The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


8. Surprises


I got up behind the rock still wide eyed and ran up to him, he saw us and ran up to us dodging all the rocks in his way. He engulfed us with a hug and and twirled us around.

"OMG I can't believe it's you." Bella squealed in our ears not caring if she burst our ear drums. We are so happy to see him again, his name is Matt and he is Stans brother but he isn't an asshole like Stan he is way nicer. He doesn't know what Stan does to Charlie but Matt was one of our best friends from the UK. He would always stand up for us when ever Kara and her gang would bully us.

"What are you guys doing here?" Matt asked putting us down carefully.

"We could ask you the same thing." I replied holding my hand up to my eyes because we were facing the sun and it was really hot today.

"Well me and Stan came here for a holiday, it's such a coincidence that your here at the same time." Matt rubbed his chin and pulled his shirt down.

"Oh my god that's why Stan is here." Bella gasped, she knows about the whole Stan thing because I told her what happened to Charlie straight after my Skype call with her. She was so pissed and said she wanted to beat him up.

"We are here because we were visiting Charlie, that reminds me Charlie might have finished her photo shoot." I pointed down on the beach to where Charlie was standing. "Matt do you wanna come and see her before we go surfing and all that."

"Actually I would love to but I have to meet up with Stan...he should be here in about 5 minutes. You can stay around and say hello to him if you want." Matt looked at his watch when he was looking for the time, I really don't want to see Stan and if we do I will need some help holding Bella back.

"Ah no thanks, but I guess I'll see you around." Bella pointed to him while were walking down the rocks.

"Okay bye see you later." Matt waved and turned back to look at the view.

"OMG we have to get Charlie out of here before Stan rocks up." Bella whispered so Matt couldn't hear us.

"Yeh let's go and warn her." We both ran onto the beach and up to Charlie not caring if the sand was burning our feet. We got up to Charlie and we put our hands on her shoulders to catch our breath.

"We gotta leave now!" Bella said in between gaps of her breathing.

"What why?" Charlie asked confused but a little worried.

" 5 minutes." I said already pushing her to our stuff.

"What how do you know?" She said while we were grabbing all our things and heading off to the car.

"We will tell you in the car, but we've gotta leave now before he sees you!" Bella said putting our surf boards into the car, Charlie got in the drivers seat and I got in the passengers seat leaving Bella in the back.


How did they know Stan was coming? Who told them... Any way back to reality I was driving back home while the girls were babbling on about something. "So guys what were you going to tell me when we got in the car?"

"Well..." Bella started off.

"We saw..." Mia started off again so I could get annoyed.

"MATT!!!" Bella shouted with her arms in the air.

"OMG really where and why is he in Australia?" I asked in non-belief.

"He was over on the rocks and we thought he looked familiar so we went over there and waited for him to turn around, when he turned around Mia dropped her ice cream which was pretty funny. Hahahaha and we exchanged greetings and all that." Bella explained.

"But when we asked why he was in Australia he said he was on a vacation with Stan, so that's why Stan is here. But he then asked us if we wanted to stay with him to say hello to Stan because he was coming in 5 minutes, but of course we said no and came to warn you about Stan coming." Mia motioned her hands to the beach that was now getting smaller from me driving away.

"Okay thanks guys and maybe we can do something fun when we get home." I put the radio on and 'Teenagers' by My Chemical Romance came on. The whole ride home we were singing and dancing in our seats.


We were outside in the pool messing around and talking, I don't know if I should tell them what I heard from the boys conversation a few days ago. Maybe I should I can see what the girls say about it.

"Guess what." I said swimming over to the steps.

"What." Bella and Mia said at they same time following me to the steps.

"I have a few secrets, but you can't tell anyone." I pointed to them.

"Okay." Mia answered nodding her head for me to go on.

"Spill it." Bella motioned her hands from her mouth to the pool.

"Okay, okay...well before you guys came we were having movie night (Calum, Michael, Ashton and Luke) and I was in the kitchen after chasing Ashton into the pool. I was listening to their conversation without anyone knowing, and I heard Calum say he likes you Mia." I pointed to her smiling, "And that Ashton...likes me."

"Hahahaha looks like there's going to be some couples." Bella laughed.

"Hahaha but I was wondering if you Mia, liked Calum." I pointed to her and a sudden of blush came over her.

