A 14 year old girl, Carissa, also known as Chrissie, goes on an adventurous journey to save her sister, from her worst nightmares.


2. Living the dream

Living the Dream

           It was a Monday morning and I layed in my bed quietly trying not to signal to my aunt Ruby that I was awake. She crept on her two legs like a tiger stalking on its prey. When she got passed me, she gently sat on Reagan's bed and rubbed her back to wake her to go to school. Then it was my turn she turned toward me and I quickly shut my eyes and Ruby just replied, "Come on Chrissy I know your'e awake, get ready." I turned on my other side to stare at the blank sheet rock wall it was blue to match mine and Reagan's theme.


               Five minutes later I lazily got off my bed and went to my drawer which was what seemed to be five hundred miles from Reagan's. I pulled off my sweats and looked through my pants drawer and eventually found a cool pair of dark jeans with sparkles on the back pockets. When I finished getting dressed I walked into the master bathroom and thought of how to do my hair. Reagan had picked out a light pair of sparkly jeans with a gray long sleeve shirt, and a textured scarf. Reagan always did her hair the same into a large braid bun. Her hair was like ten times thicker than my hair. As soon as Reagan left I just decided to leave it down with it wavy clear down to my hips. I had picked out a plain pink shirt with an aeropostale sweatshirt covering it, that matched well with my dark jeans. I grabbed my book bag on the way out of my room and closed my door before I headed down the stairs.


               I stood by Reagan at the window to look for the bus. I then saw it coming down our street and me and Reagan headed out to the bus to go to school. I opened the front door and Reagan just walked straight through without saying thank you. I waved goodbye to Ruby and headed out the door and closed it behind me. I ran to get in the bus and decided to sit by my friends Violet, Abigail, and Macy, since Reagan had went clear to the back to sit with her friends. All three of them said hi I responded Hi. I sat down on the seat in front of Macy and Violet and sat by Abigail. Abigail was like the funniest person in the whole entire planet. It's a long story of how we became friends.


               When we pulled up to our school, Crescent View Middle school, many people stayed on the bus to go to their elementary school. Me and all my friends started walking toward the door to our lockers which was part of the story of how me and Abigail became friends. Our lockers were right next to each other while Macy's and Violet's were next to each other. Macy and Violet then split up with us and me and Abigail headed the opposite direction. When we put our book bags away we grabbed our binders and started walking to our first period class science which was clear on the other side of the school. "So, how is life?" asked Abigail. "Well if you think waking up at six o'clock is life then ya I am just perfect." Abigail chuckled. A couple seconds later we got to the door of the science class and then  someone who we never wanted to mess with, stood blocking the door. 






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