The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


9. A Day Out

A month has passed and everyone has become quit close real quick. We're all excited for prank week coming up around next week.

I now have a job at a cafe down town and Mia and Bella have moved to Sydney and they live next door to each other. All 3 of us graduated 4 days before I moved so we didn't have to worry about missing out on school. Bella and Mia's parents have also moved to Sydney but they live more towards the city.

Luke and I have moved out, I live a street away from Bella and Mia. Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael have bought a house and they all live together. I still do photo shoots of me surfing and sometimes modelling, I get a good amount of money from it, I'm also starting to do surf comps as well.

I haven't seen Stan since that incident and I just saw Matt about a week ago before he left with Stan to go back to the UK, I told him that Stan is abusive and he was the one who gave me all those injuries I lied about. I even told him the reason I moved to Sydney, about the house and my dad.

Anyway back to reality I'm currently sitting in my living room with Luke, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Bella and Mia as we are thinking of something to do on our day off.

"How about we go to the movies?" Mia suggested as there wasn't much to choose from.

"Nah we went there not long ago." Luke replied.

"Plus we should do something active."Michael added jumping up to get something to eat. I was thinking in silence about what we should all do, it shouldn't be boring and it can't be too far away as some of us have work tomorrow.

What do tourists love doing when they get here? Oh yes theme parks, that's it we should go to a theme park.

"I got an idea!" I sat up as everyone's head spun around to look at me, "How about we go to a theme park like Movie world or Sea world maybe even Wet 'n' Wild." I jumped excitedly, everyone's eyes were wide and they were all smiling.

"YES!" Bella and Mia yelled while fist pumping the air.

"Loving that idea but which theme park?" Michael pointed to me.

"What about Movie World, I can meet Bat-Man and there's a heap of scary rides according to the people who have gone." Luke made a ghost noise when he said scary, he then told us about Movie world.

"OMG Bat-Man!!! I've gotta meet Bat-Man!" Bella shouted standing up.

"Is Spider-man going to be there?" I asked as there has to be Spider-Man, I mean like he is the most coolest super hero ever.

"I don't know?" Luke replied, my face fell as well as Michaels.

"Hahaha but what about Wet 'n' Wild because come on it has the best rides ever and apparently it's going to be hot." Ashton added, he explained to us what other rides there were and how big it was. We all agreed to go to Wet 'n' Wild a few minutes after because it was going to be between 30-40 degrees and the rides are better there then Sea World for us. I went into my room while everyone stayed in the living room so I could put my bathers on.

"What bathers today." I mumbled to my self looking through all the bathers I bought over the month in my closet. I looked through them until I found my favourite, I haven't worn them before but I think this is a good time to wear them out. I put them on and chucked my denim shorts, blue tank top and flip flops on. I went back into the living room to everyone else.

"You come with us to get our bathers while you guys get your stuff, we will meet you at your place." Bella pointed to the boys while we were all walking out. I grabbed my phone, house keys and sunglasses on the way out and locked my door as soon as everyone was outside. I got in Bella's car while everyone else went in their own.

Bella drove into her drive way at the same time as Mia driving into hers on the right side from us. I walked into Bella's house and waited for her to put her bathers on. "HURRY UP BELLAAAAA, BAT-MAN CAN PROBABLY GET DRESSED FASTER THAN YOU!" I shouted in the crack of her door so she could hear me from inside.

"ALRIGHT IM DONE!" Bella opened her door wearing sunglasses, "And I don't think Bat-Man can put his suit on without taking an hour, I mean wouldn't that be difficult trying not to strangle your self with that cape." Bella motioned her hands as if she was putting a cape on her self.

"Right and that is what normal people do." I giggled pointing to her.

"Well no ones normal." Bella shrugged.

"Yeah I guess not, well definatly not us and Mia. But do you think Mia is ready so we can go and meet up with de boys?"

"Maybe let's give her a visit." We walked out of her house and I made my way to Mias while Bella locked her house and made sure her car was locked before catching up to me. I opened the door to find Mia wide eyed holding her chest.

"Woah you scared me, you could of knocked." Mia gasped.

"Boo?" I replied.

"Hahahaha very funny, so will we go in my car?" Mia replied locking her front door.

