Days Together


4. Chapeter 4

Maddie's P.O.V

I woke up to a bright light coming through my curtains and slowly got up. I walked into the bathroom to get ready for school and once I got out, it was actually really cold so I went to the laundry to find a jumper. I couldn't find mine so I put on a dark green adidas jumper not knowing who's it was. I walked down stairs to see Ashton and Michael in the kitchen making some breakfast. I walked out to the living room and sat down on the chair with Calum.

"Hey, Calum. I thought you would have been at home today." I asked.

He laughed. "Yeah me too, but Luke wanted us to stay the night and drive home with him today. I hope that's alright with you."

"yeah that's fine," I smiled. About five minutes later the silence was broken by Michael telling us breakfast was ready. Calum and I both go up and raced into the dining room. We all sat down and Ally and Luke looked like they just got out of bed but oh well they don't have to go to school today. They are all one year older than me and have already finished school. I still have to finish grade 12. My thoughts were interrupted by Luke.

"Hey Maddie, isn't that Ashton's jumper?" He asked politely. I could feel my cheeks go bright red as everyone was looking at me.

I looked at Ashton "I... I'm... s-s-sorry.. I d-didn't know it was.. yours" I was stuttering so much and I was to embarrassed to even look at anybody. I through off the jumper and ran up to my room and collapsed onto my bed covering my face.



Sorry this chapter was short but I was running out of time. I hope you guys like my movellas so far.

P.S. sorry if there is any spelling mistakes I was in a rush.

- Maddie xx <3






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