Night of the Black Witch

Within an academy of magic, there is an endless battle between two witches. Many who know these witches have decided to participate in this struggle for power. Arianna, a friend of both witches, seeks out the roots of their conflict, hoping to end it once and for all.


4. Chapter 4

~Chapter 4
I gasped for breath as I struggled to find some way out of Harry's tenacious grasp. His arms were glued onto me, the boy refused to budge for anything. Nothing was working and I was running out of air. Just what did this guy want from me? Why was he trying to force me to escape? It wasn't fair. I hadn't even gotten the chance to clear things up with Luna yet and all I wanted was to see her side of things, "Are you insane?" I spat, still kicking in attempt to gain release from his hold.
"Insane? I'm trying to get you outta here! Don't you wanna go back to Angelina's side?" He growled, fighting back, "The only reason I'm even on this stupid team is because I thought you'd be here."
Now what was he going on about? My frustration was at its peak, if he didn't release me I would probably end up knocking the kid out. He still had that same look on his face, like he was so sure of himself. It bothered me to no end. How can one person have so much pride? "Where did you get the idea that I didn't stay here out of my own will, huh?" I stopped struggling for a moment and just stared at him, trying to understand why the boy wouldn't just let me go already, "Can't you just let me get ready for the ball, please?" I started to feel so worn out... I just wanted to be able to talk to Luna. That was all I wanted. This was probably my only chance and I wouldn't allow a cocky third year to ruin that. Sure, I found Harry to be possibly more infuriating than anyone else on the planet, but at the same time I knew that he cared about me somehow, and since he cared about me, he let me go. Maybe he didn't understand, but he still listened and did what was right, which I had to be grateful for.
"Sorry... I guess I misunderstood, kind of." He wiped a bit of sweat off of his forehead, clearly feeling awkward. Part of me couldn't help but feel sorry for him, but that still didn't mean I liked him. Something about him made me feel uncomfortable. That something wouldn't go away.
"Yeah, show me where I need to go," I goaded.
Footsteps echoed through the halls. Click, click, click. They continued on for a long time, growing in unison with the fear on Harry's face. Just what was he so scared of? Harry was a fairly buff guy, so for him to be fearful was a rare sight to see. As the clicking ended, Harry suddenly raised his arm up into a perfect salute. He looked just like a soldier from my angle, where I was standing. From all of these clues, I could tell just who was standing behind me, in all her glory. The Black Witch herself. The moment I turned around, I got the full picture. Her face was neutral, she didn't look to be experiencing any sort of emotion. Possibly boredom, but that was it. For a moment we all just stood there, unsure of what to do, until the Witch spoke, "Why aren't you bowing?" Silence enveloped the hallway, even more so than before. Was she speaking to me? I couldn't tell, her face was so expressionless that I couldn't even tell if she was angry or not. I was scared, terrified. Her voice resounded once more, "We are not yet at the level of trust where you can walz over to me without bowing respectfully." Her face was so stiff, I had to do something, but bowing? That seemed ridiculous. Why would I bow to someone who was, and still is, my best friend? It's unnatural. So instead, I did something stupid. Something that nobody in their right mind would have done in such a situation. What I was thinking, I have no idea, but I must have been insane. I ran straight up to Luna, the Black Witch of Shady Pine Academy, and hugged her.
Never in my life have I been more scared than I was at that moment. Luna was just sitting there, speechless and motionless as I wrapped my arms around her. Not a word came out of Harry's shivering lips. He was just as terrified as I was.
However, something that no one had expected occured, throwing my fears out the window. Luna robotically and slowly began to return it. She hugged me back. I looked up at her, so shocked and so surprised that I couldn't even speak. She was silent as well, looking down at the ground emotionlessly. Her bangs were covering her eyes and I couldn't tell just what kind of feelings lurked within those mysterious orbs. Her arms slowly lowered from my waist, and I quickly let her go. Fear of her wrath filled me once again, but sunk away as soon as my former roommate turned around and began to head in the other direction like nothing had ever happened, "Don't forget about the ball. You're my partner, after all," she said.
No, of course I wouldn't forget. How could I? My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't even think straight. Why hadn't Luna hit me? Why hadn't she yelled at me or cursed me? Of all things, why did she hug me back? I didn't understand it, I couldn't. None of it made any sense at all. Luna should hate me, shouldn't she? Harry's iron grip tore me away from my own train of thought, pain seared through my arm, "Hey! What are you-?"
"You heard her," he muttered, "go get ready." Releasing his grip, the boy practically tossed me towards the nearest classroom. One that I supposed must have been where I would be preparing. I narrowed my eyes at Harry, puzzled on why he was being so aggressive. I did my best to ignore it and just go inside. Obviously Harry was just stressed out. He probably hadn't meant to forceful.
Upon opening the classroom door, I was greeted with the smell of a lovely perfume. One that I could have sworn I'd smelled many times before, but I couldn't put my finger on when and where. The room was an ocean of the darkness. Black dresses, black jewelery. Everything in sight was black. There was even some kind of screamo song coming from someone's cell phone. Piles and piles of expensive gothic clothing was strewn from desk to desk. Not a surface in sight was cleared. I could even spot some armor and weaponry from where I was looking, and when I took a closer look, I noted that there were a few students working on different projects. Some were sewing, others were using magic to create. Everyone looked like they were working hard. I even saw a few people that looked like they were making decorations for the ball, but I couldn't be sure because of my distance.
"Aaaand how can The Rugged Rat help you today?" My view of the scene was somehow quickly disrupted by a tiny young lady with huge amount of piercings. If I claimed I'd ever seen a girl more punk than this one, I'd be the biggest liar that ever lived. From snake bites to pink and black hair, she had it all. The only thing that was missing was a tattoo, which I later noticed was located on the backside of her arm.
"The Rugged Rat...?" I questioned, frowning a bit at the unpleasant title.
She chuckled, looking a little embarassed, "Y-Yeah, well, the name's a little weird but pleae disregard th-"
"She named it after the mouse she found sniveling in the corner over there." Some guy working on decorations pointed his finger to the side of the room, where the teacher's desk would normally be located. The girl in front of me tensed up, looking fearful that I would leave. She shot an angry glare at the boy further in the room. He just shrugged.
"Ahahahaha, a-anyway, how can we help you today?" She resumed her normal expression and I couldn't help but chuckle a little.
"Well... I'm going to the ball tonight. I was told to go here for that." I stammered, a little nervous for some reason.
"Of course, of course, the ball. Right. Ya going with friends, or a date, or what?" The curious girl asked, starting to search through the endless piles of black garments. I wasn't sure if I should make something up or tell her the truth. She must not have been present when the fight broke out between some of Luna's fighters and Angelina's team.
"I, uh, I'm going with a friend," I replied. I wasn't really lying, so it wasn't a big deal, right?
The punk girl looked like she was evaluating me for a minute, but ultimately went back to poking through the pile of clothing in front of her, "So nothing too fancy then," she noted to herself. I panicked for a moment, Luna would probably want me looking just the opposite of that. In fact, she was probably expecting me to look as fancy as possible for such an event. She seemed to notice how fretful I was and said in a calm tone, "Dontcha worry, The Rugged Rat's gotcha covered!"

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