The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


6. Airport


I was sound asleep cuddling someone until...

"AAAAHHHH ANNABELLE'S HERE!" I heard Michael shout, I then heard all the boys jumping up but I stayed there knowing that Michael is trying to make us scared.

"Shut up Michael." I didn't even bother to open my eyes until I felt cold water fall on my face, I looked up and saw Michael with a bucket in his hands. "YOUR GOING TO PAY YOU RUINED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!" I yelled racing after Michael down the hallway, he ran into a room so I jumped to tackle him but my body slammed into a door. "Ouch that hurt Clifford." I rubbed my forehead and got up, I was about to open the door and attack Michael but I heard my phone ring. I ran back into the living room and found my phone underneath all the blankets. Mia was ringing so I answered it. "Hey how ya going?"

"Pretty awesome if I must say so my self, I think that's how you say it is it?"

"Yeah I think so."

"Okay anyway I rang because I've gotta tell you something and your going to be super duper exited." Mia said in a kiddy voice.

"Okay so tell me."

"Well I'm at the airport about to board with..." Then Mia left a little bit of silence.

"OMG tell me already the tension is killing me aaggghhh."


"OMG OMG OMG YAYYYYYYY HAHAHAHA GIRLS NIGHT AAAAHHHH?" I jumped around while everyone was watching me looking confused.

"But I gotta go I'm boarding and we will see you in a couple of hours but make sure to meet us there, I swear if you leave us at an airport again I will find you and die your hair pink." She giggled as she knew I hated the colour pink.

"Nah I know you won't and I won't forget about you again, hopefully." I whispered the last part.

"Hey I heard that and we've gotta go bye."

"Bye Charlie see you later." Bella shouted through the phone.

"Okay hahahaha bye and I hope my ears have recovered by then." I heard them laugh and we hang up. I ran up to Luke and started to dance with him but he didn't move he looked at me like I was a retard. "Hey don't look at me like that your related to me so if I'm a retard your a retard." I pointed to him.

"Nah and why are you so happy?" Luke asked while all the boys nodded in agreement.

"Well Mia is coming today and so is Bella, they are both my bestest friends and it has stayed like that since primary school."

"Wow you guys are close."

"Yeah we are and you guys will love them especially you Calum and I think maybe you Michael you might fancy Bella." I smirked and he blushed because he knew I would be right. "While we're waiting we should get lollies, movies and Super hero outfits so we could wear them around the town before I leave to pick Mia and Bella up"

"Hell yeah I like your thinking." Michael high fived me.

"Sometimes I think you two are related because you guys think the same and it's really creepy also you guys absolutely love pizza." Luke pointed to us two and we both bursted into laughter.

"Yeah yeah what ever Lukey but your still related to me, anyway where did mum go?"

"Oh she went to work because she works early in morning and she sometimes does night shifts that's why we always get the house to ourselves." Luke shrugged.

"Oh poor mum and awesome we get the house to ourselves most of the time." I smiled and I quickly ran upstairs to refresh. I put my black shorts, white crop top and black converses on, to finish off I put my eyeliner and lip balm on. I ran downstairs while putting my phone and keys in my pocket. "let's go to the shops." I ran outside to the car, unfortunately Michael got to the front first so I was stuck in-between Ashton and Calum. Luke started the car and we were off, I looked outside Ashton's window and saw him smiling at me so I smiled back but started to blush, luckily he looked forward so he wouldn't see my cheeks all red. The memories from yesterday came back to me, reminding me of the conversation of Calum liking Mia and Ashton....liking me? Does he really like me? Do I like him? I must because I did blush when he smiled at me, but those dimples are so cute aaahhhhh I'm so confused. I got snapped out of my thoughts when Calum was saying my name continuously. I turned to him but he wouldn't stop. "WHAT?"

"Nothing." Calum answered back grinning because he knew he won and that I was annoyed as hell. That's it he's going to get annoyed as well.

"Calum, Calum, Calum, Calum, Calum Calum, Calum, Calum, cal..."

"WHAT?" He yelled back.

"Nothing." I smiled and he just realised what I did.

"Oh your good, your defiantly Luke's sister."

"That's my sis." Luke high fived me backwards so he could still look at the road.

****Minutes later****


We all got out of the car and went into the shopping centre.

"Me and Calum will go get lollies." Luke pointed to the big lolly shop.

"I'm going to the movie shop because I want to pick the really good movies and Luke and Calum need to be with us when we get the outfits." Charlie said already on her way to the movie shop.

