The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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7. Chapter 6

"This wasn't suppose to happen."


Loki's POV

I knew it. I knew it. She was going to call me a monster, and she did. She called me a monster, said that for my fault, I made her a monster. She was right. I felt so bad. What have I done? "Loki, she's asleep." Sif came to tell me. "Yes, I know." I told her back. "Loki, what's wrong?" Sif asked me. "What Hela hurt me in a way. I feel bad. It's all my fault for being her father. It's my fault that-" "Loki stop. Don't do this to yourself." Sif told me when she cut me off. "Loki, it's none of your fault, she's just scared-" "Of me!" I told Sif as I got up. "No Loki, she scared of her." Sif said to me. I turned around to her. "What?" I asked I was confused. "She scared of who she is, not because we are her parents. She scared of what she could become, she thinks its our fault. She needs to get to know us more. Know the family." Sif told me. I nodded my head. "You could be right." I told her. "Yes, maybe I am. We should take her to see Asgard, know everything, take it day by day." Sif told me. I nodded my head. "Thank you Sif." I told her. "Lets get some rest. Be happy, your daughters here." Sif told me while we were walking. We got to our room, and changed into sleeping wear.

Sif laid down first, then I did. I fell asleep. I had dreams of me wit Hela. A memory of when she was little, one day Miranda brought her. Sif and I played with her. It was only a day, but it was one of the best days I could ever have gotten. Tomorrow, we need to help her know some stuff, not everything but some stuff. She needs to know why we left her. It was because of the monster I am that we left her. She needs to understand that. She also needs to know that we aren't the same as human parents. She needs to learn about her braveness, her powers and what she is. Her true form. She's not just human. She's the frost giant's daughter. She's the warrior's daughter. She's Hela. Daughter of the powerful and the brave. She needs to understand, everything that might happen, and will happen. I broke this family, now I need to join it back together. Have a good family, start over with everything. Start over in being who I am. Changing me. For the best of this family.


I woke up early, it was 7am. I went over to the kitchen I thought that making a good breakfast would make Hela, a little open, a little more comfortable to me. I was making the batter, when Sif came in. "Hello, dear. Have a good sleep?" I asked her. She chuckled, and I chuckled after. "Loki, what are you doing?" She asked me while hugging me from behind. "I'm making us a mortal, yet good breakfast. Mostly for Hela, to make her comfortable." I told Sif. She laughed. She grabbed the bowl with the batter, and put it on the counter, and got in front of me. "Loki, you don't need to do this. She'll warm up to you when she comprehends everything." Sif said looking at me. I just sighed. She came closer and kissed me. I kissed her back. "Sif...Thank you for everything. I would be lost without you." I told her as she walked to our room. "I as well, if it weren't for you." She told me, while walking to the room.

I was about to finish the pancakes to set them on the table when Hela came out. "Loki? you're making breakfast?" She asked me. "Yes, I am." I told her. "Didn't know a God could cook." She told me while chuckling. I chuckled a bit also. Once I was done and set the table Sif came out. "Smells good." Sif said. She sat down, then I did. I saw Hela was staring at something. Or thinking I didn't know. Hela was the first to grab the pancakes. She smiled when she tasted them. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing. It's just funny to see a God actually cook." She said laughing. I smiled. "Well, we do have talents as well, we aren't lazy creatures doing everything with magic." I told her while chuckling, Sif started laughing as well. Again I saw Hela stare at something, I still don't know what it is.

After breakfast we all cleaned up, then Sif and Hela had a 'female chat' in the family room. I started doing other stuff, that needed to be done in the castle, and take care of the Kingdom I have.

Sif's POV

I went with Hela, to a couch. "What is it that you wanted to tell me Hela?" I told her while sitting down. She bit her lip then opened her mouth to begin to speak. "Well...tomorrow I have school, but I don't want to go." She told me. "Why? I thought you loved school." I told her, I was confused about all this. "I do, it's just this kid. He...well I like him, but he made fun of me and hurt my feelings. Although I still like him, and I like him a lot. I think I hurt him." She told me. I frowned a bit. "Why do you think that?" I asked her, getting closer to her. "Well, he apologized and felt really bad, I just got mad and told him not to speak to me, again. Ever." She told me. I looked at her. "Same happened with me and your father. Loki was always the trickster, and the mischievous guy.  He still is, yet long before we 'got married' he use to hurt me emotionally. One day he told me that he loved me. He only 'mistreated' me, because he knew I loved Thor. I got furious and told him to never speak to me again. After a while I realized that I hurt him. I apologized and we started talking, after a while, we dated." I told her.

"Wow...that's so cute." She told me. "Yes, it could happen with you. You know he fells bad, tell him your sorry, and start over again. Trust me Hela, it'll work." I told her smiling, she smiled and hugged me. "Thanks mom, I will." She said still hugging me. I hugged her back. "You're welcome." I told her. Loki walked into the room. "Hello, ladies." He said smiling. I just rolled my eyes playfully and smiled back. "What are you up too Loki?" I asked him. "Nothing. I just need to know one thing. Hela, may I speak with you?" He asked Hela. I looked at him, then at Hela. "Yeah. Sure." She said sitting correctly. I got up and hugged Loki. "It'll be fine." I whispered to him. He nodded at me. As I went to do the chores and practice.

Loki's POV

"Hela, I'm sorry. For everything I have caused." I started taking it slow with her. She looked down to the ground. "No, Lok-dad, I'm sorry, for making you feel bad. I was just scared and confused." She told me, she seemed sad. I got closer to her. "I understand Hela.I wanted to ask you something. Would you like to see your uncle and grandfather in Asgard?" I asked her. She smiled at me. "Yeah, I would love too." She said. I nodded my head. "Off to teleport then." I said. We walked to the 'teleportation room' She looked around. I signaled her to come close. After seconds, we were off to Asgard. We got there in seconds. When we were there Heimdall was at the gateway, as always. "Hela, this is Heimdall. Heimdall, this is my daughter Hela." I told him. He nodded. "Nice to meet you, princess Hela." He told her. "As to you Heimdall. Wait princess?" She asked. "Yes, your father is a king, you are a princess." Heimdall explained to her. She nodded and smiled.

We walked more and we got to the throne room. Thor and Odin were there talking about royalty and Midgard. "Hello Thor, Odin. This is my daughter Hela." I said while looking at her. "Welcome to Agard." Thor said going towards Hela. "Thank you Thor." She said smiling. "Welcome Princess." Odin said. He smiled. "Thank you Allfather."She told him. "Allfather? how did you know he was called that?" I asked her. She looked at everyone. "When I was little, Miranda told me about all of you. Stories, I grew up with. I always thought they were real, then it came true. That battle in New York city. With the chitauri." She said smiling. I looked at her. "I always played pretend being everyone of you. I never thought that we would be family. Now that we are, I am proud. Proud of my family." She told everyone. I smiled. So did Thor, and Odin. "Even you dad." She said running and hugging me.

I hugged her back. She let go. "What else?" She asked me. We walked to the Queen's special room. In there she saw more portraits of her. "She's beautiful, I wish I could've met her." She said looking at everything.

"You did." I told her.





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