The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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13. Chapter 12

"You mean nothing anymore."


Hela's POV

I had been in the corner for 15 minutes, crying, sobbing, thinking. I was lost in thoughts, not good thoughts. I kept thinking in how my best friend could've replaced me and forgotten me. Abandoned me, I thought that maybe it would be better if I transfer to a new school, I was thinking in telling my parents, I wanted to go to another school. A school where I didn't have to see Sierra, Zach, Megan or anyone else ever again. I heard the door open but I ignored it. "Hela? What are you doing?!" Loki said worried.  I looked at him, tears fell out. "They...they don't need me." I said. He looked at me and hugged me. "Hela, who?" He asked me. "My friends, they said they don't need me." I told him. He looked at me in the eyes. He looked around everything was down. "Hela? did you do this?" He asked me, looking around more. "Ye-yes." I said. He looked at me and hugged m more. He held me in his arms, as if I were a baby. "Hela, it's fine." He said. I smiled weakly, but deep inside I knew that it wasn't fine. Nothing was fine.

"Hela, get on the bed." My mother said as she came in. She saw my face. "You need rest, Hela." Sif said to me. I got into the bed and tucked myself in. "Mom, dad." I said to them, they stopped picking up the things I dropped down and sat at each end of the bed. "What is it?" Sif asked me. "I don't want to go back to that school." I told them. They looked at each other. "Alright, honey. We'll find a new school, maybe the one in-" I cut her off. "No mom, I don't want to be here in Midgard anymore." I said slightly screaming. Sif looked at Loki then at me. "Are you sure?" Loki asked me. "Yes, I am. I don't have friends here anymore. There's no reason to be here." I told Loki. He looked at Sif, and they went out the hospital room to talk. Wanda and Pietro came in. "Hela? You're leaving Earth?" Wanda asked me. I turned towards her. "I- may-Yes. I have no friends here. There's no reason to stay here anymore." I said looked at her. "We're not friends?" Pietro looked at me. Wanda looked at him then at me. They seemed upset.

Shit. I didn't mean that. "No, I mean yes. Ugh. Look, I'm sorry I said that. I was wrong, I'm just sad. My friends I knew since I was little, aren't my friends anymore, but you guys, you guys are my friends." I told them. They sat near the bed. "I'm sorry I said that." I told them. Wanda hugged me. "It's okay. I understand." She told me hugging me. Pietro came closer and we had a group hug. After we separated, Loki and Sif came in. "Hela, we decided. That it's fine that you don't come back here." Sif told me. I looked at her. "You shall be homeschooled, until you are sixteen." Loki said as he looked at me. Sif looked at the twins. "If you want, you can come here on the weekends or week days to come see them." Sif said looking at them. I smiled. "Thank you mother, and father." I told them while opening my arms so they can come and give me a hug. "Pietro, we are thankful, also you Wanda we are thankful that you were there, for her." Loki said. Sif nodded.

"Hela, you'll have to go get your books from school on Monday." Sif told me. I nodded. "Alright." I told her. I laid my head down, and rested. I felt weak, it was because the powers in me. After a few hours, I looked out the window, it was dark. "Mom? what time is it?" I asked Sif who was reading a book. "It's 5:am here." She told me. I nodded, she came closer to me. "How was your battle? where were you?" I asked her. "I had to go with Thor. Him and the warriors 3 needed my help. It was just some elves being bad, that was all." Mother said. I know she was hiding something. "Mother, what happened after?" I asked her. "Thor, and I got in a misunderstanding. We argued, he kept saying bad things about your father, saying he was sorry. I got mad that he was messing with my family so I shouted at him and came back. I told him I never wanted to see him or speak to him again." She told me. She looked at the ground. "You did the right thing Mother, you defended your family." I told her. I hugged her and she hugged me back. "Thank you Hela." She said kissing my cheek.


