I Won't Speak

A suitcase. A mystery. A popstar. A selective mute. And a friendship everlasting.


8. Chapter Eight: Subtly Buying Sparkly Clothes

“So!” I said, jumping up from the bed. “If you're quite done investigating my room-”

“We were just curious.” Harry muttered. Slowly, he began to walk towards the closet.

“-would you mind telling me why you're here? Not that I mind, but it's a bit unexpected.”

“We did knock.” Niall said.

I sighed. “Yes, true enough.” I slipped in front of Harry, leaning against the closet door, blocking it. “Why don't we wander around L.A? We don't leave for the next town until four, and it's eleven now. Let's go sightsee!” I prompted.

Liam and Niall shrugged. “Sounds good to me.” They both started for the door.

“Great! Harry, are you coming?” I said, smiling at him with gritted teeth.

Harry glared at me. “Yes.”

“I'm gonna change real quick and I'll be out in five, okay? Alright.” I said as Niall, Liam, and Harry left my room.

A small sigh of relief escaped my mouth as soon as I closed the door. “Can you stay there for a minute? I gotta change and I don't want them to see you if they come in.” I mumbled. I ducked into the bathroom and quickly changed, before running back over to the closet.

“Look, I'm sorry about this. But it's the only way I can get them off my back. Are you alright with just staying in there for a while?”

I opened the closet door. Lynn, eyes wide and terrified, managed to give me a shaky thumbs up.

“Hey.” I leaned across the closet to give her a hug. “It'll be okay. We'll figure things out. No one will know.” I hope.

Lynn smiled and nodded. I jumped up, closed the closet door, and we left for L.A.


"Who were you talking too?" Niall asked quietly as we walked down the blocks of Los Angeles.

"What are you talking about?" I mumbled back, my voice wavering slightly. 

"I could hear you talking to someone in your room. Were you on the phone, or...?"

"Yes, I was on the phone." I said, relieved. 

"With who?"

"Private, sorry." I said, waving him off.

Niall shrugged. "Oh, okay."

We continued to walk down the street. Everyone else seemed to have forgotten about my room, and the questions they had for it. 

My eyes landed on shop- Justice. I looked at the windows. Everything was so sparkly and girly. It was all pinks and blues and purples. I smirked as I saw a giant poster of us on the back wall.

And then, a sudden thought struck my mind.

Lynn. She only had the one pair of clothes. She probably needed some more, right?

"Louis?" Harry asked. He looked into the store windows to see what I was looking at. "What are you doing?" 

I looked down the block. Niall and Liam were near the end of the block, looking back at me with worried expressions: fans had started to crowd around them.

"Liam! Niall! Over here!" I yelled over the fans, whose screams were starting to fill the air. Flashes of cameras and the jostle of people threw me off for a second, as it always did. I felt a hand grab onto my elbow. Niall. 

"C'mon, let's stay in here for a bit." I said, pulling them all into Justice. Some security guards from who-knows-where had come and blocked off the doors, preventing to fans from getting in. 

"Y'know, we could have hid in somewhere better, like a sports store. Instead we're stuck in this stupid store." Harry growled. I simply shrugged, and began to examine the clothes.

"Now what're you doing?" Harry said. "What are you looking at the clothes for?"

"I'm just looking." I mumbled. "Keeps me entertained." Some shirts had monkeys, some had skeletons, and a whole bunch of other sparkly designs.

"What?!" Niall's outraged voice filled the room. "I am not dating anyone!" 

"This is sick." Liam muttered. "Absolutely nothing is correct in this stupid magazine." He threw it down in disgust.

Casually, I checked out the sizing chart. A size six. Seems about right. 

A couple shirts with sparkly swirls caught my attention. I grabbed a few of those along with a couple pairs of leggings. I slowly moved my way towards the cashier, avoiding the rest of the boys.

The young woman at the cashier simply stares as I shove the clothes in front of her. "Just- just don't make a scene, alright?" I muttered, my face slowly heating in embarrassment. 

The cashier slowly nodded, eyebrows raised. I handed her the payment, and she put the purchase in a brightly colored bag, the word "Justice" and a giant heart brightly emblazoned onto it. 

"Don't you have anything else- any other bag at all to put this in?" I groaned, looking at the neon pink and green colors.

The young woman shook her head. I sighed, and grabbed the bag, hiding it behind me as I leaned against the store wall.

The bell rang, and a security guard poked his head in. "We've managed to clear a path." He said. "You can come out now."

I made sure I was the last out as we exited Justice; I didn't want any of the lads to see this. 

Cameras flashed as we walked through the throng of fans.

"Louis! Louis!" A fan screamed in my ear. I paused a turned to take a picture with her and a few other fans before security started forcing me to move.

Chills started to creep down my spine as I realized that the cameras were very easily taking pictures of the Justice bag behind me, along with a few random reporters asking me questions. I avoided them and slipped finally out of the crowd, bumping into Niall as I did.

"Woah!" Niall chuckled as I struggled to right myself. "You alright?"

"Yeah, fine-" I was cut off my Niall's laughter again. "What now?" I grumbled.

"Your-your-your-" Niall stuttered, but could hardly get more than a single word out now, he was laughing so hard. "What kind of bag is- is that!" Niall bent over, hugging his side. Harry and Liam took at look at the bright bag I was holding, and immediately started to laugh.

"Why do you have that?" Harry choked out between laughs. "Did you buy something? Why- why would you buy something from that stupid place?!" 

"Oh the tabloids would love this!" Liam said. "Louis Tomlinson and his Love for Justice!"

I turned and stormed away, completely ignoring Niall's plea of innocence. "It was just a joke Louis, c'mon, mate!"

I simply shook my head and continued walking back to the hotel, my face still burning. 

"Louis! We were just messing with you!" Harry called. "Louis, come back!"

We were leaving in an hour anyways. I needed to pack, and hide Lynn away.

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