The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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9. Chapter 8

"I won't leave you forever."


Hela's POV

After my night with Zach, I went back to the portal entrance and got back up to Alfheim. I got home and I noticed that Loki and Sif were talking about something. I didn't go into their conversations. I went to my room and looked at something Zach gave me. It was a rose, but it was green. He said it matched my eyes. That was really cute. It was a really nice night. I closed my door, and started getting ready for bed. I changed into my pajamas, then I started drawing a little in my notebook. I grabbed my phone and right then I got a text, it was from Sierra. 'OMG! you had a date with Zach!' I laughed a little. 'It wasn't a 'date' it was a hangout.' I texted back. She sent back 'Look at his Facebook status' she told me. I went to Facebook, and searched for his status. Once I found it I blushed. It said. 'Best night, because I was with you.' It was so cute.

All the comments were asking who 'you' was. I commented a heart. After that he did the same. He texted me after. 'Hey babe.' He sent to me. I cringed a little, I don't like the word 'babe' it just, I don't like when someone tells me that. 'Hey Zach.' I sent back. ' I loved tonight, it was one of the most awesome dates I had. <3' I started blushing and screened shot it to show Sierra. 'Si! look what Zach sent!' I text her. She sent a bunch of surprised and cute emoji. 'You're so lucky!' she told me. I laughed, then I went back to Zach's convo. 'Awe, that's adorable. <3' I sent to him. 'Not as adorable as you.' I blushed, he was flirting with me? That was sweet, but I don't know how to flirt. I sent back 'Thanks. Tonight was amazing, because of you. I never knew we had so much in common.' I sent him.  'Yeah me neither. You're perfect.' He sent me I sent back. 'Not as perfect as you.' H e sent a blush emoji.

While I was red and pink of so, much blushing my parents came in. "Hela, we need to speak to you." Sif said. I looked at Loki, he shook his head, he didn't know what it was either. I got up off the bed and we walked to the family room. "Yeah?" I asked scared of what mother was going to say. "Sit. Both if you." Sif ordered us. I sat down, and Loki sat aside of me. "I need to go. I have to go." Mother said, I looked scared, so did Loki. "Mother? what do you mean?" I asked her. "My days of being a warrior have come once again Hela, I must go into battle." She told me. Loki got up to say something. "Sif, no please? you're the one that keeps me together. I need you here with me." Loki said taking her by the waist and touching her cheeks softly. Sif looked like she was going to cry. She grabbed Loki's hands and entwined her fingers with his. "Loki, they need me. I promise, it won't be forever." Sif said. I was going to cry, I have just met her, what if something bad happens to her?

"Besides, you have Hela. She can calm you down." Sif told Loki hugging him by the waist. Loki didn't hug back, he was scared, I could see it in his eyes. "Sif, what if I...loose control, like last time?" Loki asked her. She stared at nothing then looked up to Loki. "You won't loose control Loki, I believe in you. I will always be here, in your heart." Sif told Loki, before she kissed him. After they kissed she came to me. "Hela, I know we have just met, but I need to go into battle. They cant do it without me." She told me. I hugged her. Some tears left my eyes. "Please, be careful mother. Come home." I told her. She kissed my forehead. "I will, I promise. Stay with your father and be a good girl." She told me. I nodded and she whipped my tears. She kissed Loki once more, and said. "I love you Loki." That was the first time I heard her say that. "I love you as well, Lady Sif." Loki said back as she walked to the portal. She shed a tear before leaving.

I got up and looked at Loki. "How long as it been? Since she left?" I asked him. "Not since...not since 3 years ago." He told me. I saw how scared and worried he was. I hugged him. "It's alright father. She'll be back. She promised." I told him. He hugged me back. He looked worried. "Father, what's wrong?" I asked him. He looked at me and sighed. "A few years ago, when it was only Sif and I, she had to leave, and I lost control. I became the monster I lock inside of me. I hurt her, she had to go to the healing room, for many days for what I had done. Since them I always fear what could happen if she left again. Now that she has left I could hurt her or you. She keeps me together, calms me." He told me. I smiled weakly. "It's fine dad, I'm here and you wont hurt anyone, it will be okay. I promise." I told him as I hugged him again.

I started yawning. "Goodnight father." I told him as I went to bed in my room. He nodded. I went to my phone and saw all the text messages. 'Sorry Zach, family problem, I need to sleep goodnight. <3' I sent to him. I touched my pillow and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I was worried, what if Loki goes crazy? what will I do? I started thinking about the powers I discovered a few days ago. I got a power ball and started playing around with it. Should I tell him about it? I got out of bed and went to find Loki. I heard him say stuff, but I couldn't see him. I heard whispering. "Don't let him out, don't let him out, don't let him out." He kept saying over and over. Don't let who out? I wondered to myself. I found him, he was looking at a portrait of Frigga, and one of Sif. I was going to call him, until he turned around. "Dad, I have- Dad! you're blue!" I yelled to him. He seemed sad. "It's too late." He said before he looked at me with an icy gaze. He ran a little trying to catch me. I ran and ran. "Dad! calm down!"

I yelled to him. I was scared, I didn't know what my powers did, I didn't know how to use them. Once I looked back to where I was going I fell on the ground and hurt my ankle, I couldn't get up again. He came closer and had an ice ball. It looked pointy and violence. I put my arms in front of me in an 'X' form. I closed my eyes after. I looked up and saw I made a force-field. I looked at Loki, he was still looking badly to me. I let go of the force-field and looked at his eyes. "Dad, it's me." I touched his wrist slightly, I turned blue also. "Father. It's me Hela." I told him again. He looked at me and blinked. He looked at himself. "Father, I'm a monster also. It's okay." I told him, he sat down and then he turned human-like again. "Hela? Have I hurt you?" He seemed sad and worried. I sat near him. "No father, you didn't." I told him. He hugged me, I hugged him back. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's okay Father." I told him.

"You, you used a force-field. How?" He asked me. "I don't know. I just did this and it appeared." I told him, doing what I did before. He smiled. "You have my powers." He told me. I smiled. "Yeah. Look." I told him as I made a little power ball and played with it. He smiled. "That's amazing." He told me. I let it go and smiled. "Father? will you teach me, how to use them?" I asked him. He nodded. "Yes. It will be my pleasure." Loki told me. I smiled. "Okay, but tomorrow. I'm tired." I told him chuckling. He chuckled back. I got in my room and fell asleep. For real this time.

As I was sleeping, I felt the same sensation like I did at the smoothie shop. I was worried. Later it went away quickly. I ignored it. Again. Yet I still wonder. What could it be?

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