The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


11. Popcorn

Charlies POV

I was having a really good dream until someone tickled my face so I moved my head to the other side. Again I feel someone tickle me, "Stop." I grumble half asleep, then I hear a giggle. Oh no, I know who that is, what is he doing here and how did he get in?

Oh right Mia and Bella are over so one of them would of opened the door, unless Luke gave him his key.

"Wakey, wakey." Ashton tickles my cheek again so I slap his hand away.

"Noooo, I need sleep." I mumbled covering my face with my blanket apart from my eyes. Next minute it goes quite and then a flash goes off. "Please don't tell me you took a photo, I look horrible in the morning."

"No you don't you look cu...fine." Was he just about to say cute?

"You didn't answer me." I try and avoid what he said and slightly open one of my eyes to find Ashton staring at me, he doesn't realise I can see him and he keeps on staring. I open both of my eyes and look at the structure of his face, aahh that jaw line and his dimples when he smiles. His eyes omg don't get me started on them, and his cute fluffy hair awwww...wait am I staring at him? Has he realised? Soon our eyes lock and we stare into each other's eyes, he slightly smiles and I blush but before I could say anything Bella and Mia come barging in with food. I think they realised they interrupted something but they just put the food on the floor not caring.

"So what's up?" Bella asks eating a waffle.

"The sky." Mia giggles digging into the food.

"Wow you guys, so when's your date tonight Mia?" I ask sitting up and taking a waffle for myself, soon after Ashton starts to eat most of the food.

"Wait you have a date...who with?" Ashton asks raising his eyebrow.

"Hasn't Calum told you guys?" I ask wiping my mouth to get the maple syrup off.

"What no he might of told the others this morning because I left early but...wait, are you going on a date with Calum?" Ashton points to Mia.

"Yeah he asked me yesturday when he gave me Tony." Mia replies blushing while taking out her phone.

"Sooo, you never answered my question..." I say motioning my hands to Mia and her phone.

"She is going at 6." Bella replies for her.

"What's the time now?" I ask standing up out of my bed/floor mattress.

"Its 9." Bella replies turning her phone on to check her instagram and all her other social media accounts.

"Well what should we do today?" I ask walking over to the others.

"How about we go to the movies?" Ashton asks basically licking the plate.

"Yesss I want to go and watch that movie Unfriended." Bella says standing up.

"Are the other boys doing anything or are they busy?" I ask Ashton.

"I think Michael's free but the others aren't. I will call him to see if he wants to come." Ashton says already ringing Michael.

"Okay well I'm going to go get ready." I say going into my room, I have a quick shower and brush my teeth, I put my black ripped skinny jeans on with my blue crop top underneath my grey patterned shirt that is low on both sides ((if you know what I mean)). I dry my hair and curl it slightly then put a little bit of foundation and eyeliner on, I put my black converses on and grab my phone,keys and money (that I keep in the back of my phone case).

I make my way into the kitchen where everyone else is, Mia is wearing her black ripped skinny jeans with a shirt that says 'I'm not listening' and black converses. Bella is wearing ripped skinny jeans ((I know so many ripped skinny jeans XD But oh well)) with a black shirt on and a flannel rapped around her waist. She is also wearing black converses like Mia and I, we all nod at each other to signal were ready.

"Wait Charlie can Tony stay at yours? He's outside with his bed and stuff." Mia asks pointing to the door.

"Yeah sure but if he poops your picking it up, and I don't think I will be able to drive to the cinemas...My fuel is low." I say dangling my car keys in the air.

"I'm going with Bella!" Mia yells racing over to Bella's car giggling, of course she leaves me with Ashton. I know I can go in the back of Bella's car but who likes the back, you feel lonely without anyone else in the back with you.

"You can come with me." Ashton signals to his car.

"Okay thank you." I reply walking to his car, I get in the passenger seat while Ashton gets in the drivers seat. "So I guess Michaels coming?" I asked while going through my messages on my phone.

