I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Kira Ashling

We followed Liam into a side alley next to the bakery. Harry and Niall stood against the wall, and as we drew closer I saw that next to them stood a young woman, wearing the bakery uniform I had seen on the employees.

"Hello-" I started, but Lynn had already left me, letting go of my hand and running to the woman against the wall. I gulped, but my face broke into a genuine smile as the woman enveloped Lynn in a hug. 

"Hi." I said again. "I'm- Louis."

"I've seen you on the telly." She said. She spoke very quickly, and she always seemed to be twitching. "Of One Direction, yeah?"

"Yeah." I said. 

"I can't thank you enough." The words rushed out of her like a waterfall and she spoke. "Lynn's father was- he hurt me and Lynn."

Shocked gasps came from the boys, but I only nodded, motioning for her to go on.

"Well I- I threatened to call the police, but he was drunk and he said that if I called the police, he'd make my life miserable. He disconnected all the phones in the house, but I tried to escape. When I woke up the next morning, he and Lynn were gone. He- he left a note, and he had taken the only suitcase. I didn't- didn't- didn't know where Lynn had gone until I saw you guys on TV from the bakery I worked at. I'm Kira Ashling, by the way." 

We all stood in complete silence for a moment. "Well then, what about the note?" I said softly.

"Note?" Kira frowned. "Oh. In case Lynn ever got lost, I gave her the address of the bakery I work at." Barely stopping to take a breath, she continued. "When I couldn't find Lynn anywhere, I went to a payphone and called the police. I didn't know when he was going to be back, but I managed to explain what had been going on."

We all nodded. I watched carefully as Lynn clung to her mother, like her father was going to burst from the wall.

"So Lynn's father is in jail?" I asked.

Kira nodded. "Oh yes. Jack- Lynn's dad- was put in jail the moment he got back. I don't know how Lynn- and the suitcase- got through to the U.S, but I've ever so grateful it got into the hotel room of someone kind like you."


A/N: Okay, so I'm thinking one more chapter to tie this up. This book is nearly done!

Love you!! <3

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