"I guess we will go with her." I said shrugging.

"So how's Charlie?" Michael asked, I felt myself heat up and he was laughing.

"Shut up Michael."

"Maybe I should try and get her to confess her feeling for you, I can tell you if she likes you or not." Michael tapped his head so he could look smart.

"Or maybe we can wait till her friends come and we can ask them to ask her who she likes?"

"Good thinking I think we should go with that idea." Michael pointed into the air.

"So do you think you will like this Bella?"

"I don't even know what she looks like but when Charlie says someone will like someone it actually turns out to be true and it's so weird. I guess I will according to Charlie."

"Yeah I think you would, and Calum will probably stay near Mia all the time it's going to be amusing."

"Yes it will, now let's pick some movies." Michael said as we went to the horror aisle and found Charlie there with a stack of movies.

"Omg how many movies are we going to watch?"

"Well some are going to be for all of us and some are just going to be for me and the girls daaaa." Charlie said handing Michael a pile of movies and then I got movies shoved into my face.

"Are you sure you want this many movies I mean I can't even see where I'm going." I said trying to not to walk into a wall or someone in front of us.

"HAHAHAHA you got more then me." I looked over to Michael and he was only holding 3.

"Why does he get only 3?" I pointed to Michael.

"Because Michael is going to carry these." Charlie added 5 to Michaels pile and I saw his face drop, I started to laugh but I almost dropped the movies so I couldn't laugh anymore. We walked to the front counter and Charlie payed for them, she put them all in a bag and we met Luke and Calum who had 4 bags full of lollies.

"Omg we're all going to be staying up tonight." Charlie laughed as we all walked into the dress ups shop. We followed Charlie into the super hero and super villain aisle, Luke wasn't behind us so I think he went the other way. Calum picks a Captain America outfit, Michael picked a spider man out fit and I was looking at the Robin Hood outfits until...


"AAAAAAHHHH!" Charlie jumped and turned around to find Luke with a gorilla mask on. He was laughing so hard that he fell on the floor, I started to laugh because his laugh is contagious to me and Charlie still had fear in her face.

"Holy crap Luke I feel like I could of seriously had a heart attack, omg omg aaahhh breath." She was catching her breath while Luke was still on the floor.

"Hahahaha anyway instead of going as Bat-Man can I go as a penguin with a cape and a black mask that goes around your face?" Luke made puppy eyes.

"Luke your going to look like an idiot." Charlie said and Luke's face dropped, his face made me fall into a laughing fit led by Michael and Calum falling on me laughing. I couldn't get up because Michael and Calum were laying on me.

"Dog pile!" Luke yells and he jumped landing on Calum who squished Michael who then squished me into the floor.

"Omg help I don't want to kiss the floor and I feel like I'm turning into a pancake." I flailed my hands and legs. I suddenly felt all the weight lift off me so I turned around and got up, "Woah I feel so light now." I swayed into Calum.

"AAHHHH!" He shouted.

"Ouch ears." I said holding my ears, I looked at Charlie and she was laughing at all of us.

"Omg guys you should of seen the old lady walking past when you were on the floor, she said stupid kids you should sweep the floor while your at it the one on the bottom has good enough hair it looks like the end of the mop." She said in an old persons voice, she then started to laugh again and I felt my hair. It was everywhere so I tried to fix it so it could look less like a 'mop'. "Don't worry Ashton it looks cute." I felt my face heat up so I tried to look the other way.

"Thanks." I said trying to not look suspicious.

"Luke I guess you can do that penguin Bat-Man thing what ever you wanted to do. I'll just go as cat woman because Michael took the idea I had of being spider man but I was going to be spider woman." She crossed her arms like a kid.

"Oh it's all right maybe next time." Michael patted her beck, she looked at him and gave him the stare. He just took his hand off her head and turned back to us. "Is she still looking at me?"

"Yes." Calum answered.

"Can you make her stop?"

"Okay Charlie get your outfit so we can pay and we can walk around the street." Luke helped out.

"Okay what ever." she shrugged grabbing the out fit off the shelf. We went over and paid, then we jumped into the car but this time I was driving our way Back to the Hemming's house.

****Minutes later****


I ran up to my room as soon as we got home and checked the time. "It's 11:00 and I've gotta pick Bella and Mia up in an hour aaahhh." I quickly got changed into my cat woman outfit and walked up to the mirror, I was wearing a black cat mask with a leather jacket and black shiny tights which had rips in it but not too many. I grabbed my fake whip that it came with and walked down stairs in black high heel boots. As soon as I saw the boys I felt a someone staring at me so I looked up and saw Ashton staring at me with his eyes wide. I started to blush and walked to the couch, I sat down on the empty seat and waited for Luke to come out. All of the boys were already dressed in their outfits.