"Yep he can't wait, he says he wanted to watch Unfriended as well." Ashton replies turning out of my drive way.

"Well that's good, this should be fun." I say as I turn the music up louder.

"Yeah it should be." Ashton smiles showing his dimples, I couldn't help myself so I poked his dimple giggling. "Why did you poke my dimple?"

"It's cute." I giggled but realised what I just said so I blushed slightly, I look over to Ashton and his cheeks are a little pink too. Awwww why is he so adorable? I look at his face structure again and have an aww moment until my mind runs through a lot of thoughts.


After my old heartbreak I think it would be hard for me to find someone to love. It will be tough letting them in and thinking that I would be heartbroken again. Stan really ruined me and my whole life has changed now, I look at everything differently to everyone else. I can still feel the pain and fear from when Stan was abusive or life threatening towards me or my Dad, he didn't know anything about Luke or even my mother being in Australia as I didn't want to involve them in anything that would hurt them. I know what Stan is capable of so I want him to stay far away from the people I love and care about. I'm I won't be able to think the same as my old self, I'm different but the people I care about haven't noticed as much. They know I'm scared and hurt but they act as if I'm the same, I try and be the same but I...just can't. I just think of things differently which makes it harder as before I would think of things quickly and get it over and done with. But now...memories linger in my mind not wanting to be let out. I want to be freed from these memories, I want freedom, I need freedom...


I'm shaken out of my thoughts by a car beeping at someone else's, I realise Ashton is just driving into the cinemas now with Bella right behind us. Ashton quickly finds a parking spot surprisingly as it is packed and everyone has been looking for a park longer then us. Ashton and I get out of the car and wait for Bella and Mia to park, "So do you know if Michael is here or how long away?" I ask smiling at Bella who is trying to park while there is cars beeping at her saying she took their spot. Mia is laughing at Bella as well she just pointed the rude finger at them giggling.

"He just texted me now saying he is inside waiting for us." Ashton replies reading out the text Michael sent to him, soon after Bella and Mia finally get out of the parking lot and we all make our way inside the cinemas. Instantly I spot Michael with his freshly dyed Galaxy coloured hair, it looks so cool on let's see how long it stays that colour until he changes it to something else. He turns around and spots our group walking towards him, he starts to jumps up and down in the spot throwing his arms everywhere excitedly. He's such a child....I giggle at my thought as we make our way to the ticket line, Michael had already bought his ticket including popcorn, a slushy and a pack of lollies. How can these boys eat that much and not get fat, it's like their super power to not get fat but eat what they want at the same time.

Bella, Mia, Ashton and I are now being served and we are all buying our tickets, a slushy each and a box of popcorn. After we were done buying we all headed towards the cinema that we were told to go in, as soon as we enter I look around to see if there was a lot of people. Turns out there's only 5 people in here so far, so I go up to the top in the corner so I wouldn't get in trouble if I went on my phone during the movie. Everyone follows me and sits down, Ashton sits next to me then Michael, Bella and Mia.

"WOOOOOO!" Michael yelled throwing popcorn in the air as the screen turned on.

"Ssssh." A girl turned around making Michael be quite, she looked around our age with curly brown hair.

"Shut up Michael we will be kicked out." I giggle and throw popcorn at Michaels face making him flinch but then eat the popcorn that landed on him. I turn back around and find the girl still turned around staring at Ashton, just as I was about to look up at the screen she winked at Ashton and threw a piece of paper to him. Instantly a pang of jealousy shot threw me, I glared at the girl but she didn't see me.

She bit her lip and winked again before turning back around, I look at Ashton who is looking at the piece of paper. I have a quick peek at it without him noticing, it says 'Hey cutie maybe we can catch up ;)' with her number on it. He shoves it in his pocket and looks at the screen without any face expression, why am I jealous it's not like i'm dating Ashton. Pfftt me and Ashton nooo that would never happen, he would never go out with someone as ugly as me!


