Night of the Black Witch

Within an academy of magic, there is an endless battle between two witches. Many who know these witches have decided to participate in this struggle for power. Arianna, a friend of both witches, seeks out the roots of their conflict, hoping to end it once and for all.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter One.


“This night is pure.” She whispered to me, her dark eyes closing only halfway. “This night… it should not end, Arianna. Make it so that it does not end.”

“Luna....” Confused, I glanced up at her. The moonlight caused her figure to illuminate above the darkness.

“If this night ends, you will leave and I will be alone. Isn’t that right, Arianna?” Her voice quivered with every word she spoke so softly. I wanted to comfort her, to tell her that she didn’t need to cry anymore. I was just so confused.

I placed my hand upon her shoulder, giving her a sentimental look, “Why… why are you upset? Please, I need to know. No more avoiding it. I need to know what’s going on here, Luna.” I paused, truly worried. I wanted her to feel better. “You’re… you’ve been using magic somehow, haven’t you?”

Her eyes narrowed at me, and her face twisted angrily. “It was that moron that told you, wasn’t it?!” Her voice escalated in volume, but continued to waver ever so slightly. It was almost unnoticeable, she was trying to hide it. She didn’t want to cry in front of me, I could tell. “Angelina, right!?~” A huge grin decorated her porcelain face, but a painful one. Not a happy grin.

“A-Angelina…?” I stuttered, trying to put the pieces together in my head. The truth was coming out before me and it was like a small realization appeared. She must have been jealous. I remember her telling me before that she had been jealous of the other girl. Angelina had been talking to me more than usual and I guess I had been leaving Luna out. I felt bad, so I tried not to do it anymore, but I suppose somewhere along the line, I’d unintentionally started again. It’s hard for Luna to make friends sometimes unless she knows she’ll automatically click with the person. She’s very shy and doesn’t talk much with unfamiliar people. Still, that definitely couldn’t have been the full reason for what she was doing. It was something much deeper than that, “Angelina is always kind to you. What has she done wrong? Don’t punish her for this, please…. It’s my fault. I haven’t been considerate enough of your feelings.”

“Tch. You haven’t done the slightest thing wrong.” She replied nonchalantly, but her tone eventually grew in emotion. “Don’t you remember, Arianna? How she left me in the dust and tried to lure you in instead? That fool deserves punishment for everything she’s done to me. The false hope she gave me. The hate she showed me!” She threw her arms out angrily, causing her black lace dress to shift vigorously with the new position of  her body. She must have seen the confusion in my eyes, her gaze seemed to lift its irate look and replace it with disappointment… sadness that I didn’t seem to remember what she was saying. And I didn’t. I had no idea, and I never remembered her telling me anything negative about Angelina. Nothing positive either, but definitely not anything terrible like what she was saying now. Angelina would never do anything like that to anyone, let alone Luna. She was good-natured. She may have been different than Luna, but she didn’t hate her. Angelina seemed to like her, in fact. Was Luna just making things up out of jealousy? No, that couldn’t be it. Luna was my best friend, I knew that she wouldn’t do something like that to someone. “I wouldn’t expect you to get it. You’re too attached to her, right? I get it now.” She spoke again, her words like pure poison to my ears.

“No! You’re my best friend. Angelina and I are good friends, but I’m nowhere near as close to her as I am to you. I promise.” I offered her my hand, hoping, praying that she would take it and that we could just go back to our dorm. She only looked away in disbelief.

“If you really felt that way you would believe me. I bet you trusted her straight away when she told you I cursed Oliver so that he could no longer speak.” She turned back to me, and the only visible part of her was hurt. She was hurt. “Do you really think I would do that to him…?” She didn’t allow me to answer, but I would have said no. I didn’t believe her. I know that Angelina was just acting hysterically. She wasn’t thinking clearly, and she simply chose a culprit for no obvious reason. I never thought Luna would do such a thing to Oliver. “You were right about one thing, I am a magic user.” Her gaze plunged through me, “I am the Black Witch, Arianna.”

My eyes widened, distressed by this statement. Luna? My best friend, the Black Witch? It didn’t match up. It couldn’t. The Black Witch was a legend that had circulated around the Shady Pine Academy for about three years, I’ve heard. It told of a most powerful and promising student in the magical field that wandered the campus at nighttime, seemingly without purpose. When I had first heard the rumor, I stayed up all night waiting for her to come, hoping that she would be able to give me the ability to do magic as well… but she never showed up. I figured I was just too gullible, but I did it again. More than anything, I wanted to be like the gifted students at the academy who held the potent ability to use magic and go to the fancy magic classes we had at Shady Pine. Again, she didn’t come. Luna… was her? The legendary witch? The one that came out every night and was said to cast spells and grant wishes? It seemed impossible… but there was no doubt that I believed it. Why? Luna was convincing. I could see the truth in her eyes. She wasn’t joking or lying. Her words rang true and it all made sense. With her lace-filled pitch black dress, she was the spitting image of the Black Witch “You… you are, aren’t you?”

