The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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14. Chapter 13

"This is a broken family."


Hela's POV

After my day with the Avengers, the twins and training I realized that they all act as family. That seemed nice, especially for the twins, they lost their parents at the age of 10. I know how they feel I had lost my family too. "That was fun wasn't?"  Wanda asked me. I smiled. "Yeah, it was." I told her. I was excited, I was with the Avengers. I realized that I needed to go home, it was getting late. "Bye guys, it was fun. I have to go home." I told everyone. "Okay, bye." Wanda told me. I waved goodbye. "Glad to have you recruit." Steve told me. I nodded my head and left. When I got home, Sif and Loki were fighting. Which is bad. "What do you mean!?" Sif yelled. "I didn't hurt her Sif! I just lost control!" Loki told her. Then I realized what he was talking about. That night. "You could've hurt her! you chased her around, with an ice spear!" Sif yelled at him. I had to say something. "It wasn't me!" Loki yelled to her. "Oh, then who was it. Your twin brother!" Sif yelled. "No! it was the monster." Loki said. He looked down. "Mom! stop!" I yelled.

"It wasn't Loki, it was the monster, he didn't hurt me,I put a force field around me. I controlled him again. Nothing happened." I told her. She looked at me. "Can't you see? this family is broken enough, we don't- I don't need you two fighting. Instead of putting this family back together, we're just breaking it. Loki and you hardly speak, hardly talk. We need more communication and love." I told them. That was a good speech. "Hela's right." Sif told Loki. "I know. I'm sorry Sif, and Hela." Loki said. "It's fine dad." I told him. All three of us went into a group hug. "See? this is family." I told them. "I'll start making supper." Sif said letting go of the hug. "No mom, we will all make supper." I told her while smiling. Loki smiled as well. "Alright then, what are we making?" Sif asked. I started thinking. "Lasagna?" I asked them. They looked at me strange. I ran for my phone and opened a recipe I saved there of lasagna. They smiled. "This is lasagna." I told them. "Okay, I'll look for the ingredients." Sif said heading to the pantry. "I'll heat up the oven." Loki said. "And I will take out the bowls and pans." I said. I looked around and I saw how we all worked as a family, as a team.

After an hour, of mess and working as a family, our lasagna was ready. "We finished." Sif said taking it out. Everyone of us was covered in sauce and cheese. It was funny, we all went to go wash our hands, and face. After we washed up we all sat down to eat dinner. We sat down and it was quiet, no one was talking. "So, this was fin wasn't it?" I asked them. They looked at each other and smiled. "Yes, Hela it was." Loki said to me. I smiled. All that night we were talking, laughing and asking questions, then it hit me. "Hey, what if every Saturday night when we're not busy we have a family game night?" I asked them, every family I knew did that. "Game night?" Loki asked me. "Yeah, every Saturday night, we all stay in the living room, and play games together, board games, trivia, stuff like that." I told them.

They looked at me. "Sounds like a good idea." Sif told me. I smiled. "Then it's settle. But we have to buy some games, I can get them tomorrow after breakfast." I told them smiling and outing a piece of lasagna in my mouth. "No, young lady you have school tomorrow." Loki told me. I groaned. "Oh, right." I said to myself out load. Sif and Loki chuckled. "After school then?" I asked them. "No, Hela. Friday after school." Sif told me. I groaned playfully. "Okay." I said. We ate and talked some more, then I remembered. "Mom! what day is it?" I asked her. "It's Monday May 25th." Sif said. "Oh my gosh, tomorrow is my birthday." I said. They looked at me. They looked at each other. "Hela, your birthday is June 1st. Who told you it was tomorrow?" Loki asked me. I looked at them. "Miranda told me." I told them. "No, no your birthday is June 1st." Sif said. I didn't know that. "Oh, I didn't know." I said, they nodded. I looked ta the time. It was 10pm I yawned. "I'm going to bed. I love you both." I told them while hugging them. I walked to my room, I changed into pajamas, I brushed my teeth and then I went back to my room to finally get some shut eye.


