I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


12. Chapter Twelve: Rental Vans

"Are your parents dead?" I asked. Lynn didn't respond. She didn't even move her head.

"This like, twenty questions or something?" Niall said.

I shrugged. "Lynn?" I asked. Lynn's eyes were open, and she didn't move.

Minutes passed. No one spoke. 

And then Lynn stood up, walking across the van to sit in a different seat, away from everyone. She stared out the window, seemingly completely lost in her thoughts.

"I've never met a child so... so..." Niall waved his arms around, searching for the words "...distant?"

"I don't know if that's the word I would use." Harry argued, looking over at Lynn. 

"Well then what would you say?" Liam muttered.

"Guys, she's not deaf. She just doesn't speak." I reminded them. "So she can hear you."

"I guess the word to describe her would be silent then." Harry quipped. I silenced him with a glare. "Yeah, that was a weak joke." He mumbled.

Suddenly Lynn squeaked, jumping up and running into the suitcase. Liam turned towards my with a confused glance, and I just shrugged, locking Lynn in the suitcase.

The van door was thrust open, blinding us with the fading sunlight. A mechanic stood there, his clothes splattered with dirt and oil. "We've got another van comin' up in just a few minutes, alright?" He frowned. "Ay, aren't you-"

"Yes." Harry interrupted. "We are."

Slowly, the mechanic exited the van.

I gently picked up Lynn's suitcase. "C'mon lads, we should probably get out of the van."

The boys obliged, and we stood on the side of the road for nearly a half-hour. 

I was sure Lynn was fine. She had been fine before, so she was now, right?

"When we get to the hotel, she needs pizza." Liam said. I nodded. "I think we all do." My stomach grumbled in agreement.

Finally, another van pulled up over the hill. Niall raised his arms in a weak cheer, but the rest of us were too hungry to move much.

It wasn't that far to the hotel. As soon as we were in the room, Niall picked up the phone and ordered pizzas while the rest of us collapsed on the floor. 

As I lay on the floor, I looked over at Lynn's suitcase. I started to get up, I knew I had to open the suitcase, but Niall beat me too it. "I got it, mate." He said as he unlocked the suitcase. Lynn jumped up, and started just running around the room, giggling.

"What." I said, watching her run in circles. I managed to pull myself into a seated position on one of the beds. "What?"

"I mean, she's talking- I mean making more noise. So... progress?" Harry shrugged. "What time is the pizza getting here?"

Lynn stopped in her tracks, looking over at Harry. She started to bounce after he said "pizza."

I raised my eyebrows. "Happy much?"

"Have you thought about getting her new clothes?" Liam said.

"How much food do you think she'll eat?" Niall asked, checking his phone. The pizza was supposed to be here in ten minutes

I just laughed. It was like Lynn had now four older brothers instead of one. I frowned for a second and looked down. Instead of one? When did I start think of myself as her brother?

She probably has a family to get back to. I reminded myself as I pulled out the Justice bag. 

"Oh, so that's why you went into Justice!" Harry slapped himself on the forehead. "Yup, it makes sense now."

I tapped Lynn's shoulder. "You think these will fit?" I asked. She turned around, and her face lit up even more, if that was possible. She grabbed the clothes and ran off. A door slammed shut, and within a few minutes she was back, modeling the clothes for us. All four of us applauded as she showed off the first outfit, a pink shirt with silver sparkly swirls, and a pair of white leggings. Grinning widely, Lynn ran back into the other room and tried on the other outfit I had bough for her- a blue shirt with sparking green stars and a pair of black leggings.

We all applauded as she spun around, giggling as she showed off her clothes.

The doorbell buzzed. "Mr. Styles?" The hotel room was listed under his name. "Mr. Styles, the pizza's here." 

"Pizza!" Niall and Liam yelled, running out the door.

Lynn followed behind them, right out the door.

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