The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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10. Chapter 9


"I can't control them."


Hela's POV

I woke up the next morning, I saw Loki, making something I saw that he was making, bagels? They looked weird. I cant judge him, he is a God and gods don't eat mortal food. "Good morning dad." I told him while sitting down and eating the bagel he left at my side of the table. "Morning Hela." He told me while smiling. I smiled back. "Hela, after school would you like to come train your powers?" Loki asked me. I started thinking. Do I have something to do later? I don't think so. "Sure. I'd love to." I told him while finishing my bagel. I got up and went to my room to change. I changed into a black tank  top, black jeans, a jean sweater, and black flats. I got my backpack, and went out of my room. "Got to go, bye dad." I told him while leaving to the teleport room. As I walked in I got a text from Zach. 'Hey, lunch after school?' Great, now what am I going to do? I went down to Earth. I looked around making sure no one saw. I got my phone and texted Zach. 'I kind of want to spend time with my father.'

I walked to school. After I saw I was going to be late I started running, When I got there I was out of breathe, I saw Zach, he came and hugged me. "Hey babe." He said. I cringed again. "Hey Zach." I hugged him back. "So no lunch?" he asked me. "Well, no it's just my family is kind of 'messed up' so I want to spend time with my father." I told him. He nodded. "Alright, maybe tomorrow?" He asked me. "Sure tomorrow." I told him back. We were facing each other and he was pretty close, then I heard someone scream and come towards us. It was Megan. "You broke up with me to be with her!" She yelled. Zach pushed me away slightly. "No, I broke up with you because you cheated on me!" Zach yelled back. "So? at least I'm with a guy I like. Not like you." She said to him. What did she mean? "What?" He asked her. "You always hated Helaine. You made fun of her and now you're together?" She told Zach. "I know I messed up with her in the past, but she forgave me and gave me a second chance." Zach told her. "And you didn't give me one!" She yelled at him. "I gave you a bunch and you always hurt me!" He yelled back at her. Everyone gasped, and so did I.

"She hurt you?" I asked him. He turned towards me. "Yeah." he said with a sad tone. Everyone turned to Megan. "Megan you said you loved him, and you said you'd never hurt him ever." Her friends said to her. She didn't know what to say. "You lied to everyone Megan, for what? to be popular? I bet you never even liked Zach." I told her, she got mad at me. "Are you a spy or something?!" She yelled at me. "No, but I know girls like you. You only take advantage from the popular guys to be popular. You don't appreciate them." I told her. She looked at me. "Well, if you appreciate them sooo much, why didn't any of them go with you before?" She asked me. Everyone kept saying. 'Burn!' I looked around. Now I didn't know what to say. Zach popped in. "Because, everyone was focused on you, she was invisible, but she was noticed by someone. Me. I noticed her, I made fun of her. Now I realize I shouldn't have. I should've made fun of you instead." Zach said.

He turned to enter school. He grabbed my hand. "C'mon Hela." He said. Megan said something with her lips and I read it. She said. 'You'll pay Hela.' I got scared. Pay? what did I do. I looked at Zach. His face was sad. "Zach?" I stopped him from walking. "You okay?" I asked him. "No." He told me back. I gave him a hug. He hugged me back, and whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry." I looked at him. "Zach, I forgave you. It's fine." I told him. He looked at me in the eyes. He smiled. He kept staring and I stared into his eyes, we stayed there for a long time. I wasn't thinking in anything else but him. He leaned in, as did I. He closed his eyes, then I closed mine, I felt him coming closer, I felt my body getting closer to his. I knew where he was, he was going to kiss me, and I was going to do the same. "Zach No!" Megan yelled and pushed Zach. I opened my eyes.

