I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


14. Chapter Fourteen: We Can't Watch Horror

"Hey." Niall said casually as he walked into the room. Liam was right behind him, holding the pizzas. They both took in the whole situation- Harry talking to Lynn, with her listening silently. And I was sitting against the wall, not moving.

"Uh..." Liam slowly set the pizzas down at the table. "What..."

Harry looked up. "Lynn's mad at Louis for taking her back, and then Louis scared the crap out of Lynn when he yelled at her, and nearly hit her."

"What?!" Niall yelled. "Louis!" 

"I'm sorry, okay? I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to." I said. Tears were starting to drip down my face. I felt torn apart by guilt and anger. "Really. I'm sorry guys."

Liam smiled kindly. "You were just concerned. You didn't mean it, and you're sorry for it. That's what counts, I should think." He said. "Now cm'on, the pizza's getting cold. In fact, I bet it's already cold due to how long we were stuck outside."

I stood up and wiped some tears away with my forearm. "Yeah. Let's eat." I said, straining my voice in an attempt to make it sound normal. Quickly I dashed to the bathroom and blew my nose, checking to make sure I looked at least halfway normal before coming back out.

"You okay?" Liam asked as we ate the pizza, talking in hushed conversations. 

"Wha- yeah, yeah, fine, I'm fine." I mumbled, lapsing into silence.

"Movie?" Harry suggested as we threw our paper plates in the garbage.

"What's on television?" Niall said, already having grabbed the remote. He turned it on. To my horror, he immediately flipped to the horror channel. "Insidious?" He asked. 

"Niall!" I said loudly. "Lynn can't watch this stuff!" 

"Oh...right." Niall said, his face growing red.

"Here. Let's look at the news." Harry said. "See if they have anything on about, y'know, today. Outside the hotel."

He switched to the news channel.

"-Tomlinson's daughter? Tonight, at eleven." A blurred picture of me carrying Lynn was shown, and then an ad started up.

"I guess they got a picture." I said. 

"I guess we wait until eleven." Harry said.

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