I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six: Goodbye For Now

I rested the back of my head against the cool brick wall. "Wow." I said softly. "That... that's a lot to take in."

"You're telling me, mate." Niall said.

"Wait." Harry said slowly. "One more question, I think."

"Yeah?" Kira said. 

"Why doesn't she talk?"

"What do you mean?" Kira said. "She doesn't- oh."

"Oh?" I said.

"You must have scared her." She started to talk quicker. "With her father, well, abusing her, she must have been scared around another- another guy."

"She did seem scared when I got upset." I mused. "Should have figured it out, I guess."

"Not your fault." Kira adjusted her stance, moving to a more comfortable position as Lynn clung to her, hugging her.

This is how it should be. You were just a stand-in.

I let out a shaky breath, as Harry spoke. "So... what now?"

A heavy feeling settled in my stomach. "We- we- Lynn goes back with her mum, we go back to the U.S, and we all-" my voice cracked slightly, but I cleared my throat. "we all get a happy ending."

Everyone was silent.

"Maybe we should let Louis say goodbye or something." Niall mumbled, smiling kindly at me. "We'll wait in the bakery. Bye, Lynn."

"Bye, Lynn." The other two chorused, following Niall. Lynn turn and gave a small wave, mouthing goodbye. Still not talking to them.

Lynn hopped out of her mother's arms, surprising Kira. She ran towards me, and it was now my turn to be surprised, as I saw tears running down her face.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I hugged her, squeezing her as tight as I dared. "I'll miss you, Lynn." I said. "I'll come and visit when I can-" I looked up a Kira hopefully, and she nodded, tears forming in her eyes as well. "but I'll miss you. You're like a little sister to me, and I'll miss you so, so much."

Lynn nodded. "Thank you, Louis." She said. "I love you. I'll miss you." She stepped back, grabbing her mother's hand. 

"Come and visit sometime, okay?" Kira said over her shoulder as they walked away. "I'm sure Lynn would love seeing her brother sometime." Brother.

"Of course." I yelled back.

See ya later, kid.


A/N: And that is the end of I Won't Speak. I hope you enjoyed reading my work. 

See ya later, guys.


Zella <3

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