The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


2. Moving

I ran to my house full of flames and smoke, "DAD cough... WHERE...cough...ARE...YOU!?" I kept on breathing the smoke in and it wasn't helping. All the white walls had turned black and my roof was starting to fall. I started to run through the house but my vision became blurry, I had collapsed and all I could see was a blurry roof falling before blackness took over me.

I woke up in a room with white walls and wires connected to me. "Where am I?" I mumbled to myself. A man with a white coat came in with a clipboard in his hands.

"Hello my name is Dr Shiloh, you're in the hospital with 30 degree burns up your arms and legs."

"Why am I here?"

"You were found in a house full of flames, 2 brave fire fighters were stopping the fire until they found you on the floor. They thought you breathed in too much smoke and passed out so they took you outside and tried to give you some water. 2 hours had passed and you still weren't awake, so they took you to the hospital while the other fire fighters were stopping the fire."

"Do you know if anyone else was inside the house?"

"Well... I hate to brake it to you but yes there was, the fire fighters found ashes in a bedroom."

"Omg noooo... I think that was my Dad!"I bursted out crying and held my head in my hands.

"I'm so sorry to hear that are you okay and are you sure it was him?"

"Yes I-I-I ca-m-m-e back to my house and my D-d-a-a-d-d-s c-a-r was t-h-e-e-re."

"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry... But you're aloud to come out of the hospital today."

"Okay thank you but before I go can I please have my phone so I can call someone?"I questioned, I only had two people now my brother and my mother.

"Yes of course here you are." He handed me my phone and walked out.

"Omg how could this happen to me?"I mumbled while scrolling through my contacts, I stopped at Luke's named and pressed call.


"Ah hello who is this?" A strange voice said, I've never heard that voice before. I checked if I pressed the right person before replying.

"Uh this is Charlie and is Luke there I need to talk to him it's really important?"

"Well yeah but what's it about," I heard a familiar voice in the background,"is that my phone Calum what are you doing?

Well I thought it was mine and do you know a Charlie she said it's really important?

Yesssssss give it to meeee!" I heard, the a big racket of them tackling.

"Uh should I call back later?"

"Charlie nooo hey it's Luke what's up?"I bursted out crying before I even said anything." Hey what's wrong, what happened?"

I finally caught my breath,"Uh Luke umm my house got burnt down with dad inside, I have no where to go now I've only got you and mum! I have no clothes no food no shelter, Luke what am I going to do?I've even got 30 degree burns up my legs and arms!"

I bursted out crying again with my head in my free hand.

"OMFG I'm going to buy you plane tickets for you to come here today, and when you get here we can give you a room and new clothes and new everything. Are you okay by the way?"

"I am now thanks Luke and can you please text me the planes details and everything when your done?"

"Alright I will now you get going to the airport and I guarantee you that I will have the details sent to you by then okay, I hope your okay!"

"Thanks bye Lukey." I hang up and got out of bed, I went and got dressed. I came out of the toilet and grabbed my phone and money. I started to walk to outside and get a taxi.


Omg I can't believe that happened, I fell to the floor and started to sob in my knees.

"Hey mate what's going on are you alright?"I looked up to see Calum, he looked really worried. He came to me and sat on his knees patting my back, to make me feel better. I sat up and looked at him with my read puffy eyes.

"My Dad died Calum!"

"OMG are you alright, how did this happen and when did this happen?"

"Well my sister had called me to tell me she was in the hospital with 30 degree burns and the house burnt down. She said the house burnt down with Dad inside, she tried to find him but she collapsed inside. Lucky she was taken out of there, and she has nothing now so I'm buying her a plane ticket to come to Australia and live with mum and me again, it all happened today." He looked at me with confusion and worry.

"Wait did you say you have a sister?"

"Yeah I didn't tell you or the guys about it because it made me feel sad that she was taken away from me to live with our dad in the UK. We haven't seen each other since we were 8 but we've been using FaceTime, Skype, snapchat all those. Her name is Charlie, I think you'll like her too." I grinned at him.

"Wow you have a sister and don't start planning yet Hemmo you never know." He said pointing at me.

"Hahaha we'll see."


I finally arrived at the airport, I paid my taxi driver and jumped out I went to the little cafe to have something to snack on. I haven't eaten since this morning before the huge catastrophe.


I looked down on my phone I had a message from Luke about the plane. I went to the plane line ups instead and told the person my information about the plane I'm taking. She gave me. My ticket and I started to head to the security line up things, I know what it is but I just can't say it you know when you got something on the tip of your tongue but you can't say it so yeah like that.

I put my phone and my money on a tray and walked through the scanner. I picked my things up and made my way to my airplane. On the t.v screen it said my flight was boarding so I gave the flight attendants my ticket and made my way to my seat number.