"Woah Charlie nice cat woman outfit." Michael said eating pizza.

"Thanks and where did you get the pizza from."

"In the kitchen, it's really yummy your lucky I didn't eat it all."

"Yeah your lucky other wise that wouldn't be in your hand right now." I pointed to the pizza in his hand, I got up and grabbed a pizza from the kitchen. I got back and Luke was standing there in a penguin onesie and a black cape, he turned around and he was wearing a black mask. "Omg Luke that looks hillarious." I tried to hold in my laughter.

"Now I can be a penguin x Bat-Man yay!" He shouted, we all walked outside and decided to just walk around everywhere. Everyone was looking at us weirdly and others laughed, we just smiled at everyone and kept on messing around. At one point we all went on a playground and all the little kids told us to get off because we were too old, Luke acted sad because he loves play grounds but he soon cheered up when he did a piggy back race with Calum, Ashton and Michael.

"Okay are you ready CASHTON and MALUM?!"

"YES!" They all shouted in sync.

"Okay, ready...set...GO." They went racing to the other end of the park and back. "CASHTON WIN WOOOOO GOOO ASHTON AND CALUM!" I high fived them both, Michael and Luke were on the floor they must of fell over but they were still laughing.

****Half an hour later****

We went back to our house so I could get changed and pick up Bella and Mia. I put on my black ripped skinny jeans, 'allergic 2 mornings' shirt and black converses. I brushed my hair into a messy bun and grabbed my phone and keys. I walked downstairs and said goodbye to the boys before going into Luke's car. I started to drive to the airport while singing 'Na Na Na' by My Chemical Romance. I'm so lucky to have the airport close to my house otherwise I would be really late. Minutes had passed by and I was at the airport (I know it would be longer but don't want another time gap), I jumped out of the car and locked it on my way to the front doors. I waited by the area where people wait for their loved ones coming off the plane, I checked the t.v and it said their flight had landed so I sat down on the chair and put my earphones in. I played an All Time Low song called 'The Reckless and the Brave' it took up a few minutes until I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked around and didn't see anyone so I went back to looking at my phone. I was lost in my own thoughts until...

"BOO!" I jumped and turned around to find Mia and Bella laughing. Mia's brown hair was all over her face from laughing but Bella had her black hair tied into a plait on the side so it wouldn't go everywhere.

"OMG OMG BELLA, MIAAAAAA your here." I yelled in their ears.

"No we're not we just made one of those technology things that let you see a person from somewhere else." Mia answered holding her ears.

"But your face was priceless." Bella began laughing again.

"Yeah yeah yeah what ever but it's good to see you guys again, should we get your stuff so we can meet the boys *wink, wink*, and catch up on gossip." I pushed Bella and Mia so they would get what I ment.

"Right I know what you ment." Mia smirked at Bella.

"I'm totally lost." Bella motioned her hands in the air.

"You will see but go get your stuff so we can go home and have movie and lolly night." I pushed them both to the luggage pick up area. 5 minutes later they had their surfboards, suitcases and hand luggage. "How can you get your luggage so quick?"

"You get Bella to run onto the moving thing and jump suitcases until she finds all our things." Mia motioned her hands to Bella who was bowing.

"Good idea." I patted Bella.

"I should be paid for it, you know it's pretty hard wor..." Bella got cut off by one of the security people.

"There they're get them!" Someone yelled and next minute we were being chased by a security guard out of the airport into the car parks. We were still getting chased until we all slid under a car each so he couldn't see us, I saw his feet walk past and back to the building.

"Coast as Clear." Whispered then Bella whispered it to Mia. We got out from underneath cars and stood up, we looked at each other and bursted into laughter.

"Maybe you should do that when nobody is watching." I said still recovering from laughing.

"Bella we could of gotten thrown into jail for the night." Mia hit her arm softly.

"Ouch I'm in so much pain." she said sarcastically holding her arm pretending to be in pain while we were walking to my car.

"It's not suppose to hurt you, Bat-Man." Mia shrugged.

"Oh okay then Pancake." We got to my car and I unlocked it so they could open the back. We put the surfboards on the roof and tied them up then put the suitcases and hand luggage at the back.

"I call shotgun." Mia shouted and ran to the passenger side.