It was Monday morning, I woke up really early. I got changed and left my hair loose, I needed to go to school to get my stuff, hopefully I don't bump into Zach, Megan, and Sierra. I left a note in the house, on the kitchen that said. Gone to school for my stuff. -Hela. I went to the teleportation room and in seconds I was on Earth. I walked to school, I wasn't really in a rush but since I didn't want anyone to see me I ran to the school entry. Once I got there I entered school and went to the principal’s office. "Mrs. Pots, I will not be attending this school anymore. My parents decided to start homeschooling me.” I told her while I took a seat in front of her desk. “Oh, Helaine but you are the most intelligent student at this school. It's a shame that you are leaving." She said opening her dower getting my documents. "Here you go." She said handing me a folder with my documents. "Thank you, Pepper." I told her while getting out. "Ahem." She said playfully. "Mrs. Pots." I said chuckling and leaving the principal’s office.

I walked to my locker. I saw Megan, Zach, and Sierra come this way. I just tried to ignore all of them. They stopped at my locker. Great. "What are you doing here? Didn't you get our texts? We don't need you anymore, you're not important to us." Sierra told me, along with Zach and Megan. I closed my locker with everything in my hand. "I'm just leaving." I told them  walking past them. What did Megan do to them? "Yeah, leave forever looser." Megan told me. I walked out and I started crying. I couldn't let them see it. I got off school grounds, I walked to where the portal entry is, as I was walking I felt a breeze and then I felt a softer breeze. I looked around and saw the twins were in front of me. "Hey guys." I said smiling at them. "Hey Hela." They both said. "Hela? were you crying?" Wanda asked me. "Yeah, it's just those kids I told you about." I told her. She hugged me. I hugged her a little bit. "Where are you going?" Pietro asked me. "I'm going home to the castle." I told them walking around, they looked at each other.

"You guys can come if you want." I told them before entering the portal entry. "We wish, but Rodgers has an assignment for us now." Wanda said. I nodded. "Oh, it's okay. I'll come visit you guys later today or tomorrow." I told them. They smiled and we waved goodbye. I got up and went to the castle. I left the books on the table. "Hey Hela, you're back early." Sif told me. Loki touched my shoulder and I turned blue, again. "Yeah, I guess I am. I had nothing to do, the twins were training and my friends hate me." I told Sif. She chuckled. "You do know you're blue right?" She asked me. Loki smiled. "Yes, I know. Father just touched my shoulder." I told her, I really don't mind being blue with red eyes.

I got a text on my phone. It was Wanda. That's weird I don't remember giving her my number. Maybe Sif gave her it, when I was in the hospital. The text said. 'Come down, we need to talk to you.' I read the text and told my mom. "Mother, I need to go down, the twins need to tell me something." I told her, she smiled and nodded. I got to the teleportation room and in seconds I was down, and I saw the twins in front of me. "Yeah, whats up?" They looked at each other and smiled. "What's going on?" I asked them, they started laughing. "Hang on tight." Pietro said he made me go on his back and he ran really fast. We got to Avengers HQ. "What are we doing here?" I asked him as he let me down. "We have a surprise for you." Wanda told me. "We?" I asked her. She lifted her arms aside of her. Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, and Vision appeared. "What?" I asked I was surprised.

"We're only seven. Seven is an odd number." Wanda said. "We need another member." Steve said looking at everyone else. "Are you guys, asking join the Avengers?!" I was so excited. "Yes, I guess that's what this is." Steve said. I looked at everyone. I started smiling so much. Then I thought my parents. "What about my parents?" I asked them. "Don't worry, Hela." Loki told me. Sif appeared too. "Oh my gosh! Yes! I will." I told them.

I walked up and got in between the twins. "Recruits. Armor up." Steve said looking at all of us. I knew we weren't gonna go to a real crisis. Just training. Everyone got their weapons, or power ready.

"This will be fun." I said. In an evil/mischievous way, putting my hands together making a Powerball.



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