I sat down next to a man, he had dirty blond curly hair and dimples when he smiled. He looked like 1 year older then me, he does look quite cute tho...snap out of it Charlie stop staring you probably look like a freak.

"Hey you must be my buddy for the flight, and the names Ashton how do you do?"

"Hi my name is Charlie and fine thanks how about you?" I shook his hand and oh those dimples make his smile look so cute.

"I'm great thanks, what brought you into this flight?"

"Well ugh... I'm going to see my brother who I haven't seen since I was 8." I tried not to say the whole story,"what about you what brought you onto this flight?"

"I'm going to my home town since I have been on a vacation here and it's about time I go back home and surprise my mates."

"Well they should be happy to see you." The plane startled to shake and rumble, it was lifting off." Oh great I hate this part."

"Well I love this part it's so much fun!"


"I can't wait for Ashton to come home where did he go for a holiday again?" I asked Calum.

"I'm sure he went to the UK, maybe he will see her on the plane flight?"

"Yeah but I think he's coming home in a weak." I made a puppy face,"Anyway let's get this house ready for my most awesomest sister ever!"

"Well she is your only sister."

"Calum come and help God Dammit!"

"But it's not even my house, I should be the one sitting on the couch while you move it around."Calum said that while laying back down on the couch.

"You do that while I go and call Michael."

"I'll go and call pizza if he's coming!"Calum grabbed his phone and started to ring the pizza joint.


The plane has landed and Ashton and I were talking the whole flight, it was pretty fun and interesting.

"Hey Charlie give me your phone." I handed him my phone and he added his phone number to it and sent himself a message.

"Thanks and maybe I'll see you around again Ashton?"

"Yeah we will and maybe later, bye I had an awesome time text later and meet up later?"

"Yeah yeh for sure bye Ashy!"

"Hahaha You already have a nickname for me, cupcake."he grinned because I was babbling about cupcakes almost the whole flight.

"Yeah yeah what ever Ash see you around bye!"We both waved and went our separate ways. I went outside and waited around for a taxi. Found one okay, I walked over to it and asked,"hi can you please take me to this address?"

"Yes sure of course okay then get in the car and we'll start heading there."I jumped in and gave him the money so I could just run outside with out forgetting to pay. He drove for a while, it's taking really long like I've been in this car for 2 hours agghhh. The car had stopped in front of a two story house, it looked so modern and fabulous.

"Here's your stop lady you've already paid so you can go." The driver said motioning his finger towards the house.

"Okay thank you so much." I jumped out of the taxi admiring the houses view, I walked up to the steps, this is it Charlie you get to see your brother this is it. I knocked the door 3 times hopefully they were loud enough. The door started to open, a boy with bright red hair stood there.

"Hi there who you looking for, gorgeous?" He winked at me.

"I'm looking for Luke does he live here?"

"Uh yeah why you looking for him in such a rare time? I mean it's not like you's two are related and see each other every weak."

"Actually I'm his sister so can I please see him?"

"LUKE COME HERE THIS GIRL HERE CLAIMS TO BE YOUR SISTER WHICH OBVIOUSLY ISNT TRUE SOOO!!!!" He yelled so Luke could hear. I looked past his shoulder to find Luke running this way.

"CHARLIE YOUR HERE!!!!" Luke yelled pushing the red haired boy out of the way, he hugged me and lifted me in the air.

"Yes I'm here and I can't breath." He was hugging me too tight.

"Oh sorry, you look so different in real life I mean I haven't seen you since we were 8 so."

"Yeah I know bleach blonde hair tanned skin piercing green eyes, so different to technology." I nodded patting his back." So long time no see bro how have you been since the call?"

"Oh right well cry, waiting and wait how are your arms and legs?"I pulled up my sleeves and my jeans." Omg they look so bad but they seem to be clearing up."

"Yeah I know, so are you going to show me around this fine old house?" I waved my hand around the direction of the house.

"Yeah of course but I have to introduce you to two of my mates here first, my other mate is on vacay so you'll be able to see him around next week or so. So let's go into the living room or kitchen which ever one they'll be in." We walked into the house, the walls had photos of Luke and Mum. We got into the living room, I saw that red haired boy and a tanned black haired boy. Why do I keep on seeing cute boys today? "Okay sis these are my friends this guy over here with red hair is Michael, and this fine guy over here is Calum." Luke pointed to them but when he said Calum he began to grin.

"Hey Michael, and Calum." I waved to them.

"Cal this is my sister I was talking to you about earlier, Charlie." Luke said looking at Calum.

"Oh yeah I remember, are you alright about the whole incident?" Calum questioned with a worry look on his face.

"Yeah Ive been better thanks for asking, now Luke when can I get new clothes and oh oh a new surf board and soccer ball...?"

"Wait wait wait you expect me to pay for your surf board, they are hell expensive you can buy one when you earn enough money and start working."

