The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


10. Apoligies


After Mia, Bella and I left Wet 'n' Wild, we all came to my house. We are currently sitting in my living room with bean bags, a huge fluffy blanket and pillows on the floor because we didn't feel like sitting on the couch further away from each other. As the girls wanted to talk to me and maybe gossip about a few things.

I'm still wondering why Kara was here in Sydney, and why on earth... Luke said those things to me. I hope we work it out because I really want my brother back, I guess it will take him a bit to get his forgiveness though. I'm sad and angry at him for what he has done, so is Bella and Mia. They're also angry at him for what he did, but they want to stay here with me so they could comfort me and I won't feel lonely. They also wanted to stay because of my massive plasma screen to watch movies.

"Are you alright Charlie, you know he was wrong?" Mia came up to me and plonked down onto the blue bean bag next to me. While making a bang noise as she sat down.

"Yeah but I've been better." I replied getting comfortable by shaping the bean bag so it will mould into my body shape. I also took the blanket to put over me up to my neck, I know its a really hot day but who cares when you have air-con and you have to much on your mind to even bother.

"Are you sure because he was out of his mind?" Bella giggled grabbing her pillow and shifting my other bean bag over, this bean bag had a Black Veil Brides cover on it so it was my favourite. But when ever Bella is over she steals it and claims it as hers.

"How about we stop talking about this and we get ready for movie night." Bella said kicking her feet in the air while doing a back flip roly poly (( forgot what it was called and I don't know if I spelt it right))off of the bean bag.

"Yesssss but maybe we should go shopping before that because I need some new clothes." Mia replied looking through her phone.

"I agree but first..." I got cut off by Bella giggling.

"Let me take a selfie." Bella giggled making a duck face at her phone as if she was taking an actual selfie.

"Okay! You do that, I'm just going to go and change into something that doesn't look like I just woke up." I got up from my comfortable position and went into my room, I put my high waisted black shorts and a shirt that says 'COCO nut' on. For a finish I put my blue vans on and brushed my hair. Putting a little of foundation and eyeliner on.

"HURRY UP!" I just heard Mia say from my living room, leading into laughter, a squeal, then a bang. "Ouch?"

"Hahahaha your face." Bella said half way between laughs. I went to see what the racquet was about, so I went to where the noise was coming from. As soon as I step out of the door I'm introduced by Mia on the floor with Bella on her back.

"Well this is awkward." Mia said practically kissing the floor.

"You are awkward." Bella said half way between laughs.

"What are you doing?" I laughed at the sight, when you leave these two you don't know what they will get up to. They have either trashed my house or they are tackling each other with either water guns, pillows or who knows what. I only know that it leads into my house needed to be cleaned or they get them selves in trouble by my neighbors.

"Uh this is not what it looks like?" Bella giggled and got up.

"She tackled me." Mia pointed at Bella.

"She deserved it." Bella pointed back.

"Why?" I butted in laughing hysterically.

"I don't know." Bella looked up giggling, I looked at Mia and she was glaring at Bella as if she was saying 'I'm going to get you back'.

"Well I'm ready so should we get going?" I asked grabbing my keys and phone.

"Uh yes." Bella replied following me outside.

"I hope I have enough money on my credit card." Mia said looking at her phone while trying not to walk into a wall. As soon as everyone was out of the house I locked it and we all went in my car instead of Mia's. Mia quickly grabbed her things out of her car into mine. We talked the whole way to the shops and sang along to FOB and PTV.


We are currently at the shops and are looking around to see what shop we should go to, I drift off into my thoughts as I have a lot on my mind... I really do hope Luke apologizes and set things straight with Charlie, I know she is acting happy and everything but she does that when she is actually sad and hurt on the inside. She is my best friend and it's stayed like that since primary school, I hate it when I see her hurt, I instantly want to make her feel better. I don't think I'm the one who can make her feel better though...only Luke can this time. I am shaken out of my thoughts by Charlie dragging me into Jay Jay's, YES this is one of my most favorite shops! I look around and start to make a pile of clothes in one hand, I look through the shirts until I come across a 'wanted employees' sign on the wall, this would be an awesome job...I should ask one of the staff members. I walk over to the girl at the front counter, she has purple hair on one side while the other is blue. She has a nose piercing and I instantly compliment her about how much I love her hair and piercing. She thanks me and asks if I need any help.