"That's not fair you know." Bella shouted back from the other side.

"Yeah well it's not my fault there's only one passenger seat."

"It's Luke's fault it's his car." I joined in, we all got in and Bella joined her phone to the radio so she could play her songs. She put her playlist on which had Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and more but there's to many to list. We sang to the songs the whole way home and caught up with the gossip. We got home and I turned the car off while Mia and Bella were taking their surf boards down, I went to the back of the car and took their luggage out. I carried their surfboards into the house while they rolled their suitcases.

"Holy crap Charlie this house is huge." Mia and Bella said in sync we all started to laugh and went straight up stairs.

"Okay I'll show you the guest rooms, there's this one or this one or that one or that one." I pointed to 4 rooms.

"I'll take this one because it's closer to yours." Mia pointed to the one on the left from my room, so I put her surfboard on the wall next to her door.

"I guess I'll take this one." Bella pointed to the one next to Mia's, so I put her surfboard next to her door.

"Okay, I'm going to change into something comfortable you can too if you want to meet the boys in something else." I walked into my room and took my black baggy yoga pants and purple crop top on to my bed. I took my clothes off and got dress into them, I took my makeup off and brushed my hair but put it back into a messy bun. I walked out of my room with my phone and leaned on the wall waiting for the girls. I checked snapchat and I realised I got a snapchat from Ashton I checked it, it was a picture of him saying 'are you coming down?' I replied and took a picture of myself saying 'yeah but I'm waiting for Mia and Bella to hurry up'.

"I'm ready." Mia and Bella said at the same time, they looked a each other and started to laugh.

"We all look identical with the yoga pants, top and messy buns." I said pointing to each thing.

"Oh yeah we're wearing yoga pants, different coloured crop tops and messy buns." Mia replied.

"OMG we think alike." Bella high fived us both.

"Yes we do but you and Mia say and think almost the same things all the time, it's weird" I said as we were walking down the stairs, we were standing in front of the door to the living room. "Okay wait here and when I call your names walk in okay?"

"Yeah." They both said, I walked in and the boys had already eaten 1 and a half bags full of lollies.

"Wow guys you almost ate it all."

"Oh hey Charlie are your friends here?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, okay introducing Mia and Bella." I motioned my hands to the door that opened showing Mia and Bella. They walked in and stood next to me, "Okay well Mia you know everyone but Bella this is Luke my brother, Calum, Ashton and Michael." I pointed to each person.

"Hey guys." Bella waved to everyone.

"Hey peeps good to see you again but in real life." Mia jumped around excitedly.

"Okay talk to each other while I go and get water." I walked out and immediately I heard them talking, I went into the kitchen and filled my cup up. I was drinking it when someone decided to scare me from behind, I jumped and spit water everywhere. I heard someone laugh, I know that laugh anywhere. "ASHTON!" I turned around.

"Hahahahaha that was really funny."

"Yeah well you try being scared at least 3 times in one day."

"Well I think it's funny, your friends are really funny too."

"I know right I knew you guys would all become friends and get along."

"I think everyone one will become really good friends by the end of tonight."

"You think?" I filled my cup full of water and we both started walking into the living room.

"Yeah look at them all." I looked around and everyone was in a circle playing truth or dare, they are all laughing together and having a good time.


We were all playing truth or dare when Ashton and Charlie walked in, they came and joined us. Charlie sat in-between Ashton and me, and it was Michael's shot to ask someone.

"Charlie truth or dare?"

"Ah dare."

"I dare you to jump in the pool and then put an ice cube down your shirt."

"Okay." She went outside and we followed her, she jumped into the pool causing a splash to fall on Calum.

"Thanks Charlie for sharing." He yelled trying to make it clear and so she could hear him. It was cold outside so I was shaking and I got goose bumps on my arms and legs. "Are you cold?" Calum asked looking into my eyes, his brown eyes were sparkling in the moonlight.

"Yes it is freezing." I tried to hug myself so I would get warm.

"Here." Calum wrapped his arm around my neck with his jumper, he pulled me to his side so I could get warm.

"Thanks." I whispered in his ear, I put my head on his shoulder and cuddled into his side.

"Anytime." I watched Charlie as she got out if the pool soaking wet, she saw Bella laughing at her so she ran to her. Bella quickly ran behind the tree so she wouldn't get water all over her. Charlie went around one way but Bella went the opposite way, she ran past us to the other side of the pool, Charlie was running past us but Michael grabbed her.