"What the hell Megan?! we were in the middle of something!" Zach yelled at her. She stared at him, then looked down. "You had never, and probably wouldn't have kissed my like that. I got- I got jealous." Megan told him. He rolled his eyes and came to me. "Well too bad, and if you want a perfect kiss, then tell your boyfriend to do it." He told her in a mean tone and pulled me to class. I stared at Megan, she looked at me with an evil stare. I looked back to Zach. What have I done? He looked angry, he kept mumbling under his breath. Once we got into class I sat down, and he sat next to me. He still looked angry, I felt bad. No one was in class yet. I looked at him then put my head on his shoulder, and hugged him above his waist. "Zach, it's okay. Just ignore Megan and forget her." I told him. He looked at me, and kissed my head. "Thanks." He told me. I nodded my head then sat up right again.


After school was over, I said goodbye to Zach. I started walking off school yards backwards since I was talking to Sierra, and then I bumped into someone. I got up and looked at him. "I'm so sorry, I didn't-" I said, he looked at me and smiled. I recognize that smile. It's Loki's. "Dad?" I asked him. "Hello, Helaine." He said acting all 'mortal' I smiled and chuckled a bit. "So? why are you here?" I asked him he looked at me and looked at Zach. "Is he who they call 'Zach'?" He asked me. I rolled my eyes and then bit my lip a little. "Yeah....why?" I asked him. He looked at him, then at me. "He doesn't know the truth, correct?" He asked me, I looked down. "No." I told Loki. Looking at him. "Good girl." He told me. I looked around. "So? are we going home?" I asked him. "Yes. We are." Loki said smiling, he caught me looking around. "Hela, are you alright?" He asked me. "Yeah, I am." I told him, as we walked to the portal entry. The truth is I wasn't alright. I felt someone staring at me again. This is getting creepy.

We got home and I walked to my room and left my backpack on the floor. "So what or how are we going to train?" I asked Loki. He looked at me and smiled. "First, try making a power ball." He said while doing it. I gasped in amazement. "Wow, that's cool. I can do those, but smaller." I told him. I concentrated myself and did one. It was a little more smaller then the one Loki made. He laughed and got ride of the power ball. "Your powers are just now developing." Loki said looking at me. I smiled when I heard that. "Now, my favorite. Illusions" Loki said while grinning. I smiled. "Come hug me Hela." Loki said. I did exactly what he told me to do. I ran to him and put my hands out to hug him, but I fell. He made an illusion. I chuckled. "Wow, that was cool." I told him. "How do I do them?" I asked him. "Concentrate, and think in 2 of you." Loki told me.

I closed my eyes and started thinking in what a second of me would do. She would be texting. I thought, then I opened my eyes and poof, there was another one of me, texting. "Oh my god! that's amazing!" I yelled in excitement. Loki chuckled. "Now get rid of it." He told me. I didn't know how. "I don't know" I asked him. He smiled, he made on of his own illusions. "You just need to turn your wrist to the right, showing your palm, also cupping your hand a bit." Loki explained to me. I nodded. "Alright." I told him. I did the motion and it worked. My illusion went away. I smiled and laughed a bit. This is fun. Loki came towards me, and touched my hand. I became blue. "Are there powers in this form?" I asked Loki. He nodded. "Yes, you can freeze people, and make these." He said making a snowball in the palm of his hand. "Wow." I said softly. I concentrated and thought about a snowball. I put my hand out and a snowball appeared. I chuckled.

"How do I freeze something?" I asked Loki. "Well, first make a power ball, it will be out of ice this time. Once you have it, point it to something and it will freeze." Loki told me. I smiled and nodded. I made a power ball, and this time it was ice. I pointed it to a lamp and it froze. I chuckled. All that afternoon, Loki and I started fooling around with the powers we had. I shot a freeze ball to the wall, on accident. Loki looked at me. "Hela? what did you do?" He asked me. I looked at the wall. My powers kept shooting and shooting. "I don't know. My powers, they're going crazy!" I tried stopping. I couldn't stop, I couldn't control my powers. "They have grown stronger now." Loki said. I kept my hands closed. Loki looked at me. I took a deep breath. "Are you calm?" Loki asked me. I nodded my head 'yes' "Great. Now no more practice until tomorrow." Loki told me. I smiled. "Now, do your homework, I will be preparing supper." Loki told me. I got up and went to me room.

