of a new pair of clothes and then made his way to the cabin, just as the rest of crew arrived.

Cheers could be heard from the outside when the five groups finally interacted with each other. "Stupid Taylor." He murmured angrily taking off his wet skinny jeans. "Stupid Cole." He muttered again, this time taking off his underwear. The door burst open, suddenly, making Wyatt jump. But before he could get a good look, the person collided with his frail body, causing them to tumble to the floor. Their eyes met for a brief second. Even though wyatts hair was tousled and blocking most of his view, it wasn't hard to tell that the mossy green eyed boy was attractive. In an attempt to crawl of the poor boy; instead rubbing their groins together and sending a wave of pleasure to hit Wyatt. A moan passed through his lips making his face turn beet red. 

"Get off!" Wyatt shouted, embarrassment filling his voice.

"Oh god, im so sorry!" The boy apologized for the millionth time. A whistled came from the open doorway and Coles voice popped up. "See, not even five minutes and you've already moved on." amusement clear in his voice. A few other laughs were heard and then retreating footsteps.

"Shut up, asshole!" Wyatt blustered, pushing the boy off his body and quickly changing to hide his slight boner.

Definitely not a good month.

"C'mon, guys. Gather around, gather around." Cole yelled, making all the wasted teenagers crowd around the big bonfire. Once everyone was seated, cole raised his half empty beer can high above his head. "I'd like to make a toast to my kid brother for being brave and strong, after his first love broke his heart, instead of moping around like most of us would've," His voice was slurred as he spoke. Embarrassment piled up onto Wyatt's shoulders from all the eyes now on him, making him bury his head in his lap. "Not all of us can pull it off, little bro. You are a legend. So, after we finish this partaaay~" Some of the people cheered. "We can play a childish game of spin the bottle, maybe even hook you up." Cole finished with a wink, before strutting away with everyone following right behind him; patting Wyatt on the back as they passed his still body and saying things of encouragement.

Emery was hesitant at first. He had forgotten to apologize to the boy after their previous encounter and he didn't want to have already made an enemy his first day here. His goal was to befriend everyone here and he succeeded. But the only person left now, was Wyatt. Emery was as outgoing as they come. Greeting strangers, throwing his trust around carelessly, even if he then becomes heartbroken after someone betrays him. He gets over it in time and moves on to find a replacement straight after. To him, friends were everything. They were someone you go to when you had something on your mind and it was always best to have more than one just in case another was busy. But it was the ones that are honest and listen and tolerate all your bullshit, that Emery was always looking for and Wyatt seemed like that kind of person. 

So it was now Emerys main mission to set things straight with him.

He walked towards the still slumped-over boy with confidence and pride in every step, sitting on the floor in front of him. Wyatt didn't seem to notice the presence in front of him.

"Hi." Emery exclaimed a bit too loud though he didn't seem to notice. Wyatt's head jerked up at the sudden noise; his eyes furrowed in confusion but realization soon dawned over his face and a scowl was placed over his lips. "what do you want?" Wyatt replied, the scowl still on his face but a light blush appearing on his cheeks. Emery couldn't say he didnt expect this. If someone was to pin you on the floor while your naked and accidently grind on you causing you to moan and get a boner, you would hate that person too. Now do you see why he had to set things right? Leaving things like this would be just plain weird. "I wanted to apologize about the- uh... thing." Emery answered, rubbing the back of his neck as the awkward memory flashed through his mind, arousing him slightly. His nervousness rose as Wyatt stayed silent. But soon the scowl on his face turned into a toothy, genuine, smile. "I forgive you." He finally spoke. Emery let out a sigh of relief and smiled as well.

"So what did she do?"

"I caught him groping another guy in bed when i went over his house to apologize."

Then the realization washed over Emery. He was gay. How could he not notice sooner? It was so obvious the way the predicament they got in to turned the boy on. 

"Hey, guys. C'mon, or we'll start without you." Cole warned with a smile, breaking the awkward silence. Though it only seemed to be awkward for Emery because Wyatt stood up chuckling, "Come on." he spoke holding out his thin slender hand for him to take, which Emery did, and both ran over to the group of teens surrounding an empty Vodka bottle. Maybe this friendship could become one of Emerys best so far.

"Ok, so the rules are, whoever the bottle lands on you have to kiss, tongue and everything, for- lets say- twenty seconds." Cole spoke. A girl from the circle raised her hand. "What if the bottle lands on the person who spun it?"

Cole seemed to ponder on the thought before answering. "The you get to choose from one of the two people sitting next to you; who to kiss."

Wyatt was the next person to raise his hand with a smirk plastered on his face. "What if my spin lands on you?" He asked. Cole's face paled at the thought of kissing his sibling making a few teens snicker. "No acceptions!" Taylor answered for him, clearly drunk, with a bright smile on his face.

in Wyatt's previous turns he's had to make out with three out of the thirteen girls and four out of the twelve boys, including his brother. Surprisingly, after the awkward twenty second makeout session, both boys laughed it off. 

Wyatt, once again, spun the Vodka bottle and after a few anticipating seconds, the bottle slowed to a stop directly in front of the person who spun it. Himself. 

No one, so far, had spun the bottle on themselves, of course until it was Wyatt's turn because apparently, life hated him and so did one of the boys sitting next to him. A few boys ooed.
shit, He thought.

He either had the choice to kiss one of the people that hate him most - and probably earn a sock to the face later - or make out with the boy who had just apologized for sexualy attacking him, accidentally of course. 

There was nothing wrong with kissing him because it was just a game but he expected it to be awkward. He turned his body to face the brown haired boy - who's name he still had to learn - and smiled sheepishly.

"Um... do you want to start off?" Wyatt asked.

"Yeah, OK."

The boy leaned in slowly, his eyes sometimes wondering down to Wyatt's lips. 

Wyatts breathing became uneven and harsh as the boys lips just barely brushed against his own. 

How can he be so calm, Wyatt thought to himself.

They didn't move an inch; just sitting there, exchanging air. 

"My names Emery, by the way." He said, smiling, before closing the small space between them.

A/N: This is only half of the chapter im currently writing but the full chapter will be on wattpad and put as chapter one whereas the other half of the chapter will be put up as chapter two on here. its been almost a month that I've been writing this goddamn first chapter and in like an hour I only get two sentences to write so dont expect a chapter two or three soon. And I was wondering, if anyone was up for it, if someone could edit the other half of the (unfinished) chapter because ive been so bad at writing these last few days and when I say edit I mean like re write parts that dont sound good. If youve done this before or just want to try it out, feel free to ask, I could use all the help I can get and thankyou for reading. 

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