My Weight Loss Diary

This is a diary that I will be keeping over the next year. It will contain my progress, and also highlight the ups and downs of losing weight.


2. Sunday 17th May 2015

Dear Diary,

As I stated yesterday, I had a dress fitting today mixed with the first hair trial. To my surprise, I actually managed to squeeze into my dress! It took the bride and the maid of honor plus me breathing in, to actually pull the zip all of the way up! Every other bridesmaid is wearing a strapless bra, but I have been told that I do not need to wear one, as my breasts are big enough to be held in the dress without support. It also turns out that by not wearing a bra, it was so much more easier to fit into the dress!

I still have to lose a bit more weight, like a few pounds, but hopefully it will fit perfectly, without me having to hold my breath.

As I mentioned above, it was also the first hair trial today. It took about 3-4 hours for everyone's hair to be done by my older sister who is a qualified hairdresser. However, after everyone's hair was curled and place into the style the bride wanted, I was told by my sister that my hair was too short to be placed in the same style as everyone else. At the moment, it is down to my shoulders, and all the other's have hair that reaches just below their breasts. I was really annoyed to have had to wait for 3 hours, watching everyone's hair being done, then find out that my hair wasn't even going to be curled! If I had known, then I wouldn't have washed my hair this morning. After the bride's hair was styled, we all tried on the dresses and the shoes, and posed for a photo of us all together. Everyone had curled and styled hair, and I was the only one with straight hair.

I didn't have time to exercise today, so I'll have to try and fit some quick exercise in tomorrow. Although, I don't see that happening, seeing as I am at Sixth Form tomorrow from 8:30 till 16:00, then I have my brother, his fiancee and my nephews over for dinner at 16:30! I'll probably get some exercise by chasing my nephews round the garden - they love running!


- Kayleigh x

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