The struggles of May


1. A short introduction to Serena

"Serena Angelina you're late!" I mumble out loud. I have been waiting for her almost an hour, declining every ride I have been offered, thinking she would show up every minute now, but of cause she hasn't. Just as she typical does, but today's special, we can't be late.

There are only a few people that hasn't left campus quite yet, but it is a Friday evening, and every student in Parkinson High is hurrying home, eager to start the weekend.

I wait.

The parking lot is now almost empty, there are only seven cars left. I look up, the sky is covered in dark, almost black clouds. It wont take long before the rain will break loose, and the whole city will be showered in a storm of water and thunder. We have to get home right now.

I look around, searching for signs of life, I can't spot anybody. It looks as if I'm alone for the moment. A nagging feeling is starting to burn, if she doesn't show up, I'll have to use the force to locate her, a hard and very exhausting task to do.

We aren't allowed to use our powers, but this is an emergency. If we don't get home soon we will miss the ceremony, and that CAN NOT happen.

I tap at my old clock, looking desperately around after Serena, but she's nowhere to be found.

Alright I'll have to use it, no matter how much I resent to do so. I close my eyes, focusing on finding my inner light, my core. It's very hard, I have only successfully done it once or twice in my life, and that was under guidance and in a training room. To get it right I will need to let go of everything around me.

I start a humming sound to help me focus. The darkness is slowly closing around me, starting as black spots in the corners of my eyes. My whole point of view will soon be pitch black, and I will have no were to escape. I'm more scared than I'll ever admit, I hate this.

My senses intensify in an attempt to drag me out of the trance. I can smell and hear everything on the parking lot. Here stinks of gasoline, cheap perfume and piss, and the bad rap music and the loud moans from the black Opel intensifies. I have to cancel it all out or els... wait a second, moans?

I immediately snap out of the trance, pull my bag up from the cold cement, and start running hectic towards the car Serena is in, the black Opel.

I'm so relieved, but also angry at the same time. I found her and we can get home.

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