The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


7. Photo Shoot


I woke up from all the faint snores the boys were making, I was about to go back to sleep until I remembered I had a photo shoot today early in the morning. So I went up into my room and had a shower, I did my teeth, blow dried my hair and put my pink bathers on. I put my beach dress on over the top and grabbed my surfboard with the wax and leg rope. I went over to the table and placed my surfboard on it to put the leg rope on, after I did that I went back into the living room and tried to wake Mia and Bella up. Mia was still cuddling Calum and Bella was upside down with her head on the floor while her body was still on the couch.

"Wake upppp Miaaaaa!" I shook her until her eyes opened.

"Go away." She whispered but closed her eyes again.

"No I need to ask you something." I shook her again.

"What do you want?" Mia yawned while stretching her arms and legs.

"I'm going to the beach for a photo shoot do you wanna tag along so we can go surfing after?"

"Yeah but how are we going to wake up Bella?"

"I have no idea." I said rubbing my chin.

"Hmmm how about the feather and cream trick." Mia's eyes widened and she gasped at her idea.

"Yes I will go get a feather while you get some cream." I walked outside and straight away I found a feather on the floor, I walked back inside and stopped at the door to the living room with Mia. "Are you ready?"

"Hell yeah let's wake her up." We walked over to Bella and Mia put cream on her hand, Bella kept on moving but she didn't wake up. I then tickled her cheek with the feather but she didn't do anything, so I tickled her whole face. She was putting her hand up to her face but then stopped and opened her eyes smiling.

"I heard you guys talking about doing this to me so I pretended to be asleep so you would think your plan would work, hahahaha but I failed." Bella sat up and tried to put the cream on us as we were jumping around.

"Oh maybe we should whisper, and no cream on me I have a photo shoot." I told them both.

"Wait you have a photo shoot?" Bella asked with confusion written on her face.

"Yeah I'm going for a photo shoot this morning on the beach and I was wondering if you guys wanted to tag along, so afterwards we could maybe go surfing and tan." I explained to Bella.

"I'm in but you have to wait for me to have a shower and get ready." Bella replied.

"Same." Mia said.

"Lucky you guys have a bathroom in each room otherwise I would be leaving without you."

"Yeah yeah yeah whatever." They walked up stairs while I went into the kitchen to make pancakes for everyone. I got all the ingredients out and started to mix them, I then put a frying pan on the stove and put butter on it. I put blobs of mixture on it and when they cooked I put them on one big plate, I kept on doing that until there was no more mixture. As soon as I was done I heard the boys getting up.

"FOOD." They all yelled in sync racing into the kitchen. I quickly grabbed my pancakes, Bella's and Mia's so we could leave straight away without any fighting over pancakes. I know how Mia is around pancakes, I was eating my pancakes when Mia and Bella walked down with their surfboards wearing their bathers but with a shirt and shorts over the top. They hardly wear dresses because they're not the girly girl type, they put their surfboards with mine and came to me.

"Where's our pancakes?" Bella asked pointing to my pancake.

"PANCAKES?!?" Mia yelled grabbing one of Calum's pancakes, she started to eat it and Calum turned around.

"Hey that's my pancake."

"Not anymore its got all my saliva on it." Mia licked both sides of it.

"But but, uh fine I will take one of your freshly cooked pancakes." Calum grabbed one of her pancakes and started eating it, "Mmmm it's soooo yummy." He teased.

"Oh well I've already had one and I can just get Charlie to make more." She shrugged.

"Why is it hard to annoy you?"

"Because I'm smart unlike you." Mia tapped Calum's nose, Calum followed her finger with his eyes.

"You wish." Calum fired back.

"Okay enough with the pancake thing, Bella eat these on the way to the beach and bye guys we will see you later, I'm going to my photo shoot." I put Bella's pancakes on a plate and gave it to her on the way out with our surfboards, phones and keys.

"I'm going in the front this time because you got to go here yesterday." Bella stuck her tongue out at Mia.

"Fine be like that then." Mia crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Bella. We got in the car after putting the surfboards in the back and listened to the radio on the way to the beach.

****Minutes passed****


We were at the beach and Mia and I were watching Charlie posing for her photo shoot. I turned around to admire the view but I spotted someone who looked quit familiar. "Hey Mia does he look familiar to you." I pointed to where the person was standing, he was on the rocks close to the water. Mia turned around and followed my finger to where I was pointing.

"Actually yeah he does look familiar, should we go and have a look without getting caught." Mia winced at the sun's brightness going into our eyes.

"Yeah but let's get an ice cream on the way, I'm really craving one." I rubbed my belly while licking my lips.

"Okay let's go to that one."Mia pointed to an ice cream shop across the street, we were jumping around on the hot sand to the road until we got to the foot path. I put my thong's on and we crossed the road, I went into the shop and bought 2 chocolate ice creams in a cone. I gave one to Mia and we started to head off to the rocks, we were eating our ice creams and talking about all the things we could do in Sydney on the way there. We got to the rocks so I went up first and helped Mia up because she left her thongs with all our stuff, and the rocks were sharp and bumpy. As soon as we got up we hid behind a rock.

"Who do you think it is?" I whispered while I had ate my ice cream.

"I don't know maybe we have to wait till he turns around." Mia whispered back, I was watching his every move but trying to eat the ice cream at the same time without making a noise.


We were watching this guy who looked really familiar but I couldn't put a name to him. He looked like someone from the UK but I guess we will never know who it is until he turns around. Me and Bella were whispering the whole time, I turned around to see if I could see his face. He was still facing forward so I turned around but as I turned, in the glimpse of my eye I saw his face. I gasped and dropped my ice cream, I froze, Bella looked at me and then him she gasped and her eyes were wide. She was shocked as well but didn't drop her ice cream like me.



Sorry for the short crappy chapter but cliff hanger, anybody know who he is....? I don't think you would be able to guess XD

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