The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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16. Chapter 14 (LAST CHAPTER)

" I am Hela. Loki's daughter."


Hela's POV

5 months has passed since, I met my real parents, since I met the twins, since I joined the Avengers. Through out these 5 months I have been homeschooled, I have only gone to Earth to train, and be with the twins. All these 5 months I have been comprehending, what it's like to be me. What has been new. Like my powers, my mischief, my strength, my bravery, all different things. Wanda and I have gotten really close. She is now like a sister to me. Pietro and I have also come close, him and I are best friends. A month ago I turned 14, I didn't make it such a big celebration, but I had dinner at an Italian restaurant, with my parents, and the twins. It was kind of strange, because Sif and Loki looked weird. They weren't use to it.

Today, I'm going with the Avengers again. We have to train again, and today Steve is finally telling Nick Fury that I'm on the team. "Bye guys! I have to go love you!" I told my parents as I went to the portal room and went to Midgard, once I fell to Earth, the twins were there. "It took you long enough." Wanda said. I just chuckled. "Come on." Pietro said. He carried Wanda and I went on his back. Wanda and I thought it would be a good way to get to the HQ faster, even though we kind of take advantage of Pietro, and his speed power. Once we were there, I got off, and he let Wanda down. We got in the building and went to the elevator.

Today we were training on the roof. Once we got there Steve got on the phone. "Sir I have urgent matter, to speak with you about." Steve said looking at me. I couldn't hear what Fury said, but Steve said. "I got a new recruit for the team. She is the youngest, but she has good power and she's strong and knows how to fight." Steve said. I smiled. Then I heard Steve say. "Hela, he wants to talk to you." I nodded, I was nervous but I got the phone. "Sir" I said. He asked me. "Who are you?" I gulped. "I am Hela, Loki's daughter, also Sif's daughter." I said. There was a silence. "You're not like your father right? You don't want to rule over the world?" He asked me. "No sir, and my father has changed, a lot." I told him.

I gave the phone back to Steve, Fury hung up and we started training. After 3 hours of training, it was finally over. I had to rush home, I said goodbye to everyone and went back home. I wanted to tell my parents something. Once I got in Alfheim. I entered the living room, Loki and Sif were snuggled up. It looked cute. "Mom, Dad I need to tell you something." I started saying, the looked up at me. "Yes, dear?" Sif said. "I just wanted to say that I love you guys so much, thank you for everything and thank you for bringing me here 5 months ago. Thank you guys for everything! This is my new family, I need to accept it and I did. I love you." I told them, they smiled, the signaled me to go sit in between them. I smiled. Once I sat down, they both hugged me.

"You're welcome Hela, we are just sorry we didn't get you sooner." Loki told me. I looked down and then to him, "No father, it's fine. All that matters is that we're together now, the three of us." I told them while hugging them, they smiled, and put their heads on mine. I smiled. "I'm just glad I got to meet you guys, and that you were my parents." I told them. That afternoon, we stayed in the family room, we talked, laughed, and watched some movies. "Hela, I need to speak with you." Loki told me. I looked at him. "What's up dad?" I asked him. "Thank you, for giving me another chance, for accepting me, for accepting us. Thank you Hela." He told me. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

"Dad, I wouldn't have hated you all this time, you're me father I could never hate you." I told him. He smiled. After that whole family reunion, it was time for bed, it was about 3 in the morning so I went to sleep. Once I got to my bed. I grabbed my phone, put it near me and tried sleeping. I couldn't sleep so I started playing around with my powers. The rest of that time, I was playing around with the powers, made illusions, made power balls. I did all that wasn't dangerous. It was 6 o'clock in the morning then I was finally really tired and tried falling asleep. Then I heard a buzz, I got a text from Wanda.

'Hela! come down here fast!' I wonder what was wrong. I grabbed my things and went to midgard. "Wanda! what's wrong?!" I asked her, she looked scared, ad worried. "It's Pietro." She said. I was scared. "Where is he? Is he okay? What happened?" I asked her. "He's at HQ. He's...he's not okay, and it's my fault." She said going on the ground crying. "Wanda, it's not your fault." I told her while picking her up. We ran as fast as we could and got to HQ. We got on the elevator and went to the hospital room. "What happened?" I asked everyone. Wanda came up. "We were training, but where we were, wasn't safe. It was my idea to go train there. I told Pietro I had to go somewhere, but I knew I shouldn't have left him. When I came back, I saw him on the floor bleeding, he had gotten shot." Wanda said crying.

"It's all my fault." She kept repeating. I hugged her. "No, Wanda no, it was the person who did this. Not your fault. Okay?" I told her. She nodded, I entered the room where Pietro was in. It looked like a hospital room, just with advanced technology, He was wrapped up in bandages all from his waits to his chest. He turned around and looked at me. He looked week and tired. "Pietro?" I started saying as I got close to him, I didn't want to cry, but the tears shed. He looked at me. He put his hand near my eye and cleaned my tear. "Hela, I'm fine, don't worry." He said, he coughed. He looked bad, tired, weak and in pain. I cried more. "Pietro, wha- what f your not?" I told him, I looked down, and cried more.

He put his hand on my cheek. "Hela, it's going to be alright." He said. I grabbed his hand and entwined my fingers with his. I sat near him I started calming down a little. "I just don't- I don't want to loose you Pietro." I told him, he looked at me. "You're not Hela. Nothing bad happened, I just got shot. I got healed once from 47 shots. I can make one." He said. I nodded. He started sitting up. "Pietro no, you could hurt yourself." I told him. "It's fine." He said. He signaled me to come closer, as I did he opened his arms and he hugged me, I hugged him back. "It's going to be fine Hela." He told me. "Just don't leave me, don't leave us." I told him. After we hugged he kissed my head. "Hela, I promise I won't." He told me. I nodded and left. "Rest." I told him while leaving. Wanda came closer to me. "It's fine Hela." She said hugging me. I hugged her back.

We went outside, just the both of us. We went to the roof and sat at the edge. "Hela, why were you crying so much?" She asked me. I looked around. "I-I don't know." I told her looking down. "Hela, I saw everything." She told me. I chuckled. "Off course you did." I told her, she came closer. "I thought it was cute. He didn't want you to worry. I saw the way you looked at him, the way he looked at you." She told me. I started blushing. Shit. "So? we look at each other like best friends. Nothing more." I told her. "No, I know Pietro, his 'friend look' is way different then the one he use to look at you." She told me.

"Hela, do you maybe, have a crush, or like, or love my brother?" She asked me. I looked at her, then at the sky, then down. "I don't know, maybe, a little, I guess. Ugh, yes." I told her. She smiled. "I knew it!" She yelled. "Just don't tell him, I don't want to ruin our friendship. He's been the most truest friend I have had." I told her. "Okay, your secret is safe with me." She told me. "Thanks." I told her as I hugged her. "Wanda do you know who might of shot him?" I asked her. She shook her head. "No, but whoever did it, will pay." She said. I nodded. "Yeah, whoever did it, must pay. It won't stay like this." I said.


No one, messes with my friends.

It won't stay like this. I  thought to myself as I made a big power ball.


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