"Uh yes, I saw that sign on the wall and I was can I sign up?" I asked curious and anxious to find out the answer.

"YAY, OMG sorry it's just that we have no one around here who wants to work in Jay Jay's but I guess you will be working for us. I just need to confirm it with the boss." She answered eager to talk to her boss.

"But don't you need me to hand in my...ah what is it called?" I reply confused.

"I know what your talking about and that won't be needed as we don't get anyone asking to work here, I will just call the boss so you can keep on looking around. Oh and by the way my name is Jess." She says as I shake her hand.

"My name is Bella and these are my friends, Charlie and Mia." I point to them as I say their names.

"Well Bella I will call the boss and see what he says." Jess says picking up the business phone, I make my way to a corner. I still hear her talking to the boss from where I'm standing, which is near the Bat-Man shirts. I look around for my size and find that it is the only one left. I quickly grab it and put it on the pile so no one else would take it while I'm talking to Jess, I turn to her and see her waving to me to come to her. I walk over there and she smiles still on the phone.

"Uhu...yep...yep...okay...hmm...okay I will put her on the phone." Jess said through the phone, she then handed it to me smiling. I put it to my ear and make sure it's the right way up.

"Hello." I say not knowing what else to say.

"Hi is this uh...Bella, who is looking for a job at Jay Jay's, my store." I hear, this must be the boss. Okay I need to sound good like I'm up to the job.

"Yes this is Bella and I think it would be an awesome job to work at this store. I don't know why no one else would of wanted to work here." I reply twisting my finger with the phone cord.

"Well I like to here that your eager to get this job but may I ask a few questions?"

"Of course."

"So you don't want to work at this store just so you could get free stuff?"

"No of course not, it would be so much fun and I would pay for all the things I want. I'm just looking for a job so I can keep up my bills and stuff for my house and car. It would be an honour working at your store."

"Well with that answer you have the job, just give Jess your phone number and she will tell you your working times as she is the manager."

"Okay I will and thank you so much."

"No worries." he replies as I give Jess the phone, and she puts the phone down.

"So have you got the job?" She asks very curious.

"Yessss!" I squeal jumping around causing everyone to look at me, Jess soon joins me but comes around the corner of the counter. Mia and Charlie come up to me and look at me weirdly.

"What did we miss?" Mia asks rising her eyebrow.

"I got a job at Jay Jay's!" I stop jumping and look at them to see their reaction.

"OMG that's awesome, congrats." Charlie replied giving me a hug smiling.

"What days are you working?" Mia asks excitedly.

"Oh right now you will be working on Monday, Tuesday, Fridays and if you want to work on the weekend. But you might not always work on those days, their just a few starter days." Jess exclaims.

"Okay thank you I guess I will see you on Monday, but can you text me the times?" I ask putting my hand out so I can put my number in Jess's phone.

"Of course, here." Jess then unlocks her phone and places it in my hand.

"Okay you go." I put my phone number in her phone and give it to her.

"So I will text you tonight what times and see you around." Jess waves then walks back around the counter. We all say our good byes but pay for our items before we go, when everyone was done paying we went to the food court to have lunch. This day is going great so far, even though that whole Luke thing happened we have almost forgot about it. But I don't think Charlie has, she must be waiting for Luke to explain or something.

***Next day***

Charlies POV

I was still asleep when I heard someone knock on the door, so I jump up and quickly put my black yoga pants on so that person wouldn't see my pyjama shorts. I wonder who it can be at this time, I walk out of my room to the door. I unlock it then open it to find Luke standing there slightly smiling.