"Yeah because I don't want to use my fuel." Bella giggled causing Mia to turn around with her hands on her hips.

"Next time we're going in your car and using all your fuel." Mia exaggerated so it would sound really bad.

"Okay I saw that happening." Bella replied on the way to Mia's car, I got in the back of the car as Bella got shot gun and Mia was driving. Bella connected her phone to the radio and put Blink-182 on. A couple of minutes had passed as the boys house was a few streets away from their house but it was further from my house. I got out of the car and went straight in the house as the door was unlocked, boys need to learn.

"WE'RE HERE!" I shouted so they could hear me.

"Yup were in the kitchen." I heard Calum say. All 3 of us walked into the kitchen to find 4 boys stuffing their faces in pizza.

"You couldn't of waited till we got their?" As soon as I said that the boys looked up to me, Michael had half of a pizza hanging out of his mouth with another pizza in his hand. Luke had his mouth full, Calum had topping all over his face and Ashton had almost finished his slice.

"We were hungry and who could of said no to pizza?" Michael replied while his pizza fell out of his mouth, I looked to the pizza box and there was only one slice left.

"I guess you can't say no you just gotta take." I grabbed the last piece and stuffed it in my face so no one would take it off of me, Ashton looked down to grab another slice. He realised there was no other slice but the one I had, "This is sooooo good, to bad you have none left." I made a sad face.

"Too bad you won't have the rest of that pizza." Ashton replied jumping out of his seat trying to take the pizza off of me. I ran circles around the kitchen counter with Ashton trailing behind me. Everyone was watching us while laughing uncontrollably.

"Stop I'm going to choke on it." I started to laugh and my running slowed down. Ashton laughed at me because my laugh sounded weird with pizza still in it. I finished eating the pizza so I turned around while walking but I stumbled over something causing me to fall on my back. "Ouch, what the hell was that?"

"Oops didn't see you there." I looked up and Calum was looking over me smirking.

"Calum that was a bad idea I'm going to kill you." I spoke getting up ready to give him payback.

"Ah no your not I really wanna go to Wet 'n' Wild, plus Ashton needed to win he is my buddy and your the one that stole the pizza so you had it coming." Calum replied leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Right and has Luke ever mentioned to not mess with the Hemmings family, because we're alike and you are going down." I raised my eyebrow crossing my arms.

"True but no girl can take me down, maybe Luke if I'm nice and let him but you no." Calum grinned.

"HEY I can take you down, I'm stronger." Luke stepped in trying to show his muscles.

"No I'm stronger." Calum pushed Luke and showed his muscles.

"Nah I'm stronger." Luke got back up and they were now trying to measure who's muscles was bigger.

"No I'm stronger."

"I'm stron..."

"SHUT UP lets go I don't really care who's stronger because us 3 girls are stronger then all of you." I motioned my hands around Mia, Bella and I.

"No your not, men are always stronger." Michael said getting out of his chair as were all walking out of the door.

"Really well that doesn't include you guys then because your not men." Mia said turning around to see their faces and then turned back so she wouldn't walk into anything.

"Well then what are we?" Michael questioned crossing his arms.

"A girl." Bella giggled knowing where this would turn out.

"Nah we're men, strong men." Michael exaggerated.

"You keep saying that but your still a girl." I added walking up to Mia's car.

"What ever lets finish this later okay, and are we going in separate cars or are we going in the one." Ashton joined in.

"How about we go in 2 so it won't be as crampy." Bella suggested meeting me at Mia's car.

"Kk so us are going in Luke's, I guess we'll all meet at Wet 'n' Wild." Calum exclaimed getting in the car.

"Yep." I replied, I heard Bella giggling so I turned and looked at her confused. "What's so funny Bellaaaa?"

"Hahaha Wet 'n' Wild, do you get it?" Bella laughed uncontrollably.

"Bellaaaaa really?" Mia giggled.

"Oh I get it." It just processed in my mind what she had said. "Anyway Mia you can drive coz its your car and we don't want to."

"Fine what ever." Mia shrugged and we all got in the car, "One of you guys are driving next time while my car is taking a break." She giggled knowing she'll get her way.

