A 14 year old girl, Carissa, also known as Chrissie, goes on an adventurous journey to save her sister, from her worst nightmares.


4. The Call


The Call

                When the bell rang for school to be over I headed to my locker, got my book bag, and headed out the front doors. Abigail kept trying to call my name but I acted like I couldn't hear her. She eventually caught up to me and grabbed my arm to force me to stop. "Hey how come you didn't meet me at my locker?" Abigail said questionably. "Oh I a have a lot of homework to catch up on, ya and I have to get it in by next week," I lied. "Oh ok no biggy have fun!" She yelled as she got loaded into the bus. 


               After the talk with Abigail I jumped into my aunt Ruby's car and we drove home. When we got home she asked me to run to the store to get some groceries, then she tossed me the keys. I just rolled my eyes. "Thank you," she said annoyingly. I got in on the drivers side and started the car and as I backed out I was not paying attention to what was behind me until I finally saw out of my little mirror in the front, a little girl about four years old. She had black hair, green eyes, and she was very dirty and what seemed to be like she was injured. I looked at her for a few minutes then my aunt Ruby yelled to me and I looked up away from the girl, "Come on go get those groceries so we can eat some food!" "Ok sorry just checking my phone." I said back. Then I looked out the little mirror again and the injured girl was gone.


                When I got to the store, Smiths I went inside thinking about what I had just saw. For a little bit I thought I was crazy, but then I started to think what if there really was a little girl at my house? I grabbed a cart and got all the things I thought my aunt Ruby might make for dinner. Bread, milk, cheese, spaghetti sauce, noodles, soda, and a box of hamburger helper. When I wanted to check out all the lines were full all the way out of the sections and then two more numbers turned on. Numbers 8 and 10. I decided to go to line number ten since it was the one closest to me. I put all my stuff on the check out stand and the lady scanned them as I watched the price get higher and higher. When she finished she said, "Ok that will be a total of $32.48 please." I gave her a fifty dollar bill and then my phone buzzed and I looked to see who it was. It was aunt Ruby. I clicked the ignore button and my phone turned off. The lady then opened the cash register and gave me my change. "Alrighty your total change is $17.52 have a nice day!" She said. I just lightly smirked and said thank you.


               I picked up the bags and put them in the cart when my phone started to ring. I looked at the number and it was a number I never would of seen coming, it was the cops. I answered innocently with it up to my ear, "Hello?" "Hello Mrs. Bradshaw this is the police and we needed to talk to you about a couple things, is that ok?" the officer said in a gentle way. "Of course I'm all ears." I said "Ok thank you Mrs. Bradshaw first off we needed to tell you some really bad news that you won't like but you have to promise that you will help us with it ok?" "Ok." I said nervously. The police officer sighed and finally said, "This morning your aunt Ruby called into us and said that someone she knew was missing," I started to flinch. "Who is it?" "It's your sister Mrs. Bradshaw, she's gone."




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