The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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4. Chapter 3

"You're a jerk. I should've known."


Helaine's POV

"So, that's the whole story." I said holding back my tears, looking at Sierra. "Oh...Hela, I'm sorry." She said hugging me. I hugged her back. Some tears started escaping my eyes. I let go of the hug and whipped of the tears. I saw Zach pass by. He came this way. "Hey Sierra." He said smiling and hugging her. I just looked around. He stared at me for a while. I didn't make eye contact with him. "Hey...Hela right?" He said asking me. I looked up at him. He knew my name? "Uh..Yeah." I told him. He looked at me again, then laughed a little. Sierra punched his arm playfully. He stared at me, then hugged Sierra saying bye. I just ignored that whole thing just happened. "So...lets get to class?" I asked Sierra. She nods and we walk to class. Our first class we don't have together, but our classrooms are right next to each other so we say goodbye, at the door way. I entered class and I saw everyone laughing. Were they laughing at me? I just sat down. Some girls came over. "Helaine, what are you doing today?" They asked me. It was Friday. I didn't know. "Um..I don't know. Why?" I asked them. "See girls, I told you she was boring." The girl in the middle said. I just rolled my eyes. Obviously. I said to myself. I'm not boring, I'm going over to Sierra's house later.

"Okay, students take out your book. Open it on page 144 we are going to start new equations today." The teacher said. Everyone in classed groaned except me. I liked math. I started finishing the page before anyone else. Once I was finished I just kept it open. The teacher wrote an equation on the board. "Who can resolve this?" She asked. The equation was ' x/4 + 2= 7 1/2- 2x' "What does the last x stand for. Can someone resolve it?" I looked at it, and did the math in my head. "X equals 1/3 so the answer is 2 wholes and 1/3" I told the teacher. Everyone looked at me. "Um..Yes." The teacher said. I handed her my book. She looked at it and everything was right. She gave me back my book and went back to the board to explain the problem to the rest of my class. How was I that smart? I didn't know how I did that. I just did it. It felt weird, I just ignored the feeling that I got. I bet I'm just smart that's all.


School was finally over. I saw Sierra come out. "Hey Hela. You still coming over tonight?" She asked me. "Yeah I am. I just need to go home, finish homework then I'll be at your house." I told her. She nodded and smiled then left. I walked home and something caught  my eye. Zach and his girlfriend Megan were fighting. "You know what?!" Zach screamed at her. "What!?" She screamed back. "We are through!" Zach said at her. After that he left. Wow. I was speechless. He broke up with Megan, they have been together for like 3 years. I saw Megan tearing up. I wanted to go tell her it was okay, but she would know I was spying on them, so I just kept walking to the orphanage. While I was walking I got a text from Sierra. It read 'Hey, Zach's coming over at 4, he needs 'girl' help or something.' I just laughed a bit. 'Okay. I'll be there.' I sent back to her. I was walking and checking facebook and stuff. Before I knew it I was home, I checked my phone. 3:35. If I was going to Sierra's house I better finish fast. I got inside and ran to my room. I threw my phone on the bed and started getting my homework books out.

I locked my door so I wouldn't have distractions while I finish homework. I finished math, biology, history and geometry pretty fast. I guess I am pretty smart. I went to my door, and unlocked it, then put all my books away in my backpack. I went over to my wardrobe and tried to find something to wear to go see Zach and Sierra. I picked a black with white polka dots shirt and some skinny jeans and black flats. I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. I went downstairs. "Christina, I'm going to Sierra's." I told her not making eye contact. "Don't be home late." She said. I just nodded and went out the door. I started walking towards Sierra's house. We live a few minutes from each other. We live  20 minutes from each other to be exact. While I was walking I started wondering about what Sierra told me earlier. Someone was talking bad about me? I wonder who it was.

I didn't worry to much, I just bet it wasn't anyone who knew me for real. I got to her house and opened the door. I over heard someone talking. "She lives in an orphanage! haha" I heard Zach laughing. Maybe they're watching a movie. "Zach stop it!" I heard Sierra yell. "Okay, okay. Wait one more. She is also a nerd. How can you be friends with her?!" Zach kept laughing. I walked out of the house. Pretended I didn't hear anything. I rang the door bell. Sierra came to open it. "Hey Hela, Zach's in there. Come in." She told me. "Thanks." I smiled at her while I walked in. I saw Zach on the couch. "Zach, this is my friend I was telling you about." Sierra said sitting next to him. "Oh her? What does she know about breakups?" Zach asked Sierra. "Zach stop. She knows enough to help you. Get to know her first." Sierra said while looking at him. I sat on the couch further away from Zach.

