The Frost Giant's Daughter

"Sometimes finding your family, changes your life..."
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12. Chapter 11

"You shouldn't have known."


Hela’s POV

I was at home, and ready to go to school. “Father, when is mom coming home?” I asked Loki, while walking to the teleportation room. “She might be back, in about 5 days.” He told me, I nodded and waved goodbye. I got down, and fell when I landed. I guess I lost my thought about landing. I got up and hoped no one saw it. I walked to school. I thought about yesterday, and what happened and who I met. The twins were amazing and fun to be around. I grabbed my phone and started texting Sierra. While I was texting I got a text from Zach. ‘Hey, so are we back together?’ I rolled my eyes. ‘I’m sorry…no. It still hurt, even if you were controlled.’ I sent back. It hurt me to say that to him. ‘I’m still up to be just friends. If that's what you want.' I sent to him. I waited for a response. I felt bad telling him that, he really did mean everything he said to me. I know he's going to feel bad, and it's going to be my fault. I was walking slower, I mean I always get early I don't have to everyday. I had my hand in my right hand, and my left hand was loose.

I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Zach, it said. 'I don't know Hela...maybe not.' I felt bad...but I knew this would happen. 'I understand Zach. I'm sorry.' I sent to him, I felt sad but I couldn't show it. I shouldn't feel sad he deserves it, maybe I'm just not over him. I got to school and saw I was one minute late. Great. I ran in and sat at my desk. "Helaine, you're late." My chemistry teacher said. She never liked me. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I said looking down. She nodded her head and started giving classes. Once chemistry was over I walked to my locker to get my Math books. Zach came up. "No, Hela I'm sorry for what I did. I know I was controlled but some how I knew what I was doing." He said to my rubbing his neck. I rolled my eyes. "Look Hela, I just don't know if I want to be friends with you...because I'm still not over you." He said.  I looked at his eyes, he was telling the truth. "Zach, I haven't either...but we can't be together." I told him, he nodded his head. I put my hand out. "Friends?" I asked him. "Friends." He replied taking my hand.

I got up to him and hugged him, he hugged me back. We walked to chemistry talking about stuff and more stuff. "Hey Hela, why don't your parents ever come?" He asked me. Shit, why'd he do that, now I have to make up a lie. "Well, they both wrok very early, and they're anti-social with mortals." I said. "Mortals?" He asked. Shit, I said mortals. "No, no I meant people, I was just thinking in a book I read. Sorry." I told him hoping he'll buy it. "Oh, okay." He said, I was relieved. "Can I meet them?" He asked me. "Why?" I asked him. "Because, my mom says I cant be friends with any one until she gets to know their parents." He explained to me. "Oh, okay I'll see what I can do." I said as I walked into math class and sit down. Since I was the smartest, I finished first as always, after I was done, I just sat down and started drawing in my notebook, I opened the window since it was getting hot. When I sat down, and started drawing again, I felt a fast and hard breeze.

I looked out the window and so did many other kids, some kids were asking what it was. When I looked out the window, I saw Pietro. He was smiling and I smiled back. When the bell rang, I got up and collected my things. I got to my locker, and put everything in it. I walked outside and to the back of the school and Wanda and Pietro were there. "Hey guys." I said to them. "Hey." They both said at the same time. I laughed a little. There was a piece of lawn free and we sat down to talk. "So, what did you guys do in Avengers HQ?" I asked them. "Well, this is a secret, but we're part of the new avengers." Wanda told me. I smiled. "Wow, that's amazing." I told him. We started talking a lot, and they got trust in me and I did in them. I felt someone coming but I ignored it, then all of the sudden, I felt a slap on my face. "What the hell Megan!?" I screamed when I saw her there. Pietro and Wanda got up. "You! stole my friends!" She said. "What the hell? what friends do you have?" I asked her, everyone around said 'burn' Megan looked at me and knocked my down to the ground. "They were my secret, not yours." She told me.

"You liar! you used them only so Zach and I can break up and you can go with him!" I told her yelling still pinned on the ground. Everyone else gasped. "Megan? is that true? you told us you guys were together because Zach didn't like her anymore." One of her friends said. "No, no, she's lying." She said. Everyone whispered and said things. I was about to get up and she came again. "I hate you more now, Hela." She said as she left. She left along with her friends everyone looked at me, and left. "Need help?" Pietro asked holing his hand out, I grabbed it and got up. "Thanks." I said. I looked at the time. "Nice seeing you guys again, I got to go." I said while walking, actually I was limping, she hurt my arm. "Bye Hela." Wanda told me. "Bye gu-" Everything went pitch black.

I blinked my eyes. Once my eyes adjusted I looked around, I saw I was in a hospital. Why? I looked to my left side and I saw Loki was there, and Sif. I looked to my right and Wanda and Pietro were there. "What-What happened?" I asked. Wanda got up. "When we were saying goodbye, you passed out. Pietro grabbed you and took you here. As fast as he could." Wanda told me. I nodded. I looked at Pietro. "Thank you." I told him. He nodded his head and smiled. "Dad? how did you know?" I asked him. "Pietro contacted us." Loki said. "Mom?" I asked to see if she was really there. "I'm here Hela." She said hugging me. I hugged her back. "What time is it?" I asked all of them. They looked at each other. "It's 2pm Saturday." Sif told me. "Saturday?!" I asked. "Yes, Hela you were asleep for 3 days." Wanda told me. I nodded my head. "Has anyone else come visit?" I asked Wanda. "No. None has come in. Only us your parents, and doctors." She told me. I nodded. So, not even my best friend came to visit. I grabbed my phone. No texts either. I guess I'm no one now.


Wanda and Pietro left for food and Loki came in. "Why did I pass out?" I asked him. "Well, first it was because that girl took some air out of you, and also because your powers." He said. "My powers?" I asked him. "Yes, your powers are growing stronger. When the grow strong you could pass out or get sick, which in your case you passed out. These 3 days your body has been getting use to your powers." Loki explained to me. I nodded my head. "Oh...okay." I told him. I'm glad, that Pietro and Wanda were there. If not, I wouldn't be here right now. Wanda and Pietro came in. "Guys, thank you for being there for me when I needed it." I said to them they smiled. "You're welcome Hela." Wanda responded. Pietro smiled. I looked around, I felt sad my best friend Sierra wasn't there for me. I checked facebook. I saw her taking pictures with Zach and Megan. One post said. "Here with my best friends and best couple Megan and Zach' Zach was kissing Megan cheek and Megan was hugging Sierra. I threw my phone on the bed. I started crying.

I sobbed quietly, Wanda turned towards me. "Hela?" She came closer and hugged me. I was mad and sad. How could she have done this? Sierra was my best friend. "Hela, what's wrong?" Wanda asked, and so did Pietro. "She betrayed me." I said, they didn't understand. Wanda grabbed my phone and saw the picture. Then she turned towards me. "Oh, Hela, I'm sorry." She said hugging me. I hugged her back. "Let it out, it's okay." Wanda said. Pietro came and put his hand on my shoulder. Then I realized that Wanda was a motherly kind girl, and Pietro cared about people especially his sister. After I cried, they sat down and told me about them, their past, and what has happened with Ultron and the Avengers.

The story was great, I really liked it. I was about to say something, just then I got a text. It read. 'Hey, Hela I'm afraid I have to un-friend you, you're not important to me anymore, I have better friends, and plus you were never there and I always was. Bye. Forever.' I cried and cried. What the hell? I was always there! I got out of the bed and I had a rage for something. I put my hands in a fist and let them go furiously, everything fell down. I got to a corner, and cried.

How could she?

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