She nodded to me, a small smile on her face. “I am.” Luna was quickly turning more like herself again. Not the angry girl I had just seen a moment ago. She was speaking like she always does. “Yeah… I’m the Black Witch.” Was she tearing up? I reached out to hug her, like I always did when she was upset. But she pulled away, anger forming back into her features faster than a rocket. “No! I have nothing to do with you anymore!” She shouted, enraged. “You wanna screw with my emotions? Go ahead! Just be warned, Arianna Bradley, I won’t just sit there and take it anymore. I’m different now, changed. You and that cursed Angelina can have fun, but know your time runs short, for I won’t hesitate to end her soon enough. How about we play a game, Bradley?”

I stood there in shock, my eyebrows pointing upwards in a complete state of confusion. A game? She wants to play a game? She sits there basically saying she’ll murder Angelina, and now she wants to play a game? What game could she possibly want to play…?

“What do you say?” She towered over me, frowning.

I cringed, suddenly filled with a myriad of different emotions. Why… why was she acting like this? “Fine.” I reply.

“Great,” She began, her expression betraying her chirpy tone. “I like playing games, Arianna. Especially games where I win something.” Her eyes were glued on mine, viciously boring into them. Her voice, soothing yet sharp. Painful, almost, “I propose we have a battle. No, a war. A grand war between myself and Angelina. Something like this is loooong overdue.” She circled around me as she spoke.

“And what, exactly, will this war decide?” I questioned.

“Oh, lots of things. Anything, really. Who is a more capable sorceress… who is more fit to be at this Academy… we could fight for control over the Academy… the fact is, we cannot both reside at the same school anymore. This charade has been going on for much too long.”

“Charade… what—?”

“It isn’t something you would know about. Anyway, that is not the point. I want her gone, out of here, away. A war within the Academy is the perfect way to do just that. I have already done away with the instructors and such, so now is the time. It’s perfect, a war is exciting enough to entertain me, and finally I will be rid of her! That pest will leave me be! Ahahahaha!”

This was crazy. Insane. Beyond insane, even. Psychotic. Yet, I would end up being a part of this, just as many from the Academy would. Anyone who knew any of us; Luna, Angelina, or me, would take part in this “grand war” Luna waged upon us all. This was only the beginning of it. Soon enough, the news of this declaration was brought to the ears of Angelina. To my surprise, she actually accepted and agreed to play the Black Witch’s “game”.

The instructors really did end up being… well nowhere to be found. I know that Luna would never kill anyone like that, most likely she had just played a disappearing act with them. But it wasn’t just the instructors that were toyed with… that night never did end once the war had begun. I assumed she must have been using some kind of magic to keep the moon risen. She’d always fancied the nighttime over the shimmering sunlight of daytime.

Everyone that knew any of us was here at the Academy. The rest of the students seemed to have been “done away with” as well. They have all been choosing a side, Angelina’s or Luna’s. I decided that I would not be picking, I wished to remain solitary. Only because I thought it ridiculous and that those two should just get along instead of playing war games. It seemed like they really were planning to do battle, too. They each had established their own hideouts and territories. Angelina’s side had even been planning attacks. I had not been to Luna’s side since I am not a welcome guest. Angelina’s group’s territory was the area and dorms outside of the school building and Luna’s was the inside of the school building. I just stayed in my dorm mostly. Occasionally I am allowed inside of the school, but not too often, since everyone on Luna’s side seems to distrust me.

I haven’t spoken to Luna since the beginning of this war, and that upsets me. More than anything, I want to talk to her and make her feel less alone. I understand… why she’s doing all of this. Luna’s family is beyond unkind to her, and many at the Academy have bullied her in the past. Fate has been cruel to her. I want her to know that I’m here, but she won’t let me in.

I had considered joining Angelina’s group, but only for Luna’s sake. Only to help her out of her predicament. I ultimately decided against it. It would only cause more distrust from Luna.

I worried for Angelina. She isn’t very skilled in magic, like the Black Witch is. She can do the basics, but nothing above that. She is still learning. I fear she will lose unless her teammates can match up to Luna’s.

As I thought about this, I sat quietly, silently in my dorm. Luna hadn’t been with me there since the war began. She still hadn’t spoken to me, either. I suppose that all of the things she had been dealing with drove her to the breaking point, and now this. I knew that her jealousy over Angelina wasn’t the only issue, there were many others she was coping with as well, I just wasn’t completely sure what those other problems were. They all collapsed on her, and she snapped. Could that be why she became the Black Witch? Was it an escape from being herself, facing her problems? Something of a secondary life to get away from her primary one? At some point while thinking this over, I ended up falling into a deep sleep.


Chapter End.

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