The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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8. Chapter 7

"I want to start over with you."


Hela's POV

I turned around slowly. Letting the picture down. “I did?” I asked Loki. Looking at him. “Yes you did. When you were younger. Miranda brought you, we brought you here, and Frigga held you for a while. She told you stories. You were 3 you might not remember.” Loki said to me. I tried to remember I looked all around. I took a breath and closed my eyes. I started to remember. I remember Frigga. She did tell me stories, and life lessons. –Flash back- “Hela, when you grow up you will be a brave and amazing princess.” Frigga told me while holding me. She put her crown on me, I laughed. I hugged her and saw my parents laughing, and hugging each other.  –Flash Back Over- “Lok-Dad! I remember. She told me, that I would grow up to be a brave, and an amazing princess. You were with mother.” I told Loki, looking at him. He smiled. “Yes Hela, she did say that. After that day Miranda took you back.” Loki said smiling. “Wow…I never thought about any of this.” I told him. He looked around. “Loki, it’s getting late. Let’s go.” Sif told Loki. Him and I nodded and started leaving. I waved goodbye to Thor and Odin, and also Heimdall.

We got back home. Sif had already put all the food on the table. I got to the table and sat down. Loki and Sif sat across from me. "Hela, eat fast you have school tomorrow." Sif told me. Right then I remember the timing is wrong. "Mom, what time would it be on Earth now?" I asked her. "I'm thinking that it's about 8 over there. It's only 4 here." She told me. I yawned. "Thanks mom." I told her. She smiled. I finished eating fast, I got up and cleaned my plate and did the dishes. I ran to my room and changed into my pajamas. I looked at my backpack to make sure I did homework. I did. I looked at myself in the mirror. I took a breathe, and closed my eyes. I opened them slowly I saw myself in the mirror I was blue, again. My eyes were red. Loki was grabbing my hand. I looked at him. "Will this pop out a lot?" I asked him. I wasn't scared I knew what I was, I just couldn't accept it. "No, only if I touch you, or a frost giant touches you." Loki said to me. I nodded. "Watch." Loki said, we turned back to the mirror. He let go of my hand, I turned human again. He held my hand ago and I became blue again.

I chuckled, "oh my gosh, that's so cool, yet very freaky." I told him. He laughed. "Yes it is." He said looking at me. I touched his hand. He became blue also. I was surprised and then I smiled. He shook my hair. "Go to bed Hela." He said as I got  into my bed. "Oh Hela, no one can know about this. Understand?" Loki said. Shit, I already told Sierra. "Alright." I said to him. He nodded and closed my bedroom door. I fell right to sleep. All the dreams I had was about me and my new family. My friends, and how I look now. I cant accept how I am quite yet. It's still all strange to me. I have magic, I turn blue, I need to keep my family a secret, all those things are hard. If I hide it from my friends, what will they say? I'm not a liar, it's to protect my family. Protect me.


"Hela! hurry up dear." Mother called. I got out of my room. I was wearing, a flowery dress, with a thin brown belt, a black jacket, and a some brown flats. I grabbed my backpack, and grabbed my breakfast Sif left for me. It was bread with jelly. "Thanks mom. Bye!" I told Sif while walking out. "Dad hurry up!" I yelled to Loki, he was dropping me off today. "I'm right here." Loki said while we went to the portal, after a few seconds we were a few feet a way from school. "Thanks Lo-dad, I'll walk from here." I told Loki, while hugging him. As I started walking he went back up to Alfheim. I realized I was going to be late, so I ran as fast as I could. It was hard to run since I was on flats. I wish I could fly. I ran and ran, then I finally got near school. I saw Sierra walk by. "Hey Sierra!" I screamed to her. She came near and hugged me. "Hey Hela." She said. I needed to tell her about my family. "Sierra, remember what I said about my family?" I asked her. "Haha, yeah that was a good prank." She told me. She didn't believe me?

That's good. "Yeah, really good prank. I just wanted to say that I live out of the city, that's why I told you the text, and the Loki thing was to see what you would say." I told her, I but my lip a little. "Oh, okay. And yeah, you got me good on that." She said to me as she smiled I smiled back at her too. While we were walking the hall, I saw Zach talking to his friends, he stopped talking and stared at me. We made eye contact, but I broke it. He looked a bit sad after we passed. Sierra looked at me. "Hey, Zach is really sad. Maybe you should talk to him?" She told me. "I will, but later on. After school is over." I told her. She smiled. The bell rang and we went to our classes. I had geometry first. When I got in, I noticed no one looked at me. They weren't laughing like last time. Then I remembered, who talked bad about me? I texted Si, before the teacher came. 'Sierra, who was the person who talked bad about me that you over heard?' I sent it. After a few minutes I got a text back, and that was just when the teacher came in.

