Slinky Dog - The unknown story

This Movella is entering the 'Battle of the Fandoms' competition, under the Disney section. (Toy Story)

*Wonderful cover made by the wonderful, River_Summers*


2. Chapter 1

"Okay Charlie, we are going shopping now, are you ready?" Susan, Charlie's mum calls from the garage.

"I'm coming! Also, can we stop by ToyMania so I can buy some new toys? These ones are getting boring!" Charlie replies as he chucks his 'boring' toys into his toy box, then shoves the box under his bed. 

"We'll see how we do for time, okay? But I really think your current toys are perfect! Like what about your favourite Spiderman figurine, isn't that great? Okay come now, I'm getting in the car," Charlie's mum says then gets into the car. 

Charlie hoped he could get new toys because the ones he has now weren't fit for purpose. They had scratches and rips in them. How could he play with them like that? He did really need new toys.


Charlie hopped into the car and clicked his seatbelt. He crossed his fingers together, hoping he would get to have new toys. His Mum drove on the road that goes towards ToyMania, and the more they got closer, the more Charlie jumped up and down with excitement. 2 minutes later, the car was parked in the ToyMania car park. Success for Charlie!

He instantaneously leaped out of the car and ran towards the sliding doors. As soon as he got into the building, his mouth was gaped open. There were lanes and aisles and aisles of toys stacked on top of each other. It was a child's paradise. He turned his head left to right, slowly. Suddenly, something caught his eye. There was a box that  contained a slinky. Not an ordinary slinky.


A slinky dog.

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