I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


20. Chapter Twenty: Screw the Concert, We're Going to the Airport

"A van's on it's way." Niall said. "But we gotta pack quickly."

I lowered my phone slowly. "I thought I was gonna call someone..." I said, frowning.

Niall waved me off. "Pack quickly."

As Niall said, we all quickly packed and gathered in the same room. "What about Lynn?
I said. "Do we... uh, Lynn... Do you think we should hide her in the suitcase?"

"Pros." Hary said, holding out his hands, palms up. "Less questions." 

"Cons." I said. "We already bought the tickets... And airport security would probably catch us... we'd be caught and arrested if we tried to sneak Lynn in a suitcase onto a plane." I frowned.

Harry scowled. "Why'd you even ask, then."

"I only just figured that out." I said. "So, Lynn, ready to go?"

Lynn nodded. She was still wearing the blue and green shirt and the black leggings from yesterday. I debated with myself on whether she should change, and then shrugged. She was fine. 

I smiled. "Van's on the way?" 

Niall nodded. "Should be here any minute-" his phone buzzed. "Speak of the devil." He muttered, starting to run out the door. "C'mon!" He yelled behind him. 

We looked at each other, picked up our bags, and walked out. 


"Cover Lynn." I said softly out of the side of my mouth. The guys nodded, forming a protective circle around her. Slowly, we walked through the airport. Not many fans were here, but the ones who were seemed pretty aggressive. With no security to protect us, the few fans swarmed in on us from all sides, asking us questions, and taking pictures with their phones.

"Sorry guys, not today." Liam said. We all had our bags slung over our shoulders, moving as quickly as we could to security. 

"Lynn." I muttered as she took off her shoes, putting them in the bin. "Walk in front of us. Pretend you're with them."  Glancing at the elderly couple, I gave them a weak smile before slipping off my shoes. Liam, Harry, and Niall followed suit, putting their shoes and jackets in the bin as well. Lynn quietly slipped through the gate, no alarms were set off. Once through the gate, the fans no longer crowded around us, and we seemed in the clear. Lynn left the elderly couple and rejoined us, pressing against my leg tightly as we walked towards the gate.


"Second class, now boarding." A loud voice droned through the PA. Slowly, I raised my head again, blinking slowly, my head foggy with tiredness

"That's us!" Liam said. We all stood up, holding our tickets in our hands. Quickly they were scanned, and we boarded the airplane. No security. No fans. Peaceful, for an airport.

"We did it." Harry cheered. "We survived!"

"Shhh!!" Several people around him hissed.

"Sorry." Harry muttered, slipping into his seat.

I relaxed against the seat, and watched Lynn's small form collapse against the grimy airplane seat.

"You okay?" I mumbled through tired lips. Lynn nodded before curling up and closing her eyes.


Thanks to CuteBlueKitty for helping me figure out how the heck an airport works.

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