The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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3. Chapter 2

"I want- I need my daughter."


Loki's POV

"How much longer do I have to wait Sif?" I asked Sif, controlling my temper, making sure I don't get furious with her. "Until you are ready, until we are ready." Sif told me, signaling her and I. I looked down, then at her. "I can't wait any longer Sif...It's been too long." I told her, swhile sitting down on the stairs. She sat down next to me. "I know Loki...I know." She told me while holding my hand, and resting her head on my shoulder. "I just want my daughter." I told her resting my head gently on hers. She got up and kissed my cheek. Then whispered in my ear. "Then get her." I looked at her, while she walked away. I got up and caught up with her. While she was going to the balcony. "Sif, me? what if she knows? She wouldn't-" I told her. She cut me off. "Loki, she won't. Trust me." Sif told me. She hugged me. I hugged her back, and whispered in her ear. "I hope." I let go and walked to the throne, to attend to my duty's. I thought of how was I going to get Hela? How would she react? Will she see me as a monster? Or as her father? I was confused. I was in fear, in fear that my own daughter will deny me, because all I am is a monster.

I was in fear, I was a monster. If she knew what I have done she won't accept me. If she sees who I really am. She won't accept me. This is a bad idea, this shouldn't be happening. I should have kept her in the first place. I shouldn't have let her go. I knew this was a bad idea, but Sif made it seem like it was a good idea. "My king. You have a visitor." The guards told me while I was thinking. I looked at them and nodded. I looked at the ceiling still thinking about Hela. "Brother." I heard a familiar voice. I looked down, and saw him. It was Thor. My old brother. "Thor" I told him while getting up. "And, what is your business here?" I asked him while walking back and forth. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Well, I came to see you." He told me. I rolled my eyes and walked down the throne stairs and went to him. "I know it's a lie." I told him. I walked behind him. "What's your real reason?" I asked him.

He turned to face me. "What is going on? You haven't been yourself." He asked me. I looked down. I looked over to my room, I saw Sif come out. She came closer. "Thor? What are you doing here?" She asked him. "Lady Sif, my father needs Loki. For help." Thor told her. She looked surprised. She looked over at me. I rolled my eyes. "Alright. What for?" I asked Thor. "I'm not sure. He just sent me for you." Thor told me. Walking to the exit. I looked at Sif. "Be safe Loki. Behave yourself." She told me kissing my cheek and hugging me. "No promises." I told her while catching up with Thor. I heard her chuckle, with her beautiful laugh. I looked at Thor. He kept turning around to see Sif, then looking at me. He smiled then said under his breath "This must be a joke." I looked at him and asked. "What must be a joke, dear brother?" He looked at me and once we were out of my castle. Heimdall teleported us back to Asgard.

Once we were there. We entered the castle, I looked over to wear Frigga would be. I closed my eyes, and cringed. Thor patted my back. "I know brother." He walked past me. I kept remembering Frigga, she was good to me. She taught me her tricks. I got to the throne. I saw Odin standing there. "I brought him father. Just as ordered." Thor said, before standing on his right side. "Loki, I hear that you want to go back to the mortal world. Why?" Odin said while sitting down. I looked at him. How did he know? Who told him? I looked at him again. "I have business to do there. None of your business. Thor mentioned that you needed help, not give me an interview." I told him while looking at Thor, and looking around the castle. "Yes. I need help figuring out what your 'business' is." Odin said getting up and coming closer. "Also, I need a request. release Lady Sif." I looked at him. 'release'? He thinks I have her captive. Did Thor not tell him? "Father. Lady Sif, is..what you could call my wife. Thor never told you?" I looked over at Thor. Odin looked at me, then at Thor. "Thor. You knew about this event, and still you never tell me?" Odin said furiously and angry.