****1 hour gone****


All of us are getting ready to go on some rides, we've already paid and we're currently at our locker to put all of our stuff in it.

"Should we just wear our bathers and put our dry clothes in the locker, because we will probably go straight to a ride that has water involved in it." Luke asked already putting his shirt in the locker.

"Yeah we might as well." Charlie replied taking her shoes off, we all took off our dry clothes and struggled to close the door on the locker.

"Why don't we just hire two lockers so it won't be as hard?" Mia said pushing all the clothes back that were falling out so they won't get caught.

"Because we need our money for shopping and funner stuff then lockers." Charlie replied quickly tucking in her shirt before getting her fingers stuck.

"And it was too expensive." Calum added stepping back from all of us.

"Is it closed?" Michael asked pushing the locker door by his back.

"Almost there annnnndddd done." Bella replied stepping away so she wouldn't of gotten trapped in. The rest of us made sure it was locked before making our way over to the rides. I looked around to everyone and all of us boys were wearing board shorts while the girls were wearing bikinis. Mia was wearing blue patterned bikinis. Bella was wearing black tribal patterned bikinis, and Charlie was wearing turquoise coloured bikinis with a black outline but at the back the straps would meet into a diamond type of shape.

"Dude stop staring at Charlie, Luke would kill you if he saw you staring at her." Michael slightly shoved me causing me to almost walk into a group of people.

"Shut up." I blushed but kept on walking forward. "But Calum isn't getting in trouble by looking at Mia, see look at him." I pointed to Calum who was staring at Mia while she was talking to Bella and Charlie.

"Hahaha look at him so love struck," Michael made lossy noises.

"What about you before staring at Bella, and yes I did see that no denying." I turned to see Michael slightly blushing but tying to hide it.

"What ever man." Michael replied looking ahead.

"Hey guys what ride should we go on first?" Bella asked running to catch up to us. Soon after Mia and Charlie were next us while Calum and Luke were trailing on behind.

"Well I really want to try out the Flow Rider soon, but in the meantime how about we go on the Tornado. That looks fun." Charlie answered jumping up and down in excitement.

"Yeah but it's so far away, how about we go on rides that lead up to the tornado." Luke replied as he was walking up to us.

"Good idea, lets goooooo." Mia pointed forward jogging in front of us up to a line leading to a ride.

"Woah now that looks fun." Calum looked up at the ride squinting from the sun light.

"Yeah the Skycoaster looks like so much fun, but it wouldn't help if you were afraid of heights." I shrugged looking up to the same ride.

"Okay so guys I looked at the sign over there and it said you have to go in threes so pick a group of three and line up." Mia jumped up and down clapping her hands.

"One person will be left over though, so I guess 2 of us will have to go twice." Michael said pointing at all of us counting.

"Ooo I'll go twice." Charlie spoke up smiling.

"Same." Bella said walking to line up, a few minutes in the line Mia, Bella and Charlie were up and they were ready to be sprung up in the air.

As the springs flung them up I heard Charlie squeal leading into laughter from all of them. This shouldn't be that scary right, I am good at heights but that depends if I'm walking up something really high or I'm being dropped 50 metres high at a certain amount of speed. Unlucky for me that is what's going to happen but I'm going to enjoy it, hopefully...

****A few rides passed****


We just got off of Tornado and Michael is going on it again with the boys as you need 4 people on each inflatable. Bella, Mia and I decided to go to the Giant Wave Pool to relax.

"Did you see what movie was playing on in the Dive 'n' Movies?" Mia asked while we were walking to the wave pool.

"Nope." Bella and I said in sync, we finally got to the Giant Wave Pool and there was so many people. There were crowds everywhere.

"How about we go in that spot past all the huge crowds, and it's closer to the big Dive 'n' Movie screen."Bella asked walking onto the sand. The soft sand squished underneath my toes reminding me of the times back in the UK.

"Yeah lets." Mia jumped, we were pushing each other to see who would fall into the water first until Bella froze. Mia and I looked at each other confused, what is she looking at?

"What is it?" I questioned facing her.


I was going to win the competition by getting Mia into the water but I spotted someone in the distance that I hoped to have never seen again.

"Why the fuck is she here?" I squinted my eyes to see her better.