I looked at it quickly. 'It-it was...Zach >.<' I rolled my eyes. I knew it. I texted her back. 'What did he say about me?' I put my phone away, the teacher started talking. "Today we will work on page 156 and 157 of your books." I smiled. I got my book out and started doing them. It was something we learned on Friday, so it was easy. For me. After a few minutes I was done. "Done." I told the teacher, I walked up to her. She checked everything. "Very good Hela, keep it up, and we might have to move you to High school already." The teacher said smiling. I smiled back. "No need, school is almost over in a few months, besides I'd like to start High school when we are suppose to not before." I said smiling as I walked to my desk. My teacher smiled. I checked my text that Sierra sent me. 'Well, the same making fun of you. But please forgive him. He's changed.' Those words. He's changed. Just like what Sif said about Loki. She was right about him. Maybe Sierra's right about Zach.

I needed to forgive him, give him another opportunity. After the whole school was done, and I had finished some of my homework, since it is very easy, in my opinion, I left some books. I went to go find Zach, to talk to him. I ran to the place where he was, in his locker, as I was running I bumped into him. "Zach." "Hela." We said at the same time. I moved back a little. "I need to talk to you." I told him. "Me too." He said back, nervously. I looked at him. I grabbed his wrist and 'dragged' him to the lawn. We looked at each other, we didn't know who should go first. So I started. "Zach, Sierra told me that you're a good guy, and that you would never say anything like that. She also said that you made fun of me a few days ago. She over heard you. Just now she said that you've changed. So, if it's not too much trouble. Could we start over? Like everything?" I explained to him, A weak smile went on his face. "Helaine, I'm so sorry for that. I never should have judged you, before knowing you for real. I'm sorry. Also, I would also like to start over. So yes." He said smiling

I smiled at him. "Okay then." I said. "Hi, I'm Helaine Mackena, I'm 13 years old, I like Math, and chemistry. I study in phycology to be a therapist. Nice to meet you." I said holding out my hand. He chuckled. "Hi? I'm Zach Jackson, I'm 14 I like sports, and I study in geography because I like it. Nice to meet you." He said shaking my hand. I smiled, then he smiled and we both chuckled. "So?" We both said. One after the other. "Want to get something and talk?" Zach asked. "Yeah sure, but...first I need to ask my parents." I told him. "Okay, I'll be at Sierra's, studying, so if you can go text me I guess?" He said I smiled and nodded. I After he left, I ran to the little place where I was dropped off. Loki came down a few minutes later, ad we went back to the Castle. Once I was in, I put my backpack in my room and closed the door. "Mom, dad can I go out to get something with a friend?" I asked them, they both turned to me. "Which friend?" Loki asked.

"My friend, Sierra from school." I lied to him. I looked at my mother. She looked at my father. "Sure, just don't be home late. Remember we are 4 hours behind." Sif said. I nodded my head and hugged them both. "Thank you." I said as I went to the portal again. This time I went down alone. I got my phone out and texted Zach. 'My parents said yes.' I texted him, he sent a smiley face, and I just walked, and took my time, to get there. I got there faster then I thought. I knocked on the door. I heard Sierra talking and coming near the door. "Hey Hela." Sierra greeted me. "Hey, is Zach around?" I asked her. "Yeah, he's coming. I'm glad you gave him another chance." She told me. I smiled, then I saw Zach. He came out. "Hey Hela." He said. I smiled. "Hey Zach." We left Sierras house and went walking. "So, where are we going?" I asked Zach. He looked at me and thought a little. "You like smoothies?" He asked me. "I love smoothies. And I know a great place." I said while smiling. We walked to the smoothie store. He looked around.

"Wow, nice place." He said. "Yeah, it's my favorite smoothie shop." I said as I got in line to order. Zach was near me. "What do you want?" I asked him. "Um, blueberry." He said. I nodded. Once it was our turn I ordered, paid, and waited for our drinks. Once we got them, we got to a table. "So, Hela. Tell me about yourself." He told me. "Well, when I was little, I was left with a lady called Miranda. At the age of 5 I was left in the orphanage. A few days ago, I got adopted by the most amazing couple. My best friend is Sierra, I love school and...that's it." I said to him. "Hm, cool. Well, I like to play basketball, skateboard, I like listening to music. Make new friends, I like school. Sometimes. When I was young my parents divorced, and my best friend is also Sierra." He told me. "Wow, that's cool. I'm pretty good on a skateboard." I told him.

"Really?" He asked me. "Yup, I learned myself." I bragged to him. I felt a weird sensation that I was being watched but I ignored it. It was probably nothing. "Wow, you should show me some moves sometime." Zach said. "Maybe I should." I said back to him.


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