The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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5. Chapter 4

"How could you. I trusted you."


Loki's POV

I fell to Earth. It was different then I remember. I know it is out of the City of New York, but I was a bit lost. I haven't' been here for 13 and 1/2 years. I walked around, I noticed that I was in my 'out of this world' clothing, I entered a near by store where they sell clothing. Everyone had their eyes on me. "Festival." I just said, everybody nodded. I got in the changing room, I changed my clothing. I made my other clothes disappear in mid-air. I got out and paid the kind sir, off the clothing shop. I got out, looked at myself once again. I had normal mortal male clothing. I walked over to Miranda's home. I was ready to meet my daughter, to see her and hug her, after many years. I started walking and looked around. Nothing has changed. I thought to myself. I kept on walking and walking I stopped at a coffee shop. Even Gods get thirsty. I drank some coffee, it was getting a little late. I finished quickly, paid and left.

I walked and I finally got to Miranda's home. I knocked on the door. After a few minutes Miranda came out. "Lo-Loki?" She seemed surprised and confused. "Yes. Miranda. Now where is my daughter?" I asked her while getting in. She closed the door. She bit her lip when she looked at me. "M. What ever is the matter?" I asked her. "Loki. I'm sorry." Miranda told me crying. "M. What's the matter?" I was getting worried. Has Hela died? What happened? "Lo-Loki. I- I left an orphanage." She said while sobbing. I gasped. "M. Why?! I trusted you to take care of her!" I told her furiously. "When?" I asked her. "When...she was five." She told me still crying. "Five! I trusted you with my daughter! you just threw her away!"

"Loki, I'm sorry." She said hugging me. I pushed her away and walked towards the door way. "You should be." I told her while slamming the door. Why did I think in leaving her with Miranda? She was my only choice. She betrayed me. She couldn't take care of a girl? She is now, someone I use to know. I walked over to many city people. I asked them where I could find an orphanage. They all answered the same. "There is one, just out of the city." I walked to it. I just hope that, that will be the orphanage my daughter is in. I need her. Her mother needs her. She needs a father. This is for her good, but she has school and friends I suppose. That might be another reason why she won't come. Ugh, I should've kept her with me.

None of this would've happened, if I weren't a monster. I walked and walked. Getting out of the city is a long walk, I can not use my powers to teleport, too much people around me. I suppose for just today I can be a mortal. Not a God. This may take long I suppose. More longer, since I do not have a mortal mechanical teleportation machine. I need to focus. How am I going to get Hela? I need to tell her something, that will convince her to come. 'Hela, I am your father. I need you to come with me to-' No, no. It wouldn't work. 'Hela, I am your father. I need to take you from this place. Miranda told you I would come. I-' No, I don't know what to say.


After a long pass of time, I finally got to the orphanage. I knocked on the door. After a minute a mortal lady came to the door. "Hello, sir. How can I help you?" She asked me while opening the door. "I'm here for my daughter." I told her smiling. She looked at me confused. Then she reacted. "Helaine? You're her father? Miranda said you would come." She told me. She seemed sure. "Uh...yes Helaine is my daughter. Miranda mentioned that she left her here. Thank you for caring for her." I told her gently and smiling. "You're very welcome. Helaine, is upstairs. In her room, first door on the right." She told me letting me in. I nodded and smiled. I went up the stairs, I took a breath before opening the door. After that I opened and started speaking.

"Helaine, I'm here to pick you up." I told her, while looking at her. She was beautiful, just like her mother.She jumped a little. After, she looked at me. She gasp silently. "Who are you?" She whispered, while blinking. "I- I am your father." I told her with a weak smile. She got up from her bed. She pushed me out and got out while closing the door. "My father?" She told me crossing her arms. "Yes." I told her. She looked at the lady down below. "Christina, is he my father?" She asked the lady. Christina closed her eyes, and nodded. "What?" Hela seemed scared. "But, you-you're Loki. You're a monster." She told me while getting back in her room and crying. I knew it.  I repeated to myself over and over. I finally decided to speak. "Hela, please. Your mother is also waiting, she misses you. I miss you." I started saying. I listened quietly I heard her crying calm down. She opened the door whipping her tears. "My mother?" She asked me.

"Yes. Come down, I'll show you." I told her. "No!" She replied. I sighed. "This is your mother." I said handing out a picture of Sif that I had. "She's, she's beautiful." She said looking at it. "Hela, we need you to come. To Alfheim." I told her. "I'm only going because of my mother. Not because of you." She said opening the door and getting in the room. I sighed. I knew it wouldn't work. She knows too much. I went downstairs and waited for her to come down. What was I going to do? How can I show her that I have changed? That I know what I have done, that I know I am a better person? I put my palms on my face. There must be a way. It can't stay like this.


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