Ashton's POV

I shove that piece of paper in my pocket to throw out later, as if I would call her. As the movie starts the lights go out and from the corner of my eye I see Charlie frowning, I wonder what's the matter...did she see that girl giving me the piece of paper?

"Are you alright?" I whisper just loud enough for Charlie to hear me properly.

"Yeah...yeah I'm okay." Charlie replies uncertain.

"Come on that's a lie and we both know it."

"No...what are you talking about." I know she's is telling a lie but I don't want this to start an argument so I shrug it off and continue watching the movie knowing I will talk to her about it later.

"Hey I dare you to throw popcorn at people without them knowing it was you." Michael whispered handing me his bucket of popcorn.

"Your on!" I whisper yell, I gab a handful of popcorn and ditch it at 3 people in front of us, as soon as it hits them I turn to the movie holding in my laughter. I try and make a straight face until Michael starts laughing uncontrollably, soon after I can't take it and join him. I laugh so much that I fall out of my chair and fall on the floor in front of me, I look up over the chair to find the 3 people getting out of their seats walking towards us. I look back over to Mia, Bella and Charlie and they were laughing uncontrollably as well, they were even crying because they were laughing so much.

I look over at my seat and grab another hand full of popcorn, I turn back around and hide behind the chair with only my eyes sticking out so I could see what I was doing. Before the 3 people got any closer to us I threw the popcorn at them again causing them to flinch and jump back a bit, they turn around cursing while walking out of the cinemas.

"Nice." Bella high five me still laughing, "Now give me some popcorn I want to throw it at someone." I hand her some popcorn and we both throw it in the air landing on some more people who turned around glaring at us. Bella throws another handful of popcorn at the people in front of us, one of them turned around and stood up.

"Can you stop fucken throwing popcorn at everyone who is trying to enjoy the movie!"

"Don't swear." I reply giggling.

"Don't swear." The person tried mimicking me.

"Shut up and stop disturbing the movie!" I say crossing my arms trying to keep a straight face.

"What ever." As soon as the person sits down we all start laughing and high fiving each other.


Michaels POV

This whole popcorn throwing thing is so funny even though we keep on annoying people, but that's what makes it funnier. When ever there is a pop up or a 'scary' part on the movie, everyone gasps while Bella and I laugh. The movie isn't even that scary, but the people we threw popcorn at think it is.

"This really isn't that scary." Bella giggles.

"I know right." I laugh while pulling my hoodie over my head, its really cold in here I don't get why they put the air-con on so cold. "Aren't you cold?"

"Uh yes! Its freezing." Bella shivers, I decide to not be that shy and just put my arm around her shoulders.

"Is that better?" I whisper in her ear, but just as I say that she stops shivering and cuddles into my side.

"Yes, thanks." From the corner of my eye I see her blush, I guess she's trying to hide it because she snuggled her head in my jumper. Having her cuddling me makes me feel warm, when ever our shoulders brush or anything I have a tingly sensation shoot through me. I love the feeling but we aren't together so I can't cuddle her or say she's mine anytime I want, I need to sort this out and grow some to actually ask her out. When ever we talk I feel comfortable around her and we start a conversation quit easy, she is beautiful and I need to ask her out before someone else does...

For the rest of the movie we all quieten down and actually get into the movie, every once in a while I would squeeze Bella's shoulders so she would be closer to me. I can feel Bella's heart beat quicken every time I get closer to her or squeeze her shoulders, it's nice knowing I make her nervous and blush.

Every time I look at Ashton he would be talking to Charlie without anyone noticing...once I saw Charlie and Ashton holding hands while Charlie's head was on Ashton's shoulder. They look like a perfect couple but with all the boys who give her their number when ever we go to the shops I don't think she would be single for long.

On the other hand Charlie always throws the numbers out and says her heart belongs to someone else, but she just doesn't know who yet...


Okay so I changed Mia and Calum's date to the next chapter because I'm taking to long to update and it would of been a super long chapter. So the next chapter is the date and this one is a filler XD BYEEEEEEE

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