"So...What's wrong?" I asked him. "Well, first I broke up with my girlfriend, but it was because she cheated on me. That's why I feel bad." He told me. I nodded. "Well, did you ask her why she cheated on you?" I asked him. "Yeah, she said it was because I was a jerk." I nodded again. "Okay, what do you think you did that made her do that?" He looked at me. He lifted up an eyebrow. "Hm..let me think." He said. "Okay." I responded. He kept thinking. "I don't know. Maybe because I forgot her birthday, and anniversary." He told me while shrugging and dragging his hand through his hair. I nodded once more. "Well, that's explainable. Girls hate when men do that." I told him. "I guess. I would probably feel mad if my girlfriend forgot my birthday. I guess she did need him more than me." He said. That was cute. He looked at me again.

"How did you know what to say and stuff?" He asked me. I chuckled a bit. "I take phycology, so I'm technically a therapist." I told him, he nodded. "Wow, I never knew that." He said getting closer to me. Slowly. He acts so innocent. I heard what he was saying before. Maybe he wasn't talking about me. No, no, he was. "Well, there's many things you don't know about me. We've never talked." I told him while looking at him, then at the ground. "Yeah, why is that?" He asked me. "I don't know. Maybe because I'm not cool enough for you." I told him, getting a little mad. I was still sad of what he said. "What? what do you mean?" He asked me. "Don't act innocent, you know what you said. You were laughing about me because I live in an orphanage and because I'm a 'nerd'." I told him getting up. Sierra came in. "Hela, you heard that?" She asked me. "Yeah I did." I responded. Zach started laughing. "Hela. Hahaha" I was mad and sad. I ran out crying. "Yeah go cry little girl!" Zach screamed. He's such a jerk, and to think I might have a chance with him! What the hell was I thinking!



I got home, ran upstairs and started crying. He's a jerk. I'm a jerk to even think I could have a chance with him. What was I thinking? He was popular, and cool. I was just weird and un-social. Everyone had gone to bed. I was in bed since 5 o' clock. I was crying and still sad. I kept repeating to myself ' I want my parents' It was all I could say. I wish I could leave this earth and go somewhere else. That's all I wish for. I was crying and crying. It was 9pm and I got a text message. I got my phone, it was from Sierra. It read. 'Hey...sorry about Zach...He was just upset, he would never say that to anyone, he's a good guy. He wants to apologize to you.' I didn't believe him. I was a good person so I responded. 'Okay. Tomorrow your place.' I shut my phone and fell back trying to sleep. I stopped crying, but then I got to thinking. Was it true? Or is he really just faking to use me some how? I didn't know what was real anymore. I have been bullied a lot and transferred to many schools. I don't have real parents I suppose. I don't know what's true anymore.


I woke up the next morning, I looked at my phone. It was 11 o' clock. I guessed I slept in. Everyone was downstairs eating breakfast, or playing videogames. I got to the kitchen and grabbed my breakfast plate, sat down and started eating. "Hela...You okay?" Christina asked me. "Yeah I'm fine." I told her. I kept eating and eating. Christina got up and started walking with the younger kids. Once I finished my breakfast I did the dishes. After that, I did some cleaning up. Since I'm the oldest I need to do other chores the the younger kids don't do. After all the chores were done. I looked at a wall clock. 1pm. I went upstairs and changed into short shorts. Ugg boots, long black socks, and the shirt I wore yesterday. I left my hair loose and put a bow on the right side of my hair. I went out to the front yard. I wanted to get some fresh air. I looked into the horizon and saw something crash to earth. It was far away. So I didn't worry to much. I walked over to some swings we had, I sat on it and started swinging slowly and closed my eyes to feel the breeze in my face and on my hair.

It was relaxing. "I guess I was wrong." I heard someone say. I looked up and jumped a bit. It was Zach. "Zach?" I stood up. I felt embarrassed. I was dressed wrongly. Shit. I walked a little far from him. "What do you want?" I asked him crossing my arms. "Are you here to make fun of me and how I live again?" He rubbed his neck. I just rolled my eyes. Obviously he wasn't going to apologize. "I'm going inside." I told him opening the nob. "Hela...Wait." He said taking my wrist. I let go. "What do you want?" I asked him, with an annoyed tone while turning around. "I...I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't know. And I was wrong for judging you without knowing you, for you." He said grabbing his neck then rushing his hand threw his hair. I rolled my eyes. "Apology accepted." I said to him. "Thanks Hela. So I was thinking-" He started saying but I cut him off. "Zach stop. I forgave you, but what you said really hurt me." I told him. While getting closer to the door.

"What? Why?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't going to tell him I liked him. "Because...those things hurt girls....Just don't talk to me again." I told him while opening the door. I got in and heard him say something. "Goodbye." He said it in a sad tone. I felt bad, but he was the one that hurt me. I was mad and sad at the same time. I closed the door and went to my room. Sierra texted me. 'Hey, Zach said he apologized, and that you said to him to never speak to you again?' I rolled my eyes. I texted back 'Yeah. I still like him. Kind of, but he's a jerk and he hurt me.' After a few minutes I heard a ding. 'Oh...okay, well I understand you. LY Hela.' I just put a heart emoji. I didn't know what to do. It was 3 o'clock I felt like doing some tricks on my 'siblings'.



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