"Uh m-ay-be, but you can't tell anyone." She glared at Bella and I before clapping, "But Ashton likes you, do you like him?"

"I'm not going to say and you can't get it out of me." I crossed my arms and stuck my tongue out at them. They looked at each other and smiled then looked back at me and started to tickle me, I tried getting out of the pool but I kept on laughing too much. I heard the door open and shut but I didn't even bother turning to look at the door, Mia and Bella wouldn't stop tickling me until...

"I'm backkkkkk!" Luke yelled I looked at him upside down, he had his arms wide open expecting a hug.

"Oh hellooo, where were you anyway." I said still recovering from my laughing fit.

"I was at Michaels, all there boys are still there I just came to see if you were home yet. I'm staying there for the night." Luke explained already heading back inside.

"Wait, wait, waittttt hold up there Lukey." I pointed to him then the floor next to me, he halted and stood at the spot I was pointing to.

"What do you want?" He looked at me weirdly.

"Well weren't you going to invite someone..." I swirled my hand around all 3 of us girls, "Too Mikeys." I did my famous puppy dog eyes.

"Charlie, Mia and Bella do you want to come and sleep over Michaels too?" He sighed looking at us.

"Well yes thank you Lukey for offering." I giggled with Mia and Bella.

"You just have to wait for us to pack and everything." Bella pointed to the second story window joining onto our rooms.

"Okay but hurry up we were playing FIFA on the play station and my shot was up next." he grunted. We nodded and went into our rooms with a towel wrapped around each of us. I walked into my room and changed into my blue crop top and black shorts that were ripped at the ends, I grabbed my light blue bag and started filling it with clothes, shoes, essentials a soccer ball and stuff I probably wouldn't even use. I quickly blow dried my hair, brushed it and let it out, I then put my blue converses on and put my phone and keys in my pocket. I grabbed my bag and walked out of my room to be greeted with Mia and Bella waiting, Mia was wearing her 'allergic 2 mornings' shirt with her denim black shorts and black converses. Bella was wearing her denim ripped skinny jeans with her batman shirt and black converses. We all met up with Luke at his car and put our bags at the back of his car while he was locking the house, I sat in the front with Luke as he was driving and Mia and Bella went in the back.

****Michaels house****

We were entering Michaels house and I heard the boys shouting at the t.v, I saw Michaels mum come around the corner with pizza. "Hello you must be Mrs Clifford." I shook her hand.

"Yes but just call Karen, and you must be his friends I'm guessing." She answered back.

"Yes I'm Charlie, this is Bella and Mia." I pointed to Mia and Bella, "I'm also Luke's sister if he hasn't said anything about me."

"Oh really your Luke's sister and nice to meet you." Karen shook Bella and Mia's hands.

"It was lovely to meet you too." Mia and Bella said while we were walking off into their under stairs living room. As we walked in all I could hear was shouts about how much the other person sucked at this game, Mia, Bella and I put our bags on the floor close to the wall and walked over to the t.v where everyone else was.

"HEY GUYS!" I yelled over all the noise, the boys looked around and saw us.

"Oh hey didn't expect Luke to bring you guys." Michael pointed to Luke.

"I had to Charlie made me do it." Luke pointed back to me as I stepped back behind Bella and Mia.

"No Luke invited us didn't he Bella." Mia replied looking over to Bella.

"Yeah I think I remember his exact wor..." Bella got cut off by Luke's hand over her mouth.

"Yeah okay whatever." Luke admitted and smiled at what we done, he took his hand off Bella's mouth and I got out from behind Mia and Bella. I was watching the boys play the rest of their game until I had an idea.

"Hey how about instead of playing soccer on the t.v we go play soccer outside." I grabbed my soccer ball out of my bag and twirled it on my finger.

"YES SOCCER!" Calum yelled already running up stairs, Michael turned off his game and Luke chased after Calum. Ashton walked next to me as we were getting out of the door, we were outside and had made up all the positions to be on. Luke was referee, Ashton and Calum were forwards while Michael stayed back in defence/goalie as there wasn't many people to have on each team. Mia and I were also forwards and Bella was defence/goalie, we are going to swap positions around later on in the game. I gave my soccer ball to Luke because we were going to start the game off differently.

"READY?" Luke asked holding the ball up.

"YES!" We all yelled, Luke threw the ball up in the air and we all went to go get it. Through out the game we were tackling each other or falling to the ground, Luke would just be standing there laughing not caring if it was a foul or not.

Mia got the ball off of Ashton and dribbled it around Calum she almost tripped over Michael but she passed the ball to me because I was close to the goals, I was about to kick a goal until I felt contact with my back. I turned around and found a giggling Ashton almost hitting my head from laughing, he was lying on top of me and all the boys were either laughing or celebrating at our loss. I started to laugh as well from his contagious laugh and got red from not being able to breath properly.

"Ashtonnnn I could of got a goal, but noooo you had to push me over." I exaggerated and pretended to be angry while trying to hold in my laughter.

"I'm sorry but I just couldn't have girls winning against boys." he said in a kiddy voice while making puppy dog eyes, I looked into his eyes and our eyes locked it felt like there was no one else around us.

"ASHTON WOOOOO YOU SAVED US FROM LOSING!" Michael ran up behind Ashton and pulled him off of me, Michael put him over his shoulder struggling from all his weight. I just giggled and watched his reaction, as he blushed and celebrated with the rest of the boys. I went up to Bella and Mia and we just shrugged it off knowing we would get them back one day.

For the rest of the day we were talking about ourselves to get to know each other more and we talked about the things we loved. It was now 9:30 and we all decided to make pizza because Michael couldn't be bothered ringing the pizza place or even getting his phone. We all went into the kitchen and the boys got the ingredients out for us girls because we had no idea where everything was, I started to make the dough for the pizza base so we could make the whole pizza from scratch, but everyone went back into the living room besides Ashton. I got him to open the flour bag while I put the milk in the bowl, I was about to put the rest of the ingredients in the bowl until I saw white fluffy stuff falling down my face. I turned around and saw Ashton smiling with a flour bag in his hand upside down, I quickly grabbed the bag and chased him around the kitchen table to put it on him. I almost got him but I fell over from an egg on the floor, how did that get there? I looked up to the kitchen counter and everything was everywhere all the eggs were below me or around me and the ingredients were all over the kitchen.

"Wow Ashton we totally did not do this." I said pointing to each mess, he gasped and his eyes were wide.

"Nope we did nothing." He smirked and looked around, Ashton was looking the opposite way to me so I ran up to him and threw the rest of the flour on his head. He jumped and turned around to me flicking his air in my face so all of it would get on me.

"Thanks for sharing Ashton." I coughed a bit of flour out and started to have a laughing fit realising what we just did.

"Maybe we should just get cleaned up so Michael wouldn't suspect it was us." Ashton suggested stretching his arms over his head. I must say his muscles are big...I snapped out of my daydream from Ashton's giggle.

"Yeh I agree." We both ran out of the kitchen, and I grabbed my bag going into the bathroom. I had a quick shower and put my black crop top on with my baggy sweat pants, I put my hair into a pony tail and put my bag back outside with everyone else's bags. I made my way to the living room and told Michael I was going to order pizza instead, I decided on ordering a Meat lovers and Hawaiian because they are both of my favourites and everyone else agreed. Michael still hadn't noticed the kitchen was messy but when ever Ashton and I would look at each other we would start laughing, and everyone would be wondering what we were laughing about.

****A few minutes had passed****

We all had our pizzas and I was waiting for Michael to yell at his sight because he went into the kitchen for some drinks. I wonder if he'll know it was u...

"AAAAHHHH WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?" Michael came rushing out with flour on his face, I couldn't hold in my laughter so I fell to the floor holding my stomach from the pain of laughing. Soon enough Ashton joined me and everyone crowded around us. "What did you guys do?" Michael raised his eyebrows.

"He started it." I pointed to Ashton between gaps of laughter.

"Noooo she did it." Ashton hiccuped pointing to me, Michael was about to tell us to clean it up until Karen came in.

"Uh I didn't do it." Michael looked at us.

"Don't worry about it I'll clean it up, you guys just have a good time." Karen answered back looking at Ashton and I.

"Thank you Karen." I said finally standing up holding onto Bella's shoulder. For the rest of the night we would be having laughing fits about something someone said or we would be watching parts of a movie because we wouldn't be paying attention. I soon fell into a deep sleep on the couch while everyone was still awake around me.

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