"Uh hey, can I talk to you?" Luke asks with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Hi and...okay." I open the door wider so he can walk in, we go into my living room and sit down. "Soooo?"

"Well...I am so sorry for yesterday, I shouldn't of said those things. I was just really mad and I was thinking all negative, I couldn't think properly so I just said anything without thinking of it first. I don't want to lose you again, please forgive me." Luke said with worry, for a minute of thought I think I have the answer.

"Okay Luke I think I do forgive you only because I don't want to lose you either and this is like our only fight we've had, also how hard would it be for me to not be able to hangout out with you." I smile, soon after Luke smiles and gives me a hug.

"Thank you so much I will make it up to you, I promise. What is Bella and Mia doing today anyway?"

"I actually don't know, I think Mia said something about hanging out with Calum but I'm not sure."

"Ooooo let's see what happens."

"Yep this should be good." I grin at the thoughts that come in my head.


Mia's POV

Me and Calum are currently sitting at the cafe drinking ice chocolate, my favorite. Calum asked me yesterday if we could meet up because he needed to ask me something, I wonder what it is...

"So I guess your wondering why I wanted to meet up with you?" Calum said drinking his drink.

"Yes and why did you want to?" I ask curious to find out the answer.

"Just wait here and don't go anywhere." Calum says before he walks away, I wonder where he went and what is he doing. Maybe this is a prank or he wants to see if I really do stay. No, no he's just probably ordering something else to eat. As soon as I'm about to doubt myself Calum walks around the corner towards me with a huge present.

"Woah what is this." I smile pointing to the box.

"This is for you, open it." Calum pushes the present towards me smiling.

"Awwwww thank you." I took the present so it was closer to me and untied the ribbon, I looked up to Calum who looked eager to see what my reaction is. I slowly open the lid and a puppy jumps straight at me. "Woah...omg Calum did you get me a Golden Labrador puppy?"

"Yes I got him from the RSPCA, here is the question...Will you go on with me tomorrow night?" Calum asks while rubbing the side of his neck. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug while holding the puppy in one of my arms.

"Yes I would love to, and thank you so much for the puppy." The puppy licks my hand so I pat him. I give him another hug and he starts to smile, omg his smile is so cute aaaahhh.

"Really? And no worries what are you going to call him?"

"Maybe...uh Tony, and of course I would go on a date with you. Why wouldn't I?" I smile at him, suddenly ours eyes lock and we stare into each other's eyes for a moment until Tony jumps up and licks my face. "So what are we doing for the date?"

"It's a surprise." Calum smirks then finishes off his drink. "Should we get going and see what the others are doing?"

"Okay." I smile and stand up with Calum ,we make our way out the door with Tony in my arm while the other one is free. As we walk down the street our arms brush together sending shivers down my back, then getting goosebumps. When ever Calum touch's me I get nervous or shy, it makes me blush so I try and look the other way. Soon after I feel Calums hand intertwine with mine, I look up to him to find him staring at me smiling. As soon as he sees me look his way he looks forward so it wouldn't seem like he was staring, awww why is he so cute? I'm so lucky to go on a date with him, as soon as Tony wiggled in my arm I realized that I needed to get all of the supplies to feed him and give him walks. "Uh Calum we still need to get Tony dog food and stuff."

"Don't worry about it I've already got it." Calum smiles rubbing his thumb on my fingers.

"Thank you so much for today, it's been amazing even though we only went to the cafe." I giggle as I look up at Calum, I still feel a little nervous as we are holding hands but its a good nervous. This is a good feeling, a feeling I can live up to adore. It just makes me like him even more, I then realise we are staring at each other so I turn back to Tony to see what he was doing.

"Are you blushing?" Calum asks turning my face to his.

"No what are you talking about?" I try and make it non obvious as I just realize I am blushing in front of him, aaahhh this is embarrassing.