"But Lukkkkeeeeeeyyyyyyy." I gave him the puppy eyes that I know he can't resist. "Pleaseeeeeeee wiiiiittthhhhh aaaaaaa ccchhhheeeerreeeeyyy ooonnn toooopppp?"

"Oh I see where your going there, from earlier this morning." He said pointing at me like he was a genius.

"Yay you finally got it, but can I at least get bathers and we can all like go to the beach or something?"

"I'll get you those if you get us ice cream?" Luke said wiggling his eye brows.

"But Luke does it look like I've got much money on me see." I held up my wallet and showed him I only had a $20 note and 50 cents.

"Fine fine but let's get going because you need to teach me to surf and you need bathers for that."

"YAY, thank you thank you thank you thank you Lukey!" I hugged him and ran outside. I waited there until Luke, Calum and Michael were outside. We all went towards Luke's car,"Shotgun!" I yelled so I would get the front. We all jumped in and started to make our way to the surf shop.

Couple of songs/minutes later..

We arrived the surf shop, one of my favourites lucky they have this shop in Australia. I got out before them and went inside, I looked around and found the bikinis. There were bright, colourful, dark, strapless and patterned bikinis. I found a couple that I liked...

"Hey Charlie how about these ones?" Calum pointed to really small ones,"they look around your size ya know they've even got little flappy things like a skirt."

"Hahahaha Omg Cal hell no they are way to small and to dorky, I like these ones you like?" I showed him the brightest one and a strapless patterned one.

"Yeah they'll look awesome on you."

"You think?"

"Hell yeah I mean any of them would look good on you." He rubbed the back of his neck like he realised what he said. I know when boys are nervous around me because they rub the back of their neck.

"Thanks Calum, and can you tell the boys I'm going to go and try them on?"

"Yeah sure I'll probably be waiting outside of the dressing rooms for you by the way."

"Okay thanks." I walked to the dressing rooms and closed the door. Should I try the strapless one on first? I took my clothes off and put the strapless one on. Hmmm I don't know does this look good? I twirled around and looked at the mirror so I could see the back as well. I think I like it. I took it off and put the bright pink one on. Hmmm I love this one! Okay so let's try and get this off, I tried and tried put it was so tight I was jumping around until I stumbled on my shoe and fell on my but. "Ouch." I mumbled. I finally got it off and put my clothes on. I grabbed the bathers and walked out I saw Calum.

"Hey how did it go?" He asked.

"Yeah good I think I'm going to get this bright pink one and a blue one of these." I went over and got the blue one. "Do you know where Luke is he said he would pay for it?"

"Yeah I think he went into the shop next door, I can pay for them instead if you want?"

"Are you sure they're expensive?"

"Yeah yeah come on."


"No buts come on." We walked over to the the server.

"Is that all for today?" She asked.

"Yes thanks." I answered.Calum gave her the card and I got the bag with my bathers in it. He finished paying and started walking away." Thanks sooooooooo much Cal."

"No worries, we should go next door and get the others so we can go home and get dressed."

"Yeah your right lets go." I said pointing left and walking that way.

"Wrong way doofus, this way." He pointed right to the gaming store.

"Oh of course." I said tapping my head. We walked in and straight away I found them playing one of those tester games. It was guitar hero, "guys hello guys." I waved my hand in front of Luke's face.

"Stop I'm concentrating!"he said in frustration, "otherwise Michael will wi... Ohhh noooo fuck."

"Hahahaha I win I win again." Michael said pointing at him.

"Yeah yeah what ever only because Charlie distracted me, I would of one you know."

"Whoo go Charlie high five." We high fived.

"Well anyway guys lets go so we can get dressed and go tooooo the... Wait for it wait for it... BEACH yay haha." I said dancing around.

"Okay let's go."we all went outside and jumped in the car.

Couple of minutes later...

We had arrived back home, we all got out of the car and started walking towards the door until I realized something different. "Uh Luke why is there another car here is that mums or?" Luke looked where my finger was pointing and froze.

"Guys I think he is here!" He said excitedly. They all sprinted inside leaving me standing here confused. I walked inside and into the living room where all the talking was happening. They were hugging someone, only if he would turn around I would see who it is.

"Uh Luke u still haven't shown me my room yet?" I asked waiting for Luke.

"Oh right but first can I introduce you to my friend that I was talking about?"

"Yeah sure." Luke turned the guy around. I gasped," that you?"


Hey I checked my last chapter and all the paragraphs and punctuation went weird, I have no idea why but my one on Wattpad is way better and more interesting then this one so please check my one on Wattpad. It has over 900 reads and I'm so excited to see that it is almost 1000 reads. I hope your day has been well and I hope you like this story, by the way im sorry about all the paragraphs and punctuation being all weird.

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