I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


19. Chapter Nineteen: Airplane Tickets

"Airport." I said. Liam sat down next to Lynn and opened up his laptop.

"Got it online." He said. "Hopefully no one will, I don't know, check our history or something." He shrugged. "Hopefully not."

I laughed. "Who would think to check our history? How would they even get access?"

Liam shot me a glance. 

"Right." I swallowed. "Our fans, yeah?"

Liam nodded, and went back to searching up online. "Well, look at that! 6 first class tickets to London."

"Great!" I said. Lynn nodded happily.

"Oh- wait. Nope. They're gone."

"All six?" I said, raising my eyebrows. "Really?"

"Well, 5." 

I sighed. "Any class. Seriously. I really don't care. Just please. Can we get some tickets?"

"Working on it!" Liam growled. After a few minutes, he clicked the mouse harshly and said. "6 tickets. Thank god!"

"Yay!" I said. Lynn kicked her feet up in the air and smiled. She bounced in her seat, smiling brightly.

"You're going home, kid!" I cheered. Lynn hugged me tightly.

"We got the tickets?" Harry said. Niall ran over, whooping loudly. 

Liam smiled widely and nodded, but quickly became somber again. "We need a way to get to the airport, though."

Harry nodded. "We would be caught in taxis."

We sat in silence for a moment until Niall piped up. "This is the time where someone says something like 'I know someone' or something dramatic like that."

"My thoughts exactly, Niall." I said. "But it's not gonna happen."

"I know someone." Harry said, in a low dramatic voice. We all turned towards him, surprised. "Yeah. I know a lot of people. Like you." He pointed at Liam. "And you." he pointed at Niall. "And-"

"We get it." Liam laughed, pushing Harry off the back of the couch. "But we still need a way to get to the airport. It's really not that far. 

"Rental van?" Niall asked. 

Harry and I groaned, nearly simultaneously. "Yeah, rental van." I said, already pulling out my phone.


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