"Father. You would be furious. That is why I kept it secret." Thor told him. I entered the conversation. "Odin. my business on Midgard is to get my daughter Hela. Oh, she is also Sif's daughter. Now if you excuse me, I need to get her from Midgard, and bring her home." I told Odin. He stared at me once I finished talking. Thor did the same. "You two had a kid?" Thor asked me. "Yes, brother. Why the question?" He stared at the ground. "Don't tell me you had finally fallen for Lady Sif. It is far too late for that Thor." I told him. He looked at the floor. He has fallen for her. "Thor, she loved you, all you loved was your mortal. She needed someone to take care of her and love her back. Luckily that person was me. You lost your opportunity." I told Thor while leaving the castle. Odin just watched. He let me go. So did Thor. Sif was heart broken, when Thor met the mortal. She loved Thor, but Thor never paid attention to her. I have always loved her, She finally loved me and then we got together.


I told Heimdall to teleport me back to my realm. After Sif and I ran away we went to a tiny place in Alfheim. Somewhere, where we don't bother the Light elves. It's like a tiny city, out of Alfheim. I live in a castle and king of those who live in that place. Sif and I 'got married' if you can say, Sif was pregnant with Hela, before we ran away. That was the reason we ran. So no one would know about Hela, or that Lady Sif was to give birth to my child. She distant from Thor for many reasons. She was heart broken by him. After that she wanted nothing to do with him. Another reason why we ran away. Sif and I are married, but we didn't have a big ceremony to show everyone. Only us 2 and our daughter, should know. Although, somehow Thor knew about it. After he knew I had to explain it to him. Tell him the truth of it. What he didn't know is that Sif was pregnant, or that she had given birth. Now he does.

I got to the castle and Sif came running to me. "Loki." She said hugging me. That was odd, she never did that before. Only if I was in battle, which I wasn't. I grabbed her by the waist. "Sif, what ever is the matter?" I looked at her with a worried expression on my face. She looked at me. Bit her lip and dug her head in my chest. "Loki, it's Hela." She started saying. I looked at her. "What about her?" I asked her. Was Hela in trouble? What was going on. "She..She's too old. We need her now. It's going to be late. Too late." She said. I nodded. I grabbed Sif and said. "Sif, I promise I will get her tonight. Before she and us lay down to sleep." I told her. She looked at me, she kissed me. Right on my mouth, I was surprised. She never did that. Hasn't done it. I kissed her back.

She let go and separated us. She smiled at me. Then frowned. "Loki, what did Odin want?" She asked me. I looked at her. I walked over to stairs and sat on them. She sat next to me. "He knew that I needed to go to Midgard. He asked my what my business was." I started talking. Sif looked at me. "Did you tell him the truth?" She asked worried. I looked down. "Yes."  said. I looked up at her. She didn't seem mad at me. "How did they react?" She asked. "Well, Odin was surprised. But Thor...he was really surprised. he told me 'You two had a kid?' I answered him. He seemed sad. He has fallen for you Sif." I told her. She got up. "How dare he! He made me heart broken." She started yelling. "Odin had thought I had captured you." I told her changing the subject. She turned towards me. I got up and hugged her. "It's okay, forget about Thor. You have me." I told her. After I kissed her head.

"You're right. Loki. It's getting late, I'll prepare some supper, you go try to find a way to get Hela." She said as she walked to the kitchen. I walked to my room. "Oh and Loki. When you go, be careful." She told me. I nodded my head. I knew Sif had a point. I needed to find Hela and get her to understand I'm her father, not making her scared of me. She must be broken right now. Miranda told her already I suppose. I just hope she is still fine with Miranda. I walked to my room. I got in and shut the door. I wish I have had something to watch her grow. I missed everything. Her first word, her first step. Her first day at school. Everything. I should've kept her with me. No, I was insane back then. I could've hurt her. I walked out of my room, and past the kitchen and walked to Hela's room.

Sif and I cleaned it and decorated it for her. Sif and I feel the need to have our daughter back. It was my idea to give her to Miranda. I had a feeling that if I didn't she wouldn't be alive right now. Due to m madness. Sif has helped me through the past years, helping me to be more loving, and out going, and expressing my feelings. Now I feel less hate, less un-loved, less evil. I have changed. For real. After Sif and I had Hela, I changed. I love Sif I wanted to protect her. I love Hela, and I need her here and I need to be with her. She needs her real parents. Her real mother, and her real father. Miranda was a good friend to take care of my little baby girl. It has been thirteen years since then. I just hope when I see her and that she doesn't freak out or get scared.







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