I woke up by the alarm. It was 6:40 am. I looked around and I heard Sif yell. "School starts at 7!" I looked at the time again and I blinked more. I got up did my bed, changed into some jeans, t-shirt and flats. I got to the kitchen and I saw Sif sitting with a big board. "What books will I use?" I asked her. Loki came in and he handed me some weird looking books. They were big, and sparkly. "Well, we are going to start with math. Do page 222. I bet it won't be a challenge for you." Sif said. I nodded and opened the book. The page was full with math problems they were all easy. I finished it in 10 minutes. "Done." I said. Sif came over and signed it. Good. "Loki, com here." Sif demanded. Loki came. "Stand up Hela, we will be working on your powers today." Loki said. I got up and smiled. This will be fun. After an hour we were done and Loki said that my powers grew stronger, he was right I did feel more power when I used them.

Sif came back. "Follow me Hela." Sif said, we were walking to the training field. Sif hanged me a spear and a shield. She grabbed her sword and shield. "Mom? why do I need this if I have powers?" I asked her. "Just incase." She told me heading outside. I caught up to her. She looked at me and smiled. "What?" I asked her. "We have some 'guest' here to help you train." She said. I looked at her suspiciously. I wonder who those guest are. I got out and I saw the twins were there. Pietro was running fast, and Wanda had a red powerball in her hand. Sif went up first. "Like this Hela." She told me. Wanda started shooting power balls to my mom she blocked, dodged and hit them all. I was impressed my mother is really a great warrior. Then it was Pietro's turn. He had to run around her as fast as he could and she had to knock him down.

She waited for the right time, then she slung her sword n the floor and Pietro fell. I laughed a little. He stared at me. I looked at him, wow. He is really fast. Then it was my turn. First I had to go through Wanda. I threw my shield on the ground. Wanda started through the power balls at me, a lot of them. I dodged them, and hit them all. I smiled and jumped. I passed the first test. Then it was Pietro's turn. "Go easy on me Pietro." I told him. He looked at me. "No promises." He said starting to run. I got scared, he was running really fast, every time I slung my spear he was somewhere else. This was tough, then all the sudden I fell on the ground Pietro walked infront of me. "What? you didn't see that coming?" He asked me as he walked passed me.

I was exhausted. "Your fast, both of you." I said getting up. Pietro was ready to run inside, I put my spear in front of him and he fell. He looked at me. "What? you didn't see that coming?" I said imitating him and his Russian accent. Did I mention that the twins Russian accent was the best. Pietro laughed. I helped him up. "Good one Hela, but I'll get you next time." He said passing me. Wanda came up to me and we both chuckled. "Alright, lunch time guys." Sif said bringing us sandwiches. We all sat down at the table and started eating. Everyone grabbed a sandwich and started eating it.

After lunch I got a break time. Wanda and I went outside. She started playing with her red powerball and I played with my green one. We looked at each other. We were thinking the same thing. I lifted my powerball, the she lifted her, they were about to collide and when they did, it kind of exploded. Wanda and I got up to run, then Pietro came and moved us. "Hela!" Loki screamed. "Wanda!" Pietro screamed. "Are you alright?" They both asked. I got up. "Yeah, I am." I said. Wanda got up. "Yeah, I'm fine." Wanda said. "What did you girls do?" Sif asked. "We just collided our powerballs." I told them. "Probably not the best idea." Wanda said. "Just don't do it again. Unless you need to." Pietro said. I think it's cute how he cares so much about his sister. Even though he is only 12 minutes older than her.

When we collided our powerballs, it exploded, but nothing happened outside. Nothing fell or cracked. Maybe it wasn't a death explosion. Maybe if we put it together it could be a force so big it can drive away enemies.

Another experiment to try.

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