I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


15. Chapter Fifteen: Eleven O'Clock

The final credits rolled up on the screen, calming music playing in the background. I looked over at Lynn, who had fallen asleep on the couch. She leaned next to Harry, who kept looking down at her in adoration. "I'm glad you told us." He said softly, looking at me. 

"Yeah. Probably better for Lynn. Now she doesn't have to hide ninety percent of the time." I said.

"Only seventeen percent of the time." Harry chuckled.

Gently, I picked Lynn up. "Where is she gonna sleep?" Liam asked.

"I still have that sleeping bag." I said. "She can use that. We'll put her in the room across the hall, in between the beds."

The boys nodded. "Okay." 

I set her down in the sleeping bag, resting her head on the on the pillow. Lynn snuggled into it, sighing contentedly.

"C'mon." Niall whispered. "It's ten fifty. The news will be starting soon."

"Yeah, okay." I said. Niall left the room. I leaned over Lynn and kissed her forehead. "Goodnight." I mumbled. 


"Okay." I said. "News. Let's see what they've got for us."

Niall nodded and flipped the channel. It was ten fifty-five, and a commercial played- for pillow pets.

"Do they think kids watch this stuff or something?" Liam muttered. 

I shrugged. We watched the commercials in silence.

"Has Louis Tomlinson adopted a child, or was it something more sinister? Hello everyone, I'm Katie Marzullo, and welcome back to ABC7 news. Papparizzi and wild fans were outside the hotel that One Direction were staying in late afternoon while they were apparently trying to pick up some ordered pizza." Katie paused as a blurry picture of me carrying Lynn shone on screen, but you could tell it was me. "The child had been seen minutes earlier with fellow members Niall and Liam." More pictures were shone.

"Well, I wanted to take some pictures with Louis, but he only turned away. He grabbed that little girl and ran back inside." A fan was being interviewed in what seemed to be a park.

"It seemed this little girl, who looks to be about six or seven, has been with One Direction for quite some time, as she seems comfortable with them. However, the unnamed little girl was quite unhappy when Louis took her back into the hotel.

"So, the real question is- who is this girl? Is she someone one of them has adopted, or someone they have kidnapped? More to come, and this is ABC news."

Harry grabbed the controller and turned off the television. "Well." He said slowly. "At least they're keeping their options open. It's either we adopted her, or we kidnapped her."

I sunk back against the couch with a sigh. Slowly, I let out a breath I hadn't even realized I had been holding in. 

"This is bad." Niall said. 

"Yeah, no kidding." Liam muttered.

"No but if management sees this, they're gonna ask us about it. Same with security. And think of the fans! They're gonna be really confused."

"Okay guys." I said, standing up. "We don't have rehearsals until the afternoon tomorrow. Why don't we get some sleep? We can talk about this tomorrow; management won't bother us about it tonight."

"Yeah, okay." Liam said. "Goodnight, lads."

"'Night." Harry and Niall chorused. Liam and I walked across the hall to our room. I looked at Lynn, checking that she was still sleeping. Worries fresh in my mind, eventually I drifted into a restless sleep.


A/N: Well... there's a reason why I won't be scripting for the news anytime soon. 

Yeah. So sorry for this crap chapter. 

The next one will be better. 


Love ya!

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