Night of the Black Witch

Within an academy of magic, there is an endless battle between two witches. Many who know these witches have decided to participate in this struggle for power. Arianna, a friend of both witches, seeks out the roots of their conflict, hoping to end it once and for all.


3. Chapter 3

Night of the Black Witch Chapter 3
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I awoke to the face of Roman and the sound of festive music. My eyes settled on the small, cheap desk chair I had unfortunately been sleeping in. Discomfort filled my body. 

"You'll be dancing with the fair Queen soon." Roman's words somehow broke through the singing behind us. I ignored him and chose to focus on the unique sound I was hearing. Instantly I recognized the expertise of the school's choir that I had always enjoyed listening to. However, their sound was different. It was more connected, harmonious. They sounded like true professionals. I was speechless. What was it that made their song so refreshing compared to before? I glanced over at Roman for a moment. The boy seemed to be watching them from behind me. I now realized where I was, the choir conductor's office. The grand choir hall was behind me, in all its glory. Once upon a time, I'd dreamed of joining the amazing choir that the Academy had. Sadly, I was never much of a vocalist. My abilities would never lead me to become a part of the beautiful melodies created in such a musical workshop. Roman was watching them as if they were his brood of young. I decided to approach the open office door myself and watch their performance. As soon as I turned around, I realized exactly what was so different about the singing group, and exactly why they were so enhanced.

"Why is Luna directing the choir?" I asked Roman, puzzled. I knew that she was a dedicated choir member, but she never seemed like a conductor to me.

"Your lady is very good with music," Roman's short reply left me with little explanation... and why did he refer to her as "my lady"? I decided to disregard it, and figured that Luna was simply filling in the role for the real instructor since there was probably nobody else capable of doing it. Her musical talent had always been strong, I knew that much. For a while, Roman and I just watched Luna as she continued to pace around the singers, vigorously swinging her arms from time to time. The choir had a wonderful tune under her instruction. Occasionally the singing would pause while the Black Witch gave a few words of advice.

There were a couple of key differences I noticed between the way the real instructor taught and the way Luna did; Luna took the time to reach out to each individual singer and point out what they were doing right and wrong, while from what I had heard, the actual instructor only spoke to the entire choir, or different sections. Also, Luna seemed a lot more passionate about what she was doing. The old instructor was a very stiff woman who hardly showed any emotion. Part of the reason why I never joined choir was because of my fear of her. Luna was a more fitting teacher, no matter how you looked at it. She looked just like a pro. At some point I realized I was staring and immediately stopped myself. If Luna noticed she would certainly become irritated with me again. I wasn't sure what, exactly, I was to do about this "ball" that would undoubtedly be occurring soon... but I knew that if there was anything I wanted out of it, I wanted to gain Luna's trust again. 

"You wanna talk to her?" Roman shot me a strange look, probably wondering why I was so spaced out. 
"I probably shouldn't until the ball," I replied, "she's probably still angry with me. I wouldn't even know what to say." 
"She's not mad at you." Roman shook his head slightly, shifting to face me, "Trust me. This war has nothing to do with you. Even if you didn't exist, it would still be going on just as it is now, so don't get all worked up over it. It isn't your fault." 

Confused, I took a step away from the door. None of it was my fault? How was that possible? When I thought about it, Luna and Angelina had both been at the academy a year longer than I had, so there must have been a lot I'd missed between them. I was somewhat relieved that it wasn't my fault, but at the same time, obviously that didn't solve the entire problem. At least maybe it would be easier for me to convince Luna that I could still be on her side; I could still be her friend. 

"You ok?" Roman's concerned face broke me out of my entranced state. I nodded slowly in response. Still, I didn't think it was right for me to talk to her just yet. I needed to come up with something proper to say first. Maybe I would just wait for her to approach me first.

"I'm just going it wait a bit. When's the ball?"

"Whenever everything's ready. Jenny's in charge of that so I don't really know when that'll be."
"Jenny?" I didn't recognize that name. I didn't think Luna knew anyone named Jenny.

"You know... Jenny. The sporty one." Roman's description didn't ring any bells. Nothing like that sounded familiar to me, "You'll probably remember her if you see her," He shrugged, waving me off with a hand, "You gotta go get ready. Can't be seeing your Black Witch dressed like a peasant," he mimicked Luna's voice with the last few words of his sentence, "Go on." Roman pointed at the small office door, where a figure had appeared. It was someone who I'd never expected to see, Harry James... and the boy was not happy to see me.

"Arianna? What...?" He searched for whatever words would come to him and I did the same. This was a boy that I'd known since my first day at the academy, and he was a strange one. Harry had been all over me since day one until I finally snapped at him. The boy wasn't exactly creepy... but he was pretty close in my opinion. Ok, maybe I was exaggerating. I personally was just bothered by him, but everyone else seemed to think of him as an alright guy. He had a large group of friends. Maybe it was just me, but I was never very fond of Harry, "It was you that the Black Witch picked...." He cringed at his own words. 

"What," I teased, "You wanted to take me to the ball?" I snickered at the thought. Harry glared at me, frustrated. 
"I didn't even know you were here, Arianna."

"I didn't know you were here," I said back. It was true, and seeing him on the side of Luna was a great surprise to me. I'd never thought he'd had any sort of relationship with her.

"Only reason I'm here is because I know the truth about Oliver, and the truth is that Luna didn't do it. I'm always on the side of the innocent, now let's get you ready." The truth? I didn't have time to ask any questions, Harry was dragging me out of the small hallway, past the choir room, and out into the main hall. He had a determined look on his face. If I could have, I would have paid any amount of cash to wipe that annoying expression off of his smug face, "You know the plan, right?"


"We're going to break you out of here, Arianna."

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