The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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6. Chapter 5

"This isn't what I wanted."


Hela's POV


"I started packing my things. I wanted to meet my mom, and only my mom. I want nothing to do with Loki. I don't even think he's my father. We have the same eyes, so? I could've got them from my mom. When I said I wished to leave, or that I wanted to meet my family I wasn't expecting this, at all. I texted Sierra. 'Sierra...I'm getting adopted. I need to go. I may see you on Monday. If not...I love you <3 Bff's forever.' It was like 12am, I grabbed my laptop, phone, earphones, clothes, posters, everything I had. I had to use like 3 big bags. Loki mentioned Alfheim. What is that place? I was scared, sad, but happy all at the same time. I may not be able to see my friends anymore...ever. I don't want that. At all. Once I was done I looked at my side of the room. Empty. I walked out, but before I went to everyone's room and kissed them on the forehead. I'll miss these kids a lot. I got downstairs. I looked at Christina. She looked like she was going to cry. "I'm ready." I told Loki.

I went over to Christina and hugged her. "Thank you, for everything." I told her. She kissed my cheek and I went with Loki outside. "Alright come on." He said as he walked near the street. I looked at the orphanage, then I sighed. "Okay." I said as I walked towards him. After a few minutes we were going through something, it was cols, but colorful. After a few minutes we were in a big castle. A lady came running to Loki. "Loki, you did it!" She said as she hugged him. I couldn't see her face. She kissed Loki on the cheek. Is she my mother? She came near me. She looked like she was going to cry. "Hela...You're finally here." She said as she hugged me. I hugged her back. "Are you my mother?" I asked her. "Yes Hela, I am." She told me smiling and confident.

I smiled. "Hela, your room is right near that big door. We decorated it. I hope you like it." Mother told me. I smiled and went walking towards my room. While I was walking I heard them talking. "Loki? What's wrong?" My mother asked. Loki replied but  couldn't hear him. I entered my room and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was big, and beautiful and it was all for me. I threw my bags in a corner and laid on the bed. I started thinking. Will I have to say 'mom and dad' to them? It was weird for me. I've never said dad to anyone before. I never had a father. I unpacked and placed everything where I thought they went. I sneaked out to see what was in the castle. I saw my mother speaking to my father. I walked down a hallway and saw a big door.

I was curious of what was inside. I opened the door a little, but enough for me to get in. I walked towards something shining, it was a blue color. There were many things near it. A dagger, a shield, a sword, and a portrait of a lady. I wonder who she was. I walked near the blue box, it seemed to be calling me or something. I went over and touched it, at first it was cold then I got use to it a minute after. I felt my hands freeze, I looked at them and I saw my hands. They- they were blue! I ran over to wear I could see a reflection. I saw myself, my eyes were red, my whole face, hands. My whole body was blue. I screamed because I was scared. I covered my mouth after. I didn't want anyone to hear. I heard Loki yell. "Hela!"

After a few minutes I turned back. Loki came right then. "Hela? What's wrong?" He asked me worried. Should I tell him? What if he gets mad? I'll just lie. "Uh, I thought I saw something move, I got scared." I lied to him. He looked around and figured out where I was. "Hela, why are you here?" He asked me. "I was looking for a restroom." I told him. My mother came near. "Loki what happened?" She asked. "Nothing Dear Sif. Hela was frightened and was looking for a restroom." Loki explained to her. So her name is Sif? As in Lady Sif? "Are you The Lady Sif. The only female warrior?" I asked as I got up. Sif smiled. "Yes I am her." I was surprised, my mom is a warrior, dad is a monster. How could Sif love him? "Hela the restroom, is the last door in the hallway." Sif said I nodded to her. "Thank you, mother." I said while nodded.

"I went to the restroom, and looked in the mirror. I was blue, why and how did that happen? I washed my face and dried up. Then I walked out. I didn't feel safe staying here. I went to find Sif. "Mother, can we talk?" I asked her. She nodded and we went to sit in a big table. "What's the matter?" Sif asked. "Well it's Saturday, and I have school on Monday. How will I get to school?" I asked her. "We can transport you there. I or Loki can drop you off." She said I nodded a bit. "Okay that seems good." I said. She looked in my eyes and scanned my face. "Your scared. Why?" She asked. "Because...I've never had a real family, and my dads a monster, my moms a warrior." I told her. She bit her lip, she was looking at someone. "Hela, your father has changed, he isn't a monster anymore." She said. "Yes he is, if he wasn't he wouldn't have left me with Miranda, he wouldn't have destroyed New York. If he weren't a monster he wouldn't have changed me into a blue monster!" I said getting mad. I gasped. I covered my mouth.