I got my backpack out and started doing homework. I had Algebra which was pretty easy, so I finished it in a flash. After I was done, I checked my phone. No texts, from anyone. That was odd. I went to Sierra's number and called her. 'Sierra?' I said. I heard music in the background. 'Oh, hey Hela. What's up?' She told me. 'Uh, nothing. Where are you?' I asked her, confused. There was a silent pause for about 5 seconds. 'I', my house.' She lied. 'Sierra. Tell me the truth.' I told her getting a bit angry. 'Okay, okay. I'm at Zach's house. He's throwing a party.' She told me. He didn't invite me? What? 'Wait. Zach hosted the party? and he didn't invite me?' I asked her. She was silent. '' She said. Now I was mad. I hung up on her, I was mad, I hit my fist on my desk. He didn't invite me? I'm his girlfriend! I was angry. I did a motion with my hand, putting them in a fist and letting them go. I didn't realize what I did, but with that movement, everything fell down.

I shut my door. I got my phone and called Zach. After a few minutes the voicemail came on. 'Hey, you reached Zach's phone. I'm unavailable, I may be busy or at a party, whatever bye.' I rolled my eyes, and then the beep sound came up. 'Zach? you threw a party without me? I'm your girlfriend. I should've been the first to know about it.' I said in a quite angry tone. I hung up the phone. I grabbed my phone put it in my pocket, and grabbed a jacket. I walked out and walked towards the teleport room. "Dad, I need to go somewhere. I'll be back in a few minutes." I told him leaving. He nodded his head. After 5 seconds I was there. When I landed, I felt the same sensation that someone was staring at me. I got scared so I ran to Zach's house. I saw lights and loud music. I walked to the door, and saw it was open, I got into the crowd. Since I was short no one noticed me. I hid in a closet and made 2 of me. One was spying on Zach, one was spying on Sierra. I got out and walked to see what was going on.

I heard Zach heard something. "This is an epic party!" and everyone else screamed of joy. I was angry. I got rid of the illusions and went to spy on him myself. He was dancing, with Megan and Sierra. "This is so epic!" Megan said. "Of course, I hosted it." Zach said. Sierra went up to him. "Hey, Zach? where's Hela?" Sierra asked him. I was waiting for the answer. He was silent. He turned to Megan. "I forgot about her, but c'mon if she was here, she would mess the party up and ruin it." Zach said. I started crying, and backing away. He hugged Megan and kissed her head and then her cheek. I ran out of the house and slammed the door hard. I kept running and running. While I was running I tripped. I was getting up and I felt someone grab my hand. I couldn't see the figures face. When I got up I cleaned the dirt of my clothes and turned to the figure. "Thank yo-" He was gone. I was confused, where could he have gone? I just started crying again and walked back to the portal entrance. I went back up to the castle and cried some more.

Loki heard me and came closer. "Hela?" He said while hugging me. I hugged him and cried some more and a bit louder. "Dad, he-he cheated." I said. He looked at me. "Who Hela?" Loki asked. "Zach." I said. He whipped my tears. "Once a jerk, always a jerk." Loki said, I chuckled. Loki had a point. "I'm going to wash my face, then I'll come eat." I said as I went to the restroom. I got my phone put and called Zach again and left him a voicemail. " I'm your least I thought I was. Never talk to me again." With that I hung up, and washed my face. I went to the table to eat with Loki and I wanted to ask him something. "Dad? how can I be in one place, but be non-visible or heard to other people?" Loki looked at me. "Just think about it, and it happens, you also have to spark your head to your feet, and that's all. It's like a shield, so no one could hear or see you." Loki said to me.

I nodded. "Interesting."




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