"Aww you are, you look so cute when you blush." Calum quickly turns his head forward as he just realized what he said. We continue walking hand in hand to the boys house, talking about Tony and what places we want to travel to. As soon as we get to their house Calum opens the door not letting go of my hand, when we get to the living room we let go of each others hands and act normal so we wouldn't seem suspicious.

"OMG where did you get this puppy from?" Charlie yells running to me.

"Calum got him for me, I named him Tony." I smile looking at a grinning Calum.

"Awwww that's so cute." Bella says patting Tony.

"Can we play with him?" Luke and Michael say in unison making puppy dog eyes kneeling on the floor.

"Okay, okay." I giggle setting Tony on the floor, I watch them rolling all over the floor with Tony like little kids. "I guess you and Luke made up?" I whisper to Charlie.

"Yeah we did and what's with you and Calum are we missing something?" Charlie whispered smirking.

"I will tell you and Bella later." I whisper, I look back over to Tony and realize Michael isn't playing with him anymore. He is staring at something or someone so I try and look where he is looking, it leads to Bella who is talking to Charlie. Awww he must have a crush, he hasn't realised I'm giggling at him until I go over and sit next to him. "Aww does Mikey have a crush?" I whisper in his ear to make sure no one else could hear, I turn to face him. His cheeks have gone in a light shade of pink, aww he's blushing. "You do don't you. Awww you should go talk to her." I shove Michael a bit and see if he would go over to Bella.

"Maybe I will." Michael gets up and starts to have a conversation with Bella, Bella starts to laugh and then blush. Haha Michael is flirting with her, I go and sit on the couch behind me that Calum is sitting on.

"Hey, I heard you talking to Michael. Does he really have a crush on Bella?" Calum whispers smiling.

"Yes I think so, we should try and get Michael to ask Bella out." I point to Michael who keeps on making Bella laugh.

"Yesss, maybe I can give him a little talk about it tonight and see what he says."

"Okay that sounds good, oh and what do I wear to our date is it like casual or what?" I blush slightly at the word date, just saying that word around Calum makes me smile.

"Its casual but you might need your bathers."


"Its a surprise."

"Oh right I saw that coming."

"Hey Mia do you want to sleep over mine with Bella?" Charlie asks walking over to me.

"Okay but can I go and get my stuff?" I reply sitting up.

"Yeah sure but I'm leaving now unless you want to stay behind with Bella because she drove here with her car. And she said she wanted to hang out with the boys a bit more."

"Okay yep, can I come with you so we can find something for Tony to sleep on?"


"Oh right...I've got a dog bed, food, collar, lead and toys for Tony in the kitchen. I will put the stuff in your car if you want me to Charlie." Calum speaks up already walking over to the kitchen.

"That would be wonderful thank you." Charlie replies opening the front door for him.

"Ashton can you get some of Tony's stuff and put it in Charlies car?" I hear Calum yell from outside, causing Ashton to get up off of the couch into the kitchen. Ashton has been awfully quite I wonder why, he is usually very loud and chatting away to everyone all the time. He must have a lot on his mind or something because this is weird for him to act like this.

I make my way outside up to the car, we say our goodbyes to everyone and Charlie and I get in the car with Tony. Charlie drives me to my house and I quickly run inside packing all the things I need. I make sure I lock my door and get back in the car, we start making our way back to Charlies house with Tony on my lap. I wonder what Bella's doing...


I'm still at the boys house, I'm currently watching Luke and Ashton battling each other on their PlayStation. I think they're playing FIFA and Ashton is winning by one goal, "Does anyone want dinner or something to eat?"

"YES!" They all say in sync jumping off the couch.

"I guess I will order pizza then." I reply getting my phone out, I dial the pizza places number and wait for someone to ring. The boys have gone crazy now that I've said the word pizza, they are piggy back racing to one end of the room to the other. Luke is carrying Calum on his back and Ashton has Michael on his back. I start to giggle but I quickly stop when someone answers on the other end of the phone. I order 2 boxes of Meatlovers and 2 of Hawaiian, I know how these boys eat and they eat a lot. I finish talking to the pizza person and laugh at the sight of Luke and Calum on the floor. "Did you guys fall?"