"Who?" Mia and Charlie said in sync.

"We probably should hide before she sees us, hopefully her gang isn't here as well." I said making my way towards the gate.

"Who from?" Charlie asked with confusion.

"Kara." I replied, Mia and Charlie gasped and their eyes were wide.

"Let's go over there." Mia pointed towards the trees, we all followed her towards the trees and bushes until...


"Long time no see huh." I turned around to find A smirking Kara twirling a strand of her hair in her fingers.

"Shit." I mumbled to myself but Kara heard.

"What are losers like you doing here?" Kara said in a bitchy tone.

"Like you would care but I'm here with my brother." Charlie replied looking behind her to see if the boys were coming.

"Your right I don't really care, but you have a brother?" she tapped her chin with her finger looking up but then back down to us. "Where is he, you must be lying because who would ever want to be related to you. You shouldn't even exis..."

"Shut up and stop being a bitch." Bella snapped cutting her off.

"Oooohhh someone thinks she can do what ever she wants, I don't think so you don't want to get on my bad side. Never, ever, ever or everrrrr." Kara whispered angrily while shoving Bella back smirking, she snapped her fingers and the rest of her 'gang' came around the corner, the 3 bitches are back in business.

"Don't you ever touch my friends or even me again, you don't want to have surgery in your nose again now do we?" I said pushing her back while grinning at the memory of the fight we got our selves into with her. She turned out to have a broken nose and she wouldn't stop crying. We all got suspended for 3 days plus being grounded by our parents.

"Ew don't touch me, what gave you the right to touch me? Why don't you three losers scram and leave this place maybe even city or more like the world because you don't belong here. Charlie your fat, ugly and worthless, your family hates you. Bella and Mia yo..." Kara got cut off by someone pushing her into the bush next to us she squealed and fell into it. I looked at the way she was pushed and found Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton, boy does Luke look really angry.

Kara got out of the bush brushing herself off and when she looked up she was red as a tomato from anger, you could practically see the smoke fuming out of her ears.

"DON'T YOU EVER TALK TO OR ABOUT MY SISTER, MIA OR BELLA AGAIN. THEY ARE WAY BETTER THEN YOU'LL EVER BE OKAY! NOW GET A LIFE AND FUCK OFF!" Luke practically screamed at Kara making her flinch at every word he said. Soon after he said that, a crowd formed around us watching every move we would take.

"Oh so you are Charlie's brother I see, soooo how do you get someone as ugly as you," Kara walked circles around Luke putting her hand on his shoulder, she glared at Charlie when she said ugly but kept on paying attention to Luke. "And someone as handsome and hot as you to be related."

"Did you not hear him? I think it was pretty clear that we want you to leave." Michael spoke up and walked over next to Bella waiting for what ever she would say next.

"Well I'm not going anywhere." Kara folded her arms smirking with her eyebrow rose.

"Really well do you need help walking because the door is right there, did you not learn how to walk coz I can get someone to help you?" Ashton said gesturing his hand over to the security guard who was near the opening gate.

"You can't make m..." Kara got cut off once again by Calum dragging her by her arm down to the security guard, I had to giggle a bit at how her face reacted.

"Nooooo you can't do this! security this man is physically abusing me!" She shouted so she would seem like the victim, they stoppd at the guard and I saw Calum talk to the security guard but I couldn't make out what he said. A few seconds later Kara was getting dragged outside once again but by the security to make sure she would stay out.

Once she was out she turned around and motioned her hand for he 'friends' to follow, she saw me and glared at me. Must I say that's a pretty intense glare.

"JUST YOU WAIT GIRLS, I WILL GET YOU BACK AND YOU WON'T HAVE ANY HELP!" Kara yelled stomping her foot on the ground, she snapped her fingers and the three of them turned and walked.


Woah what was that all about? I mean she was abusing them. That was pretty intense too, and how could Charlie be like that. That girl was talking about her and her friends disgustingly and she didn't stand up for them. Charlie could of at least said 'back off' to show she wasn't easy to be broken. I wouldn't of cared if she tried to fight her or something to show she cared but no she just stood there like she didn't. I was shaken out of my thoughts by somones laughter.