"Blue monster?" Loki came and asked. I tried calming down, I couldn't. "Yeah, it's all your fault that I became that! You should've left me in the orphanage!" I screamed getting up. I ran to my room, and shut the door. I just realized what I had done. I lost my temper. What have I become? I became a monster. It's all Loki's fault! I stayed in my room the whole day. I heard a ding, on my phone. I have signal here? Sierra texted me. 'Oh..Okay love you Bff.' I smiled. 'Sierra, you won't believe me. My mother is Lady Sif, my father is Loki. I'm a frost giant.' I sent to her. She didn't reply. She probably doesn't believe me. 'What! are you kidding?' She sent to me. 'No! I'm not.' I told her back. 'Wow...Well how are your parents like?' She sent. 'Sif, or my mother is kind and loving. Loki is still a monster as always.' Sierra sent a confused emoji. 'Hela, if your kind and loving mother loves Loki, he can't be a monster.' She sent. I started thinking about it.

I looked at them, they were hugging? I guess. Loki was saying something, Sif was helping. Did I hurt him? I didn't mean to. I just lost my temper just like that. Why? am I scared? Why did it happen? Sif was coming to my room. "Hela? Can I come in?" She asked me. "Yeah." I said quietly. "Hela, what happened? What made you say all that stuff?" She asked me. "I- I don't know, I just started saying it." I told her. She looked at Loki and nodded. I looked at him. He got up and went to the room, with the blue cube. "Did I hurt him?" I asked Sif turning slowly towards her. "No, he knew you would say something like that because you weren't expecting us to be your parents or you to be part human part frost giant." She said. I felt bad anyways. I hurt Loki. My father. "I feel bad" I told Sif. "It's okay dear, once you get to know him it'll be fine. He has changed." Sif said getting up towards the door. I nodded. "Supper will be ready in an hour." She said leaving my room.

I got out and went to go see what Loki was doing. He was grabbing the cube. "I'm a monster only a monster." He said to himself, I felt bad. I made him say that. I ran back to my room. I cried a little. "I didn't mean to" I started repeating over and over. I looked at the ceiling. I got a little bored after a while. I grabbed a little statue looking thing and threw it in the air and caught it. I starting doing that over and over. I threw it in the air again, and when I was going to catch it, it started floating. I got scared and moved my hands, the thing fell. I was confused. Now what appears? I asked myself. I grabbed the thing again and opened my hand. It started floating again. I started moving it from one side to the other. I went a little fast and it fell. I was confused. I didn't want to say anything yet. Maybe no one else has that power, but me.

"Supper time!" Sif yelled. I saw Loki walk to the table, I walked behind him we both sat across form each other. Sif came and brought the food. Sif sat next to Loki. I started getting food, and so did Loki. I looked at him. He looked sad and serious. I wanted to ask about the portrait of the lady. "Mom?" I asked her. "Yes Hela." She answered while cutting the meat. "Who's the lady in the portrait in the room down the hall?" I asked. Loki looked at Sif, Sif nodded. "She- She was my adoptive mother. Frigga." Loki said to me. "Adoptive?" I asked, I was confused."Yes, she's Thor's real mom. Odin adopted me from where I was from." Loki explained. I looked down. "Oh, will I ever meet her?" I asked them both. "She-she passed away." Sif said. I nodded. "Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry." I said frowning. Shit. "It's fine Hela." Loki said. I smiled weakly to him. I just started eating and eating.


After supper, and doing some activities, I went to my room, it looked dark. Sif passed by. "Mother? what time is it?" I asked her. "It's 9:30pm." She said." 9:30? In new York it's only 5. Are the time zones changed?" I asked her. "Yes, Here in space we have different time zones then on Earth." She said to me. I nodded. She came to me a little closer. "Hela, try talking to your father. He did change, I helped him." She told me. "I will, I'm sorry for what I said. I was scared and confused." I told her. "I know Hela. It's fine, just go slow with him, he isn't use to having a daughter with him." She told me. I nodded my head. "I will." I said. "Alright, goodnight Hela." Sif said leaving the room and closing the door a little. "Go0dnight mom." I told her before she left completely. I fell right to sleep. I was really tired it seemed. I felt someone touch my forehead, then I realized that someone kissed my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw it was Loki. "Goodnight. Father." I told him barely awake.

"Goodnight Hela." Loki said before leaving.


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