"I will save you." He held her in the air and threw her in the pool.

"My hero." Bella exaggerated putting her hand on her for-head and fake fainted. She walked over to us but away from the pool. Charlie got out of the pool and walked up to us, "I will get the ice I guess." She walked inside and all of us followed her, I was still cuddled to Calum and we were walking side by side to the kitchen. Charlie got the ice out of the freezer and put it down her shirt, I was recording it with my phone, she squealed from the coldness it was giving her down her back. She took it out of her shirt and put it in the sink. "Hahahahaha you got wet." Bella laughed pointing at her.

"Nooooooo Bella." Charlie giggled which made me laugh so us 3 were laughing while the boys were just standing there.

"Let's go watch a movie." I suggested.

"Yeah how about we watch Annabelle because we didn't really watch it all and we can start from the start so you guys will know what's happening." Charlie suggested again.

"No I hate dolls and it's one of the most scariest movies ever made, plus we are watching it at night and it will be scary." I said while crossing my arms.

"Let's watch it I love scary movies especially at night because they are better then and scarier." Bella shouted.

"Yes scary movies are my favourite." Michael agreed high fiving Bella.

"Well I'm going to go and get dressed." Charlie yelled half way upstairs.

"Don't worry I'll protect you." Calum whispered in my ear, I started to blush and tried to cover my face with his jumper.

"Hahaha yes and your jumper is really soft and comfy, did you know that?"

"Yes that's why I wear them."

"Oh right." We all went to the living room and Charlie walked in wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, she then went and put the movie on while we were choosing our spots on the couch. I was cuddling with Calum, Bella was in-between Michael and Charlie, Charlie was next to Ashton and Ashton was next to Luke. The movie started and something was walking in another room behind the girl, the girl didn't notice until someone was holding Annabelle in front of her. Someone popped out of the dark and it made me jump. "Didn't expect that."

"Hahahahah I've already watched this, but don't worry I'll save you from Annabelle." Calum whispered in my ear and I started to giggle. Charlie looked over to me and smiled.


The movie was great so far, already Mia had jumped. I looked over to her and she was with Calum, they look cute together. They were whispering in each other's ears and giggling, "Hey Michael."

"Yeah?" Michael looked at me.

"We should pretend were going into the kitchen but we go get some dolls and throw them in the air so they think Annabelle's real." I whispered in his ear laughing.

"Yes lets."

"Okay guys I'm going in the kitchen to get food." I yelled to everyone walking to the kitchen.

"I'll go and help." I heard Michael yell, soon after we were walking upstairs trying not make a sound. "I know where some dolls are follow me." Michael walked in front and walked into a room I haven't seen before. There was dolls and boxes everywhere.

"Okay let's maybe pick 3 each." I said grabbing the 3 closest to me.

"Yeah I've got them lets go." He whispered, we were half way down stairs when the stairs squeaked. We were standing there for 5 seconds ((of summer, hahaha)) until we knew it was clear. We continued to walk and I peeked through the door to the living room, everyone had their eyes glued to the screen.

"Okay ready?" I whispered.

"Yeah let's throw them in 3, 2, 1." We threw all the dolls in the air and some hit them, we quickly hid behind the door laughing at their squeals and running to the other side of the room.

"Guys why did dolls hit us?" I heard Luke whisper.

"How are we suppose to know? Charlie replied.

"I'll go and look." Ashton said, I heard foot steps coming our way so I looked at Michael.

"Jump in 3, 2, 1." we both jumped from the corner and yelled 'roar', their faces were priceless. Ashton fell to the floor and Charlie grabbed hold of Mia, Calum froze and Luke just stood there like nothing happened. "Did we scare you?"

"What do you think?" Ashton said from the floor.

"Well Luke isn't scared." Michael pointed to Luke.

"I'm not easy to scare if I must say so myself." Luke puffed his chest out to show his proudness.

"What ever Luke but you were scared when those dolls came and hit you." Charlie pointed out

"No I wasn't." Luke said hesitating.

"Okay guys now that we have scared the life out of you can we watch the rest of the movie before the demons take your soul." I said making a ghost noise at the end of soul, I made my way over to the couch and sat in the spot I was in before.

"Nice Bella." Charlie said and everyone was laughing, everyone joined me and sat down in their spots they were sitting in before. Everyone fell asleep close to the end of the movie so I decided to grab a pillow off of Charlie and use it for me to go to sleep. Not long after that I was in a deep deep sleep, I don't think anyone will be able to wake me up from my beauty sleep.

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