"What does it look like?" Luke replies holding his knee rolling around on the floor.

"Ouch that hurt." Calum says in between laughs, I start to laugh and soon after Michael and Ashton joined me. This is going to be a big night and I'm not even at Charlies yet.


Mia and I are currently talking in my lounge room as we have fed Tony and he is taking a nap on his bed. It's so cute how Calum got her a puppy, oh and that's right Mia was going to tell me everything tonight. I should ask her now before we get all sleepy.

"So what is with Calum giving you puppies now?" I smirk waiting for her to answer, Mia turns her head blushing.

"Well..." Mia starts but I cut her off.


"Aaahhhh let me finish... Well today Calum wanted to ask me something so we went to the cafe, he told me to wait there and he came back with a huge present. Which turned out to be Tony and at that same time he asked me on a date." Mia blushes and squeals at the last part.

"Aaahhhhhhh yayyyyyyyy your finally going on a date with him!" I squeal jumping around with her. "What day is it?"

"It's tomorrow night, can you and Bella help me choose what to pick and stuff? I'm really nervous but really excited." Mia asks sitting back down so we wouldn't awake Tony up.

"Yeah sure we will but what do you need to wear?"

"He said something casual but I might need my bathers."

"Do you know what time?"

"Actually I don't, should I ask him or wait for him to text me?"

"I think you should wait, I'm so happy for you. Lucky we went shopping yesterday and you got new bathers and stuff."

"Yesss otherwise I wouldn't of had anything else to wear."

"I'm actually getting a little excited as well because I can't wait to help you with your clothes and stuff but I also want to know what happens. you need to tell me everything when you get back." I point to her smirking.

"I will tell you, otherwise you and Bella would keep annoying me about it."

"You know us so well." I giggle, soon after Bella was here and we had all chose some movies and made popcorn. Mia told Bella what happened and she jumped around the house excited for her. We are all in my lounge room and are resting from squealing and jumping so much."So should we sleep in the living room or separate rooms?"

"I think the living room so we can talk all night." Bella says running to the popcorn, "And we can see who stays up the longest."

"Yes okay, I will go get a mattress so either 2 of us could share or 2 people could sleep on the couch's." I went in my spare room and grabbed a mattress sliding it all the way over to the living room, I put it in the middle and put a sheet over it. Then covered it in pillows and my big fluffy blanket, I cuddled up in my fluffy blanket on the mattress while Bella put a movie on. I grabbed my comfiest pillow and put it under my head while eating popcorn, "So are you both going to sleep up there?"

"I don't know because there isn't that much room, but I really want to sleep on your new seat...can I?" Mia asked grabbing another fluffy blanket from my spare room.

"Yeah,sure I don't mind" I reply, "But if Tony wakes up and starts barking your going to baby sit him."

"Oh yay." Mia replied collapsing on the seat.

"Yes I get this couch for myself!" Bella says stretching her legs further down the couch.

"What movie did you put on?" I asked as the trailers from different movies kept on going on.

"I don't really know, I just grabbed a random movie." Bella said shuffling around in her seat.

"I guess we will never knowww...Can I have some popcorn?" I ask turning Bella's way, as soon as I face her popcorn hits my face.

"Yay that's exactly how I wanted my popcorn." I pick up the pieces of popcorn and eat them while the movie just starts. For the rest of the night we watched all sorts of movies and talked our way through them, we even had a popcorn fight so there's popcorn everywhere. After that we had a pillow fight and one of my pillows had a hole on it so feathers went everywhere, how much fun are we going to have cleaning up.

A few hours later we all fell asleep, so much for who can stay up for the longest. But i'm so excited for tomorrow, so much is happening.

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