"Ahahahaha did you see her face?" Charlie giggled, is she serious right now. She is laughing at something that is so serious, she should be angry at that girl.

"Are you seriously laughing right now? She spoke to you, Mia and Bella like you were shit. You acted like you didn't give a fuck and you actually let her talk to you like that, how could you!" I shouted but not to loud as I didn't want anyone to crowd around us again. This is personal and I don't want anyone snooping in on our business.

"What? How could I? Luke you don't understand one bit, all three of us had to listen to her crap throughout High school and you don't think I have taken her on for talking to us like that? OMG Luke, I would of said something to her but you came in alright. Don't say that I didn't stand up for anyone, us 3 have given her a broken nose and injuries before! You didn't even listen to our whole conversation, you just came in half way through!" Charlie yelled back looking confused to what I just said, how is she confused like she did not say anything back then.

"Why didn't you say anything back then, she called you ugly and before that she called you fat and worthless! She was treating everyone like shit and you didn't say anything to shut her up. Just because you had to deal with her in High school doesn't prove anything towards you standing up for anyone back then!" I'm getting furious now, someone get me away from her before I say something that I would regret.

"WOW OMG Luke, am I the only one who think Luke is acting insane? Do you even know what your talking about? I would of said something to her if you didn't show up, so how dare you accuse me of being useless! We were standing up for each other back then before you came and we were taking her down!" Charlie shouted back, now I can tell she is getting cross.

"So what you didn't help us you just stood there quite as a mouse, you acted as if you didn't care what would happen to us! If you actually cared you would of said at least a word!" I need to stop before I hurt her.

"LUKE STOP what are you talking about? Charlie didn't do anything." Bella spoke up obviously feeling the tension between me and Charlie.

"Ha what am I talking about? I'm talking about Charlie acting useless and like she actually believed every word she said!" I turned to Charlie, "YOU ARE USELESS AND WORTHLESS!" I quickly covered my mouth already regretting every word I've said. You did it this time Luke, you stepped over the line. Shit I'm going to have to make this up for her. Everyone gasped around me obviously shocked at what I said.

"Dude what the hell is wrong with you?" Michael stepped forward probably trying to get me away from Charlie.

"That's fucken great Luke, such big words for a little boy." Charlie just croaked before running to the locker area.

"What the hell Luke, she did nothing wrong and your calling her useless and worthless!" Mia shouted back at me, on her way after Charlie.

"It was tough in the UK with her abusive boyfriend, by the way she dumped him, a strict Dad! The bullies and everyone else who joined in, just cut her some slack. Your the one who is wrong here, she is right and your not!" Bella yelled at me before running after Mia and Charlie.

"Why did you do that?" Ashton came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"What did I just do?" I mumbled running my hand through my hair, what am I going to do now? First I have to make it right with Mia and Bella, then maybe they can help me. That's if they won't stay mad at me for doing that to Charlie. "Sorry its just...just that I was furious at that girl for picking on my sister and our friends, I was thinking all negetive to even think what I was doing."

"I'm not the one who you should be saying sorry for, but we should get going so maybe you can say sorry to her." Ashton replied patting my back to comfort me, we all started to walk to the carpark after getting our stuff at the lockers.

"Well I should be saying at least a little sorry to you Ashton because I just screamed at the girl you like." It popped in my head that he liked my sister, maybe I can get Ashton to go over hers to see if she is alright before I go there.

"Oh thanks mate?" Ashton replied a little bit pink on his cheeks, I got in the drivers seat and started the car while everyone was getting ready.

"Ready to get your sister back?" Calum said from the back.

"Yeah, I think I am. But first can we go back to our place for a bit?" I asked still unsure in what to say to her.

"Yeah sure, LETS GOOOOOOO!" Michael replied while fist pumping the air like a superhero.

I hope Charlie will forgive me, I really messed it up. I finally got my sister back, but now I might lose her again.

NO! That can't happen I'm not going to lose her again, I'm going to fight to get my sister back.


Hey guys,

Sorry that this chapter is really long, and I havent updated in foreva. I'm just really lazy and I needed inspiration, (*fist pump air* inspiration!) sorry I'm weird. Anyways hope you